Look at this idiotic statement by a man called a Chief Minister in the Tamilandu State of India
Posted on March 27th, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

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Tamil Nadu CM Palaniswami urges Modi for measures on ‘war-footing’ as 12 more fishermen detained in Sri Lanka

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CHENNAI: Urging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take up the issue of detention of fishermen and impounding of their boats at the ‘highest diplomatic level’ with Sri Lanka, Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami on Sunday sought early action for a permanent solution to the problem and long-term diversification measures on a ‘war footing’.

In the wake of 12 fishermen from Jagathapattinam and Kottaipattinam in Pudukottai district apprehended by the Sri Lankan Navy in the early hours of Sunday, Palaniswami shot off yet another letter to the Indian Prime Minister seeking his immediate intervention to get the fishermen and their boats released.

I reiterate that the issue of apprehension of our fishermen and release of their boats be taken up at the highest diplomatic level and the Government of India take necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of our fishermen,” Palaniswami urged. He also sought the Prime Minister to send a firm, clear, unequivocal and unambiguous message to Sri Lanka to put an end to the arrest of fishermen. The livelihood of the fishermen should be protected.

The Chief Minister referred to the meetings the Tamil Nadu Fisheries Minister and fishermen representatives had with External Affairs Minister recently. The most recent act of the Sri Lankan Navy again created  ‘anxiety’ and ‘unrest’ in the minds of our fishermen and vitiates the atmosphere of hope which was generated as a result of these meetings,” he stated.

Reminding the Prime Minister over a memorandum he had submitted seeking Rs 1,650 crore financial package for improving the socio-economic status of fisher folk, the Chief Minister appealed to Modi to sanction the sum at the earliest. Early action on reaching a permanent solution and long term diversification measures must be taken on a war footing,” he said.

Look at this idiotic statement by a man called a Chief Minister in the Tamilandu State of India

Instead of making this kind of vituperative, provoking and idiotic statements to the press for cheap popularity why can’t he tell his fishermen not to cross our boarders to poach in Sri Lankan seas and confine to legitimate fishing within Indian waters only. The answer for this vexed problem is as simple as that. Not only India but Sri Lanka also must tell Sri Lanka fishermen to do the same without creating unnecessary problems to both countries politically as well as economically. His mad statement clearly shows the quality and the general mentality of the Indian politicians, not second to our own at home.

Going by the language used and the tone Palaniswamy appears to think Indian fishermen have a legitimate right to poach in others waters. He should understand that is wrong and amount to illegal fishing that is punishable with a bullet in the head as it is simple piracy. He does not seems to know that, Sri Lanka and India are two separate independent countries enjoying full sovereignty. India may be big .But it has no right to fish in others waters whether it is Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh or PakistanThe Minister should feel ashamed of his silly statement. Fishing in others waters is not like sleeping with someone else’s woman Mr Minister with her consent.

More over Sri Lanka is not a colony of India. This is the same mentality he perhaps inherits from his ancestors who thought the same way for thousands of years as they regularly invaded this little Island playing havoc causing enormous destruction throughout history with no results. Therefore before he resorts to issuing vituperate, provocative and silly statements like this that create unnecessary problems both for Sri Lanka as well as India and pester Indian Prime Minister who has to look after the problems of over a billion people he should first tame his own people in Tamilnadu. Why can’t he ask them to not to cross boarders and confine themselves to fishing or doing any other thing within Indian waters only. The permanent solution to this vexed problem is as simple as that, if the authorities of both countries strictly adhere to that policy without beating about the bush. Let us be pragmatic and realistic Mr Minister. You should not speak to the gallery to get cheap popularity and rouse and set uneducated poor, Tamilnadu people against Sri Lanka as you predecessor a typical South Indian film actress Jaylalith did until her death  with this kind of speeches which will not take you anywhere other than eternal misery and doom to both parties.

We know the only solution you want is for Tamilnadu  fishermen to poach freely in Lankan waters with impunity and later extend that right to all Indians. Thereafter you may also tell us you want to settle Tamilnadu people in Sri Lanka as you have serious problems of landlessness, over population and poverty there. Mr Minister please think as to how you would react if we make such a idiotic statement and ask you to permit Sri Lankan fishermen to fish in Indian waters as they are poor and no other way to live. Will you agree even on humanitarian grounds?

The Sri Lankan Minister also should give clear and direct orders to his fishermen not to cross the boarders and try to fish there. Instead they can go up to the Sothern pole

Also he should tell the Sri Lankan Navy to shoot those who violate instructions at sight whether they come from Tamilnadu or Timbuktu. It is as simple as that. Also as the Cabinet Minister he should tell the Indian Cheap Minister to mind his business and also ask him to give a clear message to his fishermen as to what they should do and not do keeping in mind the repercussions if they violate the law.

Although even for MOdi Tamilnadu votes are important in this vicious political game, as an intelligent man, I don’t think he will be that foolish to declare war on this issue Sri Lanka or on its fishermen as Chief Minister wants..

Mr Minister as much as you are concerned about your people we are also deeply concerned about the flight of our fishermen, particularly the northern Tamils  and billions of rupees you people rob and deprive our economy. Had you been on this side of the shore I am sure you would have made the same request from the President of this country. Isn’t it.

Just in retrospect look at how long this ugly tussle has been dragging on due to lack of understanding and clear policy on the part of both countries. This clearly shows the inefficiency and inability of politicians on both sides and the lack of honest and sincere vision on both sides.

I suggest that first Sri Lanka Minister of Fisheries issue a strong directive and a warning to ourfishermen not to cross borders and confine fishing in our waters only and instruct the Sri Lankan navy to shoot all illicit Indian poaches trying to poach within our boundaries..

Similarly pass this message to Indian authorities in Delhi through proper channels and diplomatically tell the South Indian Chief Minister to behave and talk as  a responsible man and not to behave like a sea pirate and a bull in a china shop.

I think that will be the only solution to this eternal problem.

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  1. Fran Diaz Says:

    We agree with the points raised by Dr Sudath Gunasekera.

    Unregulated fishing in the Tamil Nadu parts of the Palk Sts have resulted in a fish depleted area. Tamil Nadu fishermen have fished their area of the sea with bottom scrapping trawlers to get at the the highly prized Conch shells and also over fished their seas. TN authorities have to set in place regulations to make those sea areas recover and fish plentiful again. Nature will take its course and no one can hurry the process.

    In the meantime, Delhi is supposed to give funds for alternate employment to the fishermen of TN. Not sure how matters work between Delhi & TN. Tamil Nadu was earlier the lead breakaway state attempting to lead the South Indian states to breakaway from North India. PM Nehru’s Anti Secessionist Law put a stop to that.

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