Malwatu and Asgiri chapters send 21 point letter to the President
Posted on April 8th, 2017

J. A. L. Jayasinghe Courtesy The Daily Mirror

On the advice and instructions of Mahanayake Theras of the Malwatta and Asgiri Chapters, Lekakadhikari Theras, Ven Dr. Medagama Sri Dhammananda Thera (Asgiri) and Ven Dr. Pahamune Sri Sumangala Thera (acting Lekakadhikari Thera of the Malwatu Chapter) had presented a letter containing 21 points, in which the two chapters request for response.

This document was presented to the President at his official residence in Kandy during a visit made by him today. The President thereafter met both the Lekakadhikaris and the Monks of the senior Sangha Saba.

  • Don’t open road in front of Maligawa
  • Is Sri Lanka a narcotics hub?
  • Monitor NGO activities
  • Introduce solution to N/E issue
  • Secure powers of President

The document covered the subject of official vesting of all buildings within the precincts of the Dalada Maligawa, with the Dalada Maligawa, refraining from opening the road in front of the Maligawa, and construction of a broad tunnel up to Louis Peiris Mawatha and Rajapihilla with the aim of easing the traffic congestion in the Kandy town, the concern about Sri Lanka being used as head quarters for drugs, undertake the widening of the Katugastota, Asgiriya, and Getambe road.

The monitoring of activities of NGOs, making people aware if bringing in a new Constitution or making amendments to the present one, ensuring the Wildlife conservation areas, creating awareness on the reconciliation council, its aims and the proposed activities, and in introducing a political solution to the North East issue by further securing the powers of the President and arriving at a solution with powers centered at the central government were highlighted in the 21-point letter presented to the President.

“The Upcountry Village Rehabilitation Commission should be restored and steps should be taken to uplift the Sinhala people living in the land locked villages in between prominently Muslim and Tamil villages. The public representatives in these electorates are virtually Tamils or Muslims who purposely neglect the prominently Sinhala villages. This compels them to sell their traditional land to the Muslims and leave the area. It is necessary to create awareness in this regard,” the letter also highlighted. (J. A. L. Jayasinghe)

7 Responses to “Malwatu and Asgiri chapters send 21 point letter to the President”

  1. helaya Says:

    Good move. I hope monks keep up some good work

  2. Dilrook Says:

    This shows the ineffectiveness and carelessness of opposition parties. They are only interested in regaining power. People’s plight is not their concern. In fact, some ousted leaders have a grudge against the people for ousting them.

    We are thankful for the prelates to taking up these important matters. The last regime disregarded their requests. Hopefully this regime will not do the same mistake.

  3. aloy Says:

    These prelates have overlooked he most important one: The fact hat people have lost confidence on the person running the gosl at the moment; it is the PM and not the prez for the first four years. There is a serious issue of bond scam against him while he is allowed handle matters affecting future generations. Without that what is the use of this letter?.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    I still don’t trust the one from Malwatte! He is an out and out UNPer. He will sell the Temple of the Tooth and that is to do with Buddhism to keep the UNP going. Their history of Anti Sinhala – Anti Buddhist dealings and keeping mum on important issues are legion!

    Malwatte is a breed who will do anything to keep up their status and privileges – typical Kandyan!

    Asgiriya is a one step ahead on national issues, historically and even now. However their ignorance of local and world affaires let alone Buddhist issues around the world make sitting ducks for all evangelicals and other related NGOs who are out in droves all over Sri Lanka.

    The Buddhist public of Sri Lanka expects a much more affirmative action from them at least on matters relating to Buddhism and the Buddhist Establishment of Sri Lanka.

    Has anybody heard from Rosy Senanayake? She is the one who wanted the Sri Lankan Buddhist Establishment destroyed in line with Ranil Wikkamasinghe’s policies.

  5. ranjit Says:

    I agree with Ratanapala the beginning of his comment “don’t trust the Malwatta Maha nayaka’ He is good for nothing Buddhist monk. He is a UNP puppet. My problem is whether Sira will listen or take Maha Sanga’s advise? He is a spineless leader and an ineffective weak person. This guy shows he has the ability to run the country and show he is with the people but he is not. He is Ranil’s man. He is there in that position because of Ranil the vampire. They suck blood out of the people by tax them to the moon. See around the country today. Every thing going up in price. People don’t have money to eat. Ten fifteen dying or killed daily due to accidents and household problems. Maha Sanga’s should act quickly or take over the country if not we will not have a country to call home.
    My country is a Sinhala Buddhist country. Only land for the Sinhalese and it should be that way for ever. Nobody can take or claim to our Sinhala land. The whole country should be one under one flag and one law. All citizens should be treated equally. Freedom and democracy should be there for the citizens to live freely and in harmony. Intervene by Maha Sanga at this critical moment is a good move. We Wish them good luck.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    A very good AWARENESS PROGRAM has been launched by the Chief Priests.
    We are grateful for this, and hope the Chief Priests will monitor Program for results through the GoSL, now and in the future.
    We hope the results are made known to the Concerned Public of Sri Lanka through regular news bulletines from this Temple Lekakhadikaris Committee, and made available through the popular press in all three languages.

  7. Nimal Says:

    Must open the road by Maligawa.
    Don’t make Maligawa into a business venture.
    Remove the police force that is eating into our tax money.
    These priests are going to create a divided society and haven’t we seen what that is happening in middle East?
    favouring one kind of religion over another will divide that country on toxic religious lines where the hard working minorities are paying a lot of taxes as business people. Most of the business are run in Kandy by the non Sinhalese and there’s anger with the main religion getting in their way. Sadly the Sinhalese who have set up big recent ventures are done with the blessings of the politicians. I am one that have put a large amount of honest money in business and I am concerned for the future.
    With recent intrusion to the sovereignty of Syria by a powerful country where they seem to have create a pretext might happen to us in SL,where the mighty India might create a fake situation and intervene. Do we have friends to help us? will the keyboard patriots and these monks will come to fight for the country? So don’t bring forward the day of that reckoning.

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