Trump’s love for Syrians
Posted on April 9th, 2017

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US President Donald Trump has, in a desperate bid to overcome domestic problems and rally support, emulated his predecessors such as Ronald Reagan, George Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. He has taken to military action overseas. He had a Syrian airfield bombed last week, claiming that President Bashar al-Assad had to face the consequences of chemical attacks on rebel forces. But, the whole world is aware that Trump is no friend of Syrians going through hell. His anti-Muslim travel ban has amply demonstrated that he does not care a damn about global humanitarian issues, especially the one in Syria.

As Russia pointed out at the UN Security Council meeting last week, the spirits of ISIS terrorists who have become a threat to the entire world were greatly raised by the US attack at issue. In a telephone conversation with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Saturday over the situation in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov pointed out that “an attack on a country whose government fights terrorism only plays into the hands of extremists, creates additional threats to regional and global security.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s air strikes have yielded the desired results in Europe. France and Germany lost no time in welcoming them. They told Assad, in no uncertain terms that he had provoked the missile attacks and, therefore, was responsible for it. If only the US had reacted similarly in the 1980s when Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein carried out chemical attacks on Iraqis and Iranians! It was the only country that voted against a UN Security Council statement in 1986 condemning the mustard gas attacks by Iraq on the Iranian forces!

The US also allowed its companies to export chemicals to Iraq, which used them on humans. All chemical attacks by Saddam on the Kurds under the Anfal campaign, which left over 150,000 Kurds dead, more than 1,000 Kurdish villages destroyed and about 300,000 Kurds displaced had the blessings of the West. The crop spraying helicopters used for those attacks had came from the US! Strangely, those massacres had no impact on the trade that Iraq had with the West.

The West later gave the world a scare by proclaiming that Saddam was about to acquire nukes. But, he got uranium from Portugal, France and Italy and assistance for centrifuge enrichment came from Germany. The US Senate during one of its inquiries in 1995 stumbled on a startling fact: The United States had, during the Iran-Iraq war, provided Saddam with samples of all the strains of germs used for making biological weapons!

Fear is being expressed in some quarters that unless the Syrian crisis was defused urgently there might be a confrontation between the two leading nuclear powers. But, this fear is unfounded in that the US and Russia have avoided collision over far more serious issues in the past. After all, a confrontation with Russia is the last thing President Trump wants at this juncture. He hasn’t apparently taken leave of his senses to resort to a course of action which is sure to precipitate a nuclear winter.

Speculation is rife that Trump will order strikes on North Korea as well. But, all signs are that he won’t dare do so because he knows that North Korea possesses nukes and is blind to the consequence of its action. In case of a US strike, the North Korean dictator is likely to turn to soft targets if it cannot take on the US.

Assad, no doubt, has to be tamed and the onus is on Russia to do so diplomatically. The general consensus is that President Vladimir Putin has not done enough to make Assad act with restraint. It will be interesting to see how the US and Russia tackle the Syria issue when Tillerson and Lavrov meet for talks tomorrow.

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  1. RohanJay Says:

    Whats this nonsensical statement from the Island that …”Assad, no doubt, has to be tamed”
    In case the Island newspaper forgot. Assad the democratically elected leader of Syria. No one should be interfering in the in the internal affairs of Syria, wether its US,Britain, Isreal, France etc. Neither is its the onus on Russia to tame Assad diplomatically. Russia was invited into Syria by Assad. US,Britain, Isreal and France etc were NOT!!!!

    Assad and Putin have combined forces and routed the terrorists from Syria. Just on cue launched a attack, this warmongering president Trump who has betrayed and stabbed in the back not even two months in office the mostly Charles Linburgh (Isolationist America first) voting base of majority American voters which voted him into power so he will be the absolute opposite of the what has gone before. American people clearly spoke last November. NO MORE FOREIGN entanglements or military actions! He has stabbed his anti-war isolationist America first. Make Peace with Russia and Syria voters in the back. Trump has become the air force of Al Qaida in Syria as Russian FM Sergei Lavrov said.

    This is like when Mahinda Rajapaksha was winning against the terrorists. The west-nato comes in and launches 60 tomahawk missiles at Sri Lankan army weopons depots. Violating sovereign airspace of a country. A correct article by Island. But they are wrong to suggest Assad has to be tamed by Russia. What kind of stupid statement is that. Assad is the elected leader of Syria. Just like Mahinda Rajapaksha was the elected leader of Sri Lanka. Understan? Island Newspaper?

  2. Nimal Says:

    As a supporter of the western style democracies and lifestyles I wholeheartedly condemn the US intrusion into the sovereignty of Syria, which is trying to be secular.
    The recent event on Syria is fake to con the gullible American citizens that once supported their buffoon of a President, whose ppopularity is dipping because of his buffoonery and his bias in favour of Russia.
    This recent event may have the blessing of the Russians to prop him up.
    They may have done a deal with the Russians and with the Syrians to vacate that airfield for some favours that we will never be known.
    Many people are benefitted here.
    Americans got rid of the cruise missiles costing millions before the sell by date, costing the US tax payers millions.
    They bombed an empty airfield with no planes in the hangers, perhaps a few useless planes which has seen it’s days.
    Over night Tump is showing that he is anti Russian and this stupid event boosted his popularity with the help of some of our UK’s parliamentarians who were cheer leaders, completely ignorant of the ground realities of the middle East..How dare these cheer leaders call Assad’s,a democratically elected administration a ‘regime’ and how dare they ask for a regime change.
    Now that Trump had got some house points, with likes of Vietnam war EX pilot Macain on his side with the others, will come back to normal and Russia will get back to their normal ventures in Syria fighting Islamist and Assad’s enemies. But they will cautious of the aims and moods of unstable Trump and fit their most sophisticated anti aircraft units to even shoot down any intruders. And the fight will go on and the islamists will get another day to go on fighting and murdering us.
    We are in a real mess, heaven help us.

  3. Kumari Says:

    America thinks they are the Policeman to the world. In fact the big bully boy is the Thug of the world.

    Don’t we know that Assad has no chemical weapons now. He handed them all to a UN special body who monitored and ensured they were decommissioned. Russians were advising and helping Syrians in this effort. This took place a few months after the killing of Gaddafi by the so called International Community. Whether the UN body handed over these weapons to ISIS is a question mark.

    Trump should have more sympathy for juveniles put behind bars in his own country.

    If Syria goes there goes the Russian economy who is dependent on its energy sales to Europe.

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