Policemen told to meditate every day ….IGP
Posted on April 11th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

This reminds me of a Prison  Chief of India –Dr Krina Bedi (Mrs)

In March 1993, a woman named Dr Kiran Bedi became Inspector General of the Tihar Jail in New Delhi, the largest prison in India holding nearly 10,000 inmates. In her search for a technique of rehabilitation which would not only prepare her inmates for a successful return to society but also render the prison environment more peaceful and harmonious, she learned about Vipassana and its prior use in prisons”

It is a good and timely move by IGP to initiate such program which can be further expanded into following,

Anyone who wants to practice meditation shall start with Ana- Pana Satti where your concentrate in your breathing on and out, thus training  yourself to concentrate your mind .Indian Guru Goenka who was instrumental in Dr Kiram Bedi’s meditation program always advocated  that any Mediation shall be preceded by undertaking Pancha Seela and try to maintain throughout the day

That means police should vouch before meditation………..

  • I will not kill/harm anyone ( refrain from  beating up people and kill whether guilty or not or even aiming water cannons to harm people )
  • I will not tell any lie ( refrain from booking people for no reason or coughed up offence –especially if you are on highway patrol)
  • I will not steal ( refrain from taking santhosam/bribes kick backs from others )
  • I will not engage in extramarital affairs (Refrain from asking sexual favours from people in exchange for leniency )
  • I will not consume liquor (Refrain from consuming alcohols at least during working hours   )

I would also like to add few more to the vouch.

  • I will always use soft words and address every one Sir” ,Madam or at least Nangi.Malli or Lohu Unnahe ,Nande )
  • I will not use harsh filthy words like Yakko ,Tho’ Bolla .Paraya ,Balla ,Wesi ,Ballige Putha . Gaaniye ,Miniho etc etc
  • I will smile all the time ( few years back there was such Traffic cop at Kolpettty junction who smiles at every driver –I wonder whether he is already in the heaven

Finally I suggest that colour of the uniform should also be changed to white  ( at least the top) from the horrible Khaki look as it tends to  give shudders to law abiding and non abiding citizens

Our Police Service can go to Guinness Book as the kindest police force during this decade and IGP will become a Real Poojitha , as per the Definition from a Dictionary .

  • Your first name of Poojithahas made you a patient, meticulous person who enjoys working in a detailed, systematic way.
  • You are determined and deliberate in pursuing your ambitions, but you must work at your own speed.
  • You hate to be hurried or to leave anything unfinished or untidy.
  • Your infinite patience would allow you to develop intricate, involved skills to perfection.
  • Often feeling burdened with work, you worry about details out of proportion to their importance.
  • Having definite ideas, you are skeptical and do not change easily, for you require proof, preferably in complete detail before you will alter an opinion.
  • Once you are settled into a situation, you do not like to move or make changes.
  • When on a schedule, you follow it implicitly

IGP Poojitha will be like Dr Kiran Beddi in time to come

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

2 Responses to “Policemen told to meditate every day ….IGP”

  1. Cerberus Says:

    Hi Dr. Obeysekera, Thank you for this article. Here is the Youtube video of “Doing time doing Vipassana”. Hope you and the readers like it.


  2. ranjit Says:

    By meditating no one become saints overnight. Leader must be an example for his subordinates but we saw in the past how the leader acted on some occasions. You cannot change their attitudes by simply doing Bavana or worshipping god’s. Kindness,love helping others should come from your heart itself.
    You will be surprised if you hear this story i am going to tell you. This morning i went to fill petrol to my car to a nearby petrol station and what i saw there cannot be belived because it was first time i saw something like that. There was a big rush there and saw some cops too with their motorbikes about ten or more and i asked the boy there why the cops and he told me don’t shout just watch and then i saw one by one policeman walks inside the petrol shed office and carrying a parcel each and what do you think what was inside ‘BOOZE” bottle. All were watching but hardly they care. This is Yamapalanaya Sira-Ranil style. I will not tell the place because poor chaps will be in trouble if i mention the place. Let them enjoy the new year. Big fish gets their share to their doorstep but these poor creatures has to go like beggars and take their gifts with so many eyes watching. Pujithaya made them a laughing stock by giving a bad leadership.

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