letter to Mayor John Tory on his visit to Sri Lanka’s North
Posted on April 15th, 2017

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

14 April 2017

Mayor John Tory
City Hall, 2nd Floor
100 Queen Street W
Toronto, On.
M5H 2N2

Dear Mayor John Tory:

I wish you a Happy Sinhala &  Tamil New Year.

Your personal observation piece on Sri Lanka in the Toronto Star, ‘The quest for healing and justice in the homeland of Toronto’s Tamil community’, came to my attention this morning.

While I was reading my concentration was interrupted by voices at a distance with Tamil accents singing a modern version of the nursery rhyme –

Let’s go gathering
Canadian-politico nuts in May,
Nuts in May, Nuts in May,
and in January, February, March
and April, on a Toronto’s
frosty Tory morning.

It sounded like a Toronto separatist-Tamil winner’s circle celebration of some sort about Canadian politicians.

Mayor Tory, you said, You probably know a lot less about their home country and how many of the, mostly Tamil, came to be here in Toronto.”  And you continued,

In fact, many were either escaping or just getting away from a lengthy and tragic civil war in Sri Lanka – a war with many chapters over many decades.”

Mayor Tory, of course I do, and here is what I know and you may want to check the veracity of what I have to say with your new Tamil Councillor Neethan Shanmugarajah, who I am told had come to Canada as a refugee when he was 16 years old.

The Tamils flew out of Jaffna raven’s nest not because they were persecuted or discriminated by the majority Sinhalese but was for another reason.  They were the privileged minority of 12.6% compared to  the wronged majority (Sinhalese) of 75% for almost 450 years of colonial rule and far beyond the years after Ceylon’s (Sri Lanka) Independence on 4th February 1948.  They were opportunistic Tamils  who flew out searching for greener pastures. And they flew out bypassing their Motherland India, thumbing their noses at her, where 55 million (1983) Tamils lived just 18 saltwater miles away from the northern tip of Jaffna, after the western floodgates were opened for them after the July 1983 riots.  What lucky people!  That riot was a God’s send for these Tamils. Their Mother India would have embraced them with affection if they had  so desired to go home.

They were economic refugees and not Convention refugees as they claimed to be.  I can bet my last dollar that 85% who landed on Canadian soil couldn’t have had a snowball chance in hell if they had tried to immigrate to Canada on the point system. These Tamil Convention refugee claims in the West turned out to be a million dollar business for some ‘enterprising Tamils’  for helping their Tamil clients to hurdle over International territorial boundaries with forged passports and forged immigration documents, et cetera.    So Mayor John Tory, don’t try to sell me your bleeding-heart poppycock.  Give me a break.

Here’s why I said that the Tamils were the privileged minority, and one would ask the question why on earth did  the majority of these Tamils get on  a plane with legitimate passports at Colombo’s International Airport and when they arrived at the Toronto’s Pearson International Airport almost all had learnt the magical ABRACADABRA disappearing trick to let their passports vanish into thin air. Once they had the passports in their hands and then Haro..Hara and Soooosh…” they disappeared into the airline’s lavatory commode, and then there were no passports to show the Canadian Immigration Officers when they told them that they were refugees running away from discrimination and persecution in Sri Lanka and had no passports to show, A brilliant ruse to say that they were refugees which almost always worked to their benefit.

When Colombo was burning with riots on July 24th, 1983, after the 13 bodies of army soldiers who were ambushed up North by the Tamil Tigers and killed and were brought to Colombo for burial, the Tamil student population of 207,524 in the predominantly Tamil Jaffna District in the North were the privileged minority (12.6%), with 555 Government schools, and the capital city of Colombo had only 251 such Government schools for 231,690 multi-ethnic students of which the majority were from the  wronged majority Sinhalese population.  Would you honestly call this persecution and discrimination of the minority Tamils!  Ha! What green-bin garbage.

I hope, I didn’t choke you Mayor John Tory.  Take a deep breath and hold onto it as there are more to come as I do not want your bleeding-heart baloney about the Toronto Tamils who landed as refugees claiming that they were running away from persecution and discrimination only to get on the first plane home after they received their Canadian passport..

Now to continue with the privileged minority Tamils of the North of Sri Lanka.  Forty-One percent of these Jaffna District Government schools had approved science laboratories compared to the island’s average of 19.6%.  These Tamil students were far better off than the Outport community students in Government schools in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, as I had the privilege of helping such students in Geology and Palaeontology lab work at MUN,  during my Graduate study research time after dinner hours.

I could quote many such incidents but I will tell you of one more privileged incident of the Tamil minority who flew away and ended up in places like the City of Toronto in far away Canada.

On July 24, 1983, the day of the riots in Colombo, and note that there were no such  riots in the Northern Jaffna peninsula,  Sri Lanka’s Inspector General of Police was

Mr. Rudra Rajasingam, a  Jaffna Tamil and NOT a Sinhalese.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was Mr. S. Sharvananda another Jaffna Tamil and NOT a Sinhalese’   And the island’s Attorney General was another Jaffna Tamil, Mr. Siva Pasupathy, and NOT a Sinhalese.  You were  not told of these Facts, were you.  In my understanding all these facts do not equate to Discrimination or  Persecution of  the minority Tamils.  What a crock of cod’s wallop!

What ‘healing’ and what ‘Justice’ are you talking of, Mayor John Tory?

You know what Mayor John Tory!  I wish you had taken off your ‘disingenuous  dark glasses’ when you toured the North of Sri Lanka. My stomach went into Ha!…Ha!! somersaults when I read your statement which I suppose was a clinical analysis of ‘today’s situation in the North of Sri Lanka’ by an Eelam leaning Canadian politician.  We had many of your kind who traipsed along the toddy- palm fringed kabook red soil of the Jaffna peninsula and spat out reams of stupid Tamil vote soliciting rubbish after their return to Canada.  Do I smell one more rat in you too?  I have had a belly full of your type of politicians, many were federal politicians like Jim, like Paul, like Jack, like Maria, like Judy, like Jason, like Deepak, like Bob,  like Patrick, like Derek and scores of others.  All didn’t want to antagonize the Tamil bloc voter base in case they lose their votes at the ballot box.

Just a minute I am hearing another Tamil accented voices singing, I believe it is a modern nursery rhyme squeezed lilting through my den’s window.   I believe it is wafting from Little Jaffna in Toronto.  Let me listen to it and then will continue with my letter to you:

Jim, Maria, Paul and Jack,
the Four blind mice
See how they run
we caught the fifth
blind sucker John into our net
it was not cheese that got him
but a blood- red blank ballot
and green Bank notes
as election funds
spilling out of a leather wallet,
So we got the fifth
sucker John inside our net
adding him to the four blind mice
Jim, Maria, Paul and Jack of the
Canadian-Parliamentary Tamil
Blarney Gong Show fame.

You know, Mayor John Tory, there is one important word, the main ingredient that is lacking in the vocabulary in your Toronto’s separatist -Tamils who have not given up wanting their piece of real estate in the North of Sri Lanka, to claim their second Tamil Homeland Eelam. The first being Tamil Nadu in South India, and who knows there will be the third Tamil Homeland in Canada – Eelam-Markam, and time will tell.

The word is S-O-R-R-Y.  This is the Manthra of Healing.

Please…please…. Mayor John Tory, this healing is a two way street and stop

expecting  the wronged majority Sinhalese to keep saying Sorry” to the privileged minority Tamils.  Enough, is enough.  Enough of this disingenuous crap, Mayor John Tory.  These Tamil Tiger terrorists, who your Councillor Neethan Shanmugarajah is a sympathizer of  I am told, crept in the indigo dark  nights into fisherfolks and farmers adobe huts in border villages of the North and East of the island, chopped the unarmed peasants with machetes, shot them at point blank range, plucked the infants from the mother’s breasts and bayoneted them as if playing a War Game – Tamils Eelam War: The Mother of all Terrorist Wars with stuffed toys bought at Toys R Us.

Wow! Man!!  There is no memorial or monument for the Tamil community in the Northern Province to remember their loved ones who were lost during the war”  you said. That is nasty and heartless, isn’t it Mayor John Tory!   I see your bleeding heart has spoken well for the Tamils who died, who lived by the gun and died by the gun, during the Eelamist generated 27-long years of  that brutal war.  That is incredulous.  So was your political stunt to gather the Tamil votes in the Greater Toronto Area.  I would give you an A for being that cunning-smart.

But, hey! Mayor John Tory, but there is something horribly missing in your sympathetic conviction.  I believe in reciprocity which you lacked in buckets in a nasty way. If you had let your bleeding heart bleed a little more of your Ketchup blood you may have noticed and you would have said – ”There is no memorial or monument in the North and East for the Sinhalese brave sons who fought the separatist Tamil Tiger terrorists and got killed, while wanting to give back to the 20 million Sri Lankan peoples their paramount human rights, the ‘right-to-life’ that was hijacked by the Tamil Tigers for 27 long years.”  That would have been a new brand of Mayor John Tory, a stamp of honesty which is a rare trait in politicians around the world.  But you missed that opportunity Big Time., Mayor John Tory.

And if you were taken to the border villages of the North and East war theatre where peasant farmers and fisherfolk were massacred by the Tamil Tigers you would agree with me that each such border village would have wanted a memorial of some sort to remember their loved ones snuffed out by Tamil Tiger terrorists.

*Ask your Tamil Councillor Neethan Shanmugarajah what did happen up North on Friday, 30th November of 1984 around 5:30 in the morning?  If his mind has gone blank, then let me relate to you:

That eventful morning, the Tamil Tigers, about 100 of them in a sudden and unexpected attack massacred and killed over 60 farming folk at the Dollar Farm settlement in the Mullaitivu District.  Among those brutally killed were 4 women and 3 children.  And all who were killed were of the Sinhalese community.   And do I, as a Sinhalese, have to say S-O-R-R-Y to these separatist  Tamils?  Na!  Not in this life, Mayor John Tory.  I want a Lest we forget-–memorial at this site of the massacre by the Tamil Tigers.  Perhaps there is a rock propped up as a memorial.  This I don’t know.

*Ask your Tamil Councillor  Neethan Shanmugarajah what did happen up North on Saturday, 1st December 1984, where he was  born?  If his mind has gone blank let me tell you and I hope I won’t puke with anger while I relate the incident.

It was two hours after dusk that Saturday, by then the most inhuman and beastly attack of unarmed innocent fisherfolk by the Tamil Tigers took place  in the two fishing villages of Kokilai and Nayaru

That fateful day as many as 14 innocent Sinhala civilians were brutally butchered by these Tamil terrorists.  That day they didn’t even spare innocent children.  Two young sisters in their early 20s  were tied to each other with their long hair and then shot through their faces at close range,  These two girls had died embracing and hugging each other.

In Kokilai where they attacked first, the first victim was Nalin Thushara, a baby of 10 months, who was happily sucking his Mum’s breast.  The mother panicked and ran for life with her baby pressed to her bosom.  Mayor John Tory, do you know what these Tamil terrorist no-good rascals did?   They shot two bullets and killed both Mum and her infant. The revolting bastards!

And you seem to be concerned about not having a memorial for the Tamils who died at war.  I will underline in red my concerns to you.   I want reciprocity. I demand reciprocity.  I want a ‘Lest we forget…” memorial for  my Sinhalese people who were killed by these inhuman ruthless Tamil terrorists at every village where the innocent unarmed Sinhalese became victims to the Tamil Tiger machetes, bullets and hand grenades.  Nothing more and nothing less.  I hope you got it.

These are the 4th and 5th of the Tamil Tiger killer events in my catalogue of hundreds of such brutal massacres.  I will leave it at that now that you may have got a taste of it and also realizing that you are walking on thin ice and telling yourself –  To hell with the Tamil votes, I am going to keep my Mouth Shut without giving this guy Asoka Weerasinghe of Ottawa to come after my  exposed jugular.”  Right, Mayor John Tory!

And you went on to say, The entire experience of visiting the Northern Province of Sri Lanka was incredibly moving precisely because we met real people who had experienced real trauma and who had still not seen action by the government adequate to constitute justice and promote real healing.”

O my God! Mayor John Tory, who the hell do you think you are kidding!  No, you didn’t meet all the real people who had experienced real trauma…”  That is a bunch of baloney.  You only met the Tamil sector who were traumatized for the very reason that you wanted to garner their votes back home, with a  Tamil witness watching you  exposing your bleeding heart for their Eelam cause.  Right, John Tory !  That was a bit sick, wasn’t it!

Mayor John Tory, you are guilty in my eyes not being honest.  The real people who were traumatized in this war in the North were the Sinhalese who had lived there for generations.  They  were terrorized, stoned and were ethnically cleansed, and those in the border villages were massacred, chopped with machetes, shot with bullets and some officials locked in  kerosened-buildings and burnt alive.

I will accompany you the next time you visit the North of Sri Lanka, so that I can force-squeeze tears out of your eyes, and watch you cry for my people who were traumatized.  And kneel at a murder site and say a prayer for their souls.  I will pay my way.  I want to witness your heart bleed not only for the Tamils, but for my people, the Sinhalese too.  Let’s make a deal. Let’s do it, and give my people a break, and correct your Northern Tour path as you had been taken along the Eelam Liar’s Boulevard. I am aware of the right path to show you where the Sinhalese were chopped, quartered and shot, where the Sinhala humanity was trampled and spat  at by the ruthless Tamil Tiger terrorists – the Sinhala Metta Road to Love.

Mayor John Tory, you amazed me when you said, One of the first things that strikes you as you travel the North is the extraordinary military presence.  Every couple of miles there is a military presence.  Every couple of miles there is a military base, far in excess of what you would expect to see even a highly militarized democratic country.”

Well, Mayor John Tory, you didn’t go South, did you?  If you had you may have noticed that there are military presence even in the rest of the country.  That is what any government would do for the security of its territory and its nearly 21 million people. Your international geography is skewed Mayor.  The North of Sri Lanka is still part of that beautiful island and the Tamils up North better start accepting that reality, and so it should be with their foreign  friends like Mayor John Tory of Toronto in Canada.  While you have your job cut out to take care the interests of the huge City of Toronto, just don’t make your job difficult by adding to your Mayoral  duty agenda, to act as an unsolicited consultant as another Canadian political crap-shooter for the Tamil Eelam cause, and tell the Sri Lankan Government how to govern the North of Sri Lanka because some of your Tamil voters still carry Tamil Tiger flags on special occasions, and still  have not extinguished the flames of  dreaming for their mythical mono-ethnic, racist. separate Tamil state, Eelam, from their bellies,  And more over it is none of your business Mayor John Tory.  Just keep your nose and your Tamil curry-dirtied fingers out of my historical Sri Lanka, my Motherland, that I am still romancing with. I hope you heard my voice of dragon spitting anger loud and clear.

In your opinion piece you said, Those who know members of our community from Sri Lanka in Toronto will know they are enterprising, successful, engaging people.”

While I am happy to acknowledge the enterprising  and successful members of the Tamil community’, so would I of Sri Lanka’s Sinhalese, Muslim and Burgher immigrant communities who you have intentionally ignored to extol their enterprising and successful virtues.  There are many around Greater Toronto Area and its suburbs that you don’t seem to care, as Tamils have the numbers and the Tamils have the bloc- vote.  Right, Mayor John Tory!  Don’t you feel stupid about all this, and I think it is time you renounce your membership at the Canadian Politician’s Club of Crap-Shooters for an Eelam cause as it will take you nowhere.

Oh..sure…sure, you talk of the Tamils saying Those who know members of our community from Sri Lanka in Toronto will know they are enterprising, successful, engaging people.”  Of course, they are smart and enterprising.  But did you know that among the enterprising Tamils in the Greater Toronto Area, there are the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  And I know that you have blanked out those who are Bad and the Ugly.”  Shish!…Mayor John Tory, that is a bit disingenuous on your part, isn’t it.  Stop painting  gold haloes over the Tamils in your community, just because you want their vote.  Silly, you!  What of the Sinhalese, Muslims and Burgher community members. They have a vote too, don’t you know?

But let me inform you about the bright enterprising Tamils in your neck of the woods, who were on their way to becoming millionaires in a jiffy until they got caught to the Durham Regional Police ‘Project Off-Guard’  Fraud Net.

In November of 2012, around 24 smart enterprising Tamils were arrested in a Massive Fraud Bust and charged in connection with a debit card forgery ring that garnered tens of thousands” of dollars. Sure…sure…Mayor John Tory.  You were right a 100%  when you stamped these Tamils as enterprising and engaging.”  And I hasten to add that that there are genuine hard working, smart Tamils who are enterprising, successful, lucky and done extremely well in life in Canada,  And I doff my hat to them.

The Durham Regional Police confiscated tens of thousands of dollars, and debit card forging equipment (is this what you called enterprising) dismantled and seized.  A warrant was executed at a Scarborough address and a debit card lab was dismantled,  Numerous safes, hundreds of forged debit cards and $10,000 in cash were seized.,  Some Tamil suspects were arrested in Vaughan and there were more goods seized including $35,000 in cash.

I suppose, Mayor John Tory, you must be pretty disappointed that you lost 24 young Tamil enterprising” millionaires in your community until their luck ran out and, very likely they may be behind bars now.  So be judicious with your enthusiasm extolling your community’s enterprising Tamils.

You may want to follow these names through the Durham Regional Police – Nirmalarasan Kanaglingam (32), Vinotha Rajasrikumar (26), Nirojan Kulasekaran (22), Pratheeb Krishnapillai (26), Sujan Sivakumaru (21), Chandrakumaran Tharamarathnam (30), Kajethiran Vijayakumar (39),  Fazilath Omer (25), Pirakalathan Sithamparanathan (20), Mithun Indrakumaran (19), Krishnajith Ramesha (21), Nishanth Ganeshamoorthy (19), and Ravindra Aruncumar (21) and there are more, but I don’t want to burden you any more.  These were your enterprising” Tamils who were on their way to become quick millionaires.  These were the economic refugees who landed on Canadian soil in search of greener pastures and roads paved with gold and wanting to catch moonstone stars raining from the sky.  Well…the rest is history.

This will be an eyeopener for being so stupid for being an Eelam sympathizer.  Just cut it Mayor John Tory….Just cut it.  I have come across many Canadian politicians who were made jokers and fools by the separatist Tamil Eelaml lobby in the Greater Toronto Area, and I notice that you are now their latest recruit been made a Joker and a Fool for their separatist Eelam cause.  What a bloody shame!


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr)

(A Sinhalese-Buddhist)


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    Dear Asoka – thanks – you have said it all… Daya

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Stark truths here by Asoka Weerasinghe – thank you, Asoka !


    The Sinhala people were stunned into silence by the atrocities of the LTTE (trained in Tamil Nadu, INDIA), after the V’koddai Resoln (1976) – Eelam through violence. The 1983 trumped up Riots enabled nearly a Million Tamils to migrate west as REFUGEES – the only way to have mass migration to the west then.

    Time to tell the truth, however late, to the world.

    Time for Tamil Leaders to be PATRIOTS of Lanka.

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