At least now let us, Sinhalese unite as one nation sans political parties (a poisonous bait introduced by Colonial British to keep us eternally divided and that have already brought us to the verge of demise) to save this paradise on  earth and its heritage nourished and protected by our forefathers.
Posted on April 20th, 2017

Dr Sudath Ggunasekara 20.4.2017

The following article by ධර්මසිරි සෙනෙවිරත්න  speaks volumes on the future of the Sinhala nation. It unfolds the long standing diabolical conspiracy of the British Colonial administration for the total destruction of the Sinhala Buddhist nation. Talking about Thesawalamei Law they said it is applicable only to the ‘Malabar Inhabitants of the Peninsula of Jaffna” at the beginning. But ever since it was introduced Tamils have been trying to make it a law applicable to Tamils living all over Sri Sri Lanka. At last it had been achieved as this article has pointed out in සිවඥාන ලිංගම් එදිරිව සුන්දර ලිංගම් ”’නඩුව 1988. As the writer of this piece argues why and how a country has a special law applicable only to 12%  of the population  in that country who have come here during the past three centuries. Isn’t it amount to a total betrayal of the native Sinhalese who had been living there for 25 centuries at least. .If you don’t called it gross discrimination against the natives. Then by what name you should call it.

The same argument applies to Muslim Law as well. One country and one nation should have only one law and one language only to unite the whole nation. All these are conspiracies invented by the British to destroy this nation to take revenge from Sinhala people who kept them at bay for along time and almos defeating the in battle in 1803, 1818 and 1848 though they brutally suppressed the Sinhalese in the latter two uprisings.

This is why I have been constantly agitating for the past 25 years that Thesawalamei and Muslim laws should be abolished and the whole nation has to be brought under one Law As the writer lament, I too  feel equally or even more depressed that we don’t have a Sinhala Leader with the back bone to declare this country as the Land of the Sinhalese as it had been for the past 2500 years at least and abolish all these colonial legacies and make this country ,once again a free, independent sovereign Land of the Sinhala Buddhist in this world.

හත්වලාමේ ඇය් තවමත් මේ තේසවලාමේ

Posted on April 19th, 2017

ධර්මසිරි සෙනෙවිරත්න

රටේ ප්රධාන නීතියක් තිබියදී , බෙදා පාලනය කිරීමේ වාසිය තකා ඉංග්රීසින් විසින් යාපනේ දෙමල ජනයාට විශේෂ වරප්රසාදයක් වශයෙන්අමතරව ස්ථාපිත කරන ලද ”තෙසවලමෙය් ” නම් වූ මේ ප්රාදේශීය නීතියද ඉංග්රීසින් විසින් පවත්වාගෙන යන ලදී .’ මෙය දෙමළුන්ට දුන් විශේෂ වරප්රසාදයක් නොවන බවත් එසේකලේ යාපනේ දෙමලුන්ගේ පාරම්පරික අයිතීන් රැකීමට බවත් මෙසේම මුස්ලිම් හා උඩරට විවාහ නීති ආදියත් පවත් වාගෙන යාමට ඉංග්රීසින් විසින් ඉඩදී ඇති බවත් පවසන සමහරු මෙහි ඇති භයානක කම වසන් කරන්නට තත් කරති .

තෙසවලමෙය් නීතියට අනුව යාපනේ දෙමල මිනිසුන්ගේඉඩමක් වෙනත් ජාතිකයෙකුට විකිණීමට පෙර තම ඥාතීන් වෙතින් විමසිය යුතු බවත් ඔවුන් මිලට නොගන්නේනම් පමණක් වෙනත් ජාතිකයෙකුට විකිණිය හැකි බවත් කියන ඔවුහු පිටස්තරයෙකුට විකිණීම සපුරා තහනම් නැති බවත් අවධාරණය කරමින් මෙය විශේෂ වරප්රසාධයක් නොවන බව පෙන්වීමට උත්සාහ දරති

උඩරට විවාහ නීතිය නිසා රටේ භුමි අයිතිය සීමා වන්නේ නැත ඒවා පෞද්ගලික කාරනාවේ . අදරටට ඇති ලොකුම ප්රශ්නය භුමි ප්රශ්නයය් . ත්රස්තවාදීන්ගේ අරමුණද භුමිය බෙදා ගනීමය් .”’සිංහලේ ”’ නිර්මාණය කර හදාවඩාගත් දැනටත් 75% ක් පමණ වන සිංහලයන්ට නැති භුමි අයිතියක් පසුකාලීන සංක්රමණික සුළුජන වර්ගයකට ලබාදෙන ඕනෑම නීතියක් යමෙක් පැනවුයේ නම් එය සිංහල ජාතිය විනාශ කිරීමේ අධම චේතනාවෙන් කල දෙයකිය් නොපැකිලවම කිව හැකිය .

තෙසවලමෙය් නීතියේ වර්තමාන තත් වය අප දන සිටියාටත් වඩා භයානක බව බොහෝ දෙනෙක් දන්නේ නැත .””’සිවඥාන ලිංගම් එදිරිව සුන්දර ලිංගම් ”’නඩුවට අදාලව 1988 දී ඇති ශ්රේෂ්ඨාධිකරණ ය විසින් දෙනලද තීන්දුවක් අනුව තෙසවලමෙය් යනු පෞද්ගලික නීතියක් බවත් ලංකාවේ ඕනෙම තැනක සිටින යාපනේ දෙමල පුද්ගලයෙකුට මේ නීතිය උපයෝගීවෙන බවට නිර්වචනය වී ඇති බව පැවසේ ..මේ අනුව එවන් පුද්ගලයෙකුට අයිතිව වැල්ලවත්තේ ඇති යම් පාරම්පරික දේපලක් වේනම් මේ නීතියට යටත් වන බවට කර ඇති ප්රකාශ පසුගිය කාලයේ පලවිය

5 Responses to “At least now let us, Sinhalese unite as one nation sans political parties (a poisonous bait introduced by Colonial British to keep us eternally divided and that have already brought us to the verge of demise) to save this paradise on  earth and its heritage nourished and protected by our forefathers.”

  1. Christie Says:

    Come on it is all fault of the British.

    But the so called British Empire is in fact a British-Indian Empire and now the Indian Empire. Indian who own land in the West always try to sell their land to Indians only creating Indian ghettos.

    There are no British left here it is all Indian Colonial Parasites who came here as partners and as a part and parcel of the British Indian Empire.

  2. Dilrook Says:

    There should be a movement with clearly stated objectives to unite around. No one will unite for the sake of unity. It is very dangerous to unite around politicians as they will misuse the unity to sellout to India and reconciliation. Absence of such a movement is the biggest problem. We have to first establish that movement which is a set of objectives.

    Politicians reversed the war victory just 4 days later by agreeing to implement 13A. The problem is trusting politicians instead of a list of objectives.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Fully agree with Dr Sudath n Dilrook. What we need is for the Buddhists of Sri Lanka to unite under a set common objectives n then only bring along those politicians who can subscribe to those objectives in to the fray.

    Time n again Buddhists have been taken for granted n used as doormats by the politicians to fulfill their narrow selfish objectves. Buddhistsare mired between two traitorous political parties for the last 70 years n have been getting only crumbs thrown at us while minoruties have ruled the roost as kingmakers n plum eaters.

    It is time to unite all patriotic Buddhist organisatins under a common set of objectives. Can Dr Sudath take initiative in drafting these objectives?

  4. Senerath Says:

    Dilrook, Ratnapala and others who love the country,

    It is useless keep on blaming LTTE, Tamils, British, Americans or Indians for our comfort. It is OUR FAULT.

    I too fully agree that whatever the entity we base our ‘unity’ on shall be apolitical. Then only people could build the confidence to grow surrounding that base.

    All political desires are undesirable to UNITY of patriots. If we want one group to win next election, that unity is lost on the spot. We want a set of objectives to win the elections, not individuals.

    Having said that I am aware of our talk here within the ‘rules’ of the real owners of this web site. I am beginning to think that we will not be allowed to go any further to make real progress along this line. We may have to pretend to align with one group, which is not my nature.

  5. Nimal Says:

    I don’t agree with Sudath.As I always maintained that no enterprise or any administration of a country, even a company succeed if there is disunity and turmoil in the country or in the company.
    Colonial infrastructure that created during their rule united country.
    At this very moment I am with foreign guests and they all agreed that the colonials united their tribes, their
    provinces and even their different religious sects.
    Just look at countries like India where many small countries within the subcontinent was made as one during their rule. Soon after they left Bangladesh broke away, Pakistan was on the verge of breaking a way and now there’s ethnic and religious conflicts in most of their provinces.
    This disunity goes to Burma,Iraq,Syrya,etc.Most of the right thinking people that include some diplomats wants the colonial types back.
    Sudath should know it was the likes of SWRD,bringing in the Sinhala act that divided the country, land reform act made the Sinhales Boomi Puthryas poor etc.But his family was educated abroad.
    Now much effort is used to teach English which is an international language even by the mighty Chinese and Russians where they are financing their young to come to UK just to learn English. Our politicians are putting the clock back for our people for some selfish reasons with the help of some cheer leaders.

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