You can,t drink COSTA COFFEE and be working Class…Tory MP News Item in UK Independent Daily Paper
Posted on May 4th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

Well .I just read t statement from a conservative MP

It immediately reminds me of Sri Lanka with our newly sprung   Barista  coffee .El Gilato Ice Cream Shops ,Coffee Bean  ,Jeans Coffee, Doughnut   shops  etc .We have a majority working class who cannot even afford to buy a lunch packet at 150 to 200 rupees and when you walk into any of above Coffee shops .you may at least pay 350 Rs for a coffee or 450 Rs for a sandwich

If you ask for our famous cup of tea they will give you a cup of hot water with a bag of Tea Dust and cold container of milk ! Utter disrespect to out indigenous product!!

We still boast about Colombo which was made beautiful by previous regime , with Refurbished Dutch Hospital.Independent Square ,Race Course etc where 90 % of our population cannot even dream of entering

Kaema Suthra ,s hoppers is advertised but you pay 5 time for a horrible hopper with Lunu Miris crushed in from of you on a Miris Gala” .with such a flamboyance !

You go to Ministry of Crabs and spend over 15000 minimum for 2 persons .

Our people including MP,s and Ministers spend 30-40 million rupees for one car where he could have built 40 houses for poor .

You drive through Colombo 15 ,Sedawatta,Kelany Valley ( funny enough this is the constituent of our Minister of Finance !) where you hardly see a Barista except one McDonalds ( catering for ship staff who come to harbour)

We need a balanced approach to economy .Building highways are fine ,but we have to address the main issue .People need houses and industries’ or large scale farming to develop the country .

( I heard few years back about a minister asking for 50m $ from a Middle eastern investor who wanted to establish a mega scale farm in the East with over 500 m$ investment ..They bolted away !  )

Vietnam never had  any of them but now they develop according to quasi socialist system .

As JVP said in their May Day rally ,we need a regime change .It should be a regime with a benevolent dictator who feels the pulse of poor .

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

6 Responses to “You can,t drink COSTA COFFEE and be working Class…Tory MP News Item in UK Independent Daily Paper”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    BUT, BUt, But, but ……

    Wasn’t the Yamapalanaya hoisted upon us as a RESULT of the JVP’s last REGIME CHANGE effort?

    So now, 2 years later, they want ANOTHER REGIME CHANGE?

    Well, they are going to GET ANOTHER REGIME CHANGE SOON, but that is not going to be the one the JVP wants!

    The REGIME CHANGE that the JVP wants is one that HOIST the JVP to power!

    That, HOWEVER, will NOT HAPPEN even if they wait until the cows come home!

    We Sinhala Buddhists don’t want to sacrifice MORE lives of our sons and daughters on the ALTAR of ANY MORE JVP VIPLAVAYAS!

    We UNDERSTAND the JVP very well; they will not be allowed to TRIUMPH by the Sinhala Buddhists who have suffered from their ANTICS!


  3. RohanJay Says:

    Ananda-USA I totally agree with you.
    Sri Lanka needs MR back. He wasn’t perfect. But he was better than all the rest. Had he been given another term which should have happened on Jan 15th 2015. I am sure he would have come around to initiating social welfare programs which would have uplifted the Sri Lankan working classes. Also helping the poor. Which in my opinion should be the Sri Lankan governments most important responsibility above everything else. I was living in Sri Lanka in the 1980s when Premadasa was around. I thought Premadasa had the right ideas and initiated a lot of great welfare programs. Gam udawa projects amongst others come to mind. I think MR had something similar in mind had he been given another 5 years in office. Sadly it was not to be. By the way in no way am I a MR supporter. He is just the very best in a corrupt lot. Sri Lanka was doing well under MR. At least that is the view that came across from someone visiting Sri Lanka a couple of times during MR’s tenure. 2005-2015.

  4. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    Sarath Obeysekara is a lost soul now.

    He anticipated a lot from the Yahapalanaya government. Unfortunately Just like all the other Premadasa clan, he also got completely ignored and snubbed by the majority UNPers.

    Now he is trying to cling onto JVP, by trying to remember what he learned in USSR while he was studying in Moscow and advocate the concept of dictatorship of proletariat extracted from Das Kapital.

  5. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    and in order to have another regime change plot, the US government should pocket out another $454 million dollars from the US budget. Even though It was easy for Obama in 2014, I don’t think that President Donald Trump and the republicans can ever willing to spend that amount of money for Sri Lanka

  6. Kumari Says:

    Don’t worry Neelamaha Yoda. Indians will take on the project to do the dirty work and kick the Americans off once the funds are handed in.

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