To the attention of all patriots watch how things are taking shape under Yahapalanaya.
Posted on May 8th, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara 2017. 5. 8

I am posting herewith two news items for your serious attention. Now you can see the covert political objectives of the Indian PM’s Sri Lankan visit. Why should he address a meeting of Sri Lankan Indian estate labourers who are people of Indian origin ( PIO), though they are Sri Lankan citizens on paper and they live here, work here, eat here and sleep here but in mind live in India and day and night conspire against native Sinhalese.

Even the Sri Lankan hornets and wasps have no freedom to live in their nests when and Indian politician comes. You can just imagine the plight of Sinhala people under this Yahapalanaya of Chandrka-Sirisena-Ranil Troika

A detailed article on ‘An open letter to Indian PM Modi” will follow.

1 Prime Minister Modi on May 12 will inaugurate a well- equipped hospital in the central hill area of Dickoya built with the Indian assistance. He will later address a public rally at the Norwood grounds.

2 Modi’s visit: Wasp nests in estate sector to be removed


Ahead of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the upcountry areas, action has been taken to remove hornets and wasps nests found in certain parts of the estates to avoid any possible attack on the visiting dignitary.

The security units assigned with the provision of security to the Indian Premier had coordinated with the Hatton SPs office and obtained the assistance of the Organization for the Protection of such bees.

Premier Narendra Modi is scheduled to declare open the Intensive Care Unit of the Glencarn hospital in Norwood, Hatton, an event where President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are also due to participate.

A public rally and several other events are lined up to coincide with the visit, and authorities had taken measures to prevent any sudden attack by these wasps that are now present in large numbers in the estate sector.

The whirling that would be created by several Helicopters making their landings, the Wasps who had built their nests on large tree tops might be disturbed and aim their attacks on the large crowds due to assemble at the grounds where public meetings would be held. Special measures were adopted to remove these nests with technical assistance as well. (Suranga Rajanayake)

11 Responses to “To the attention of all patriots watch how things are taking shape under Yahapalanaya.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    “Premier Narendra Modi is scheduled to declare open the Intensive Care Unit of the Glencarn hospital in Norwood, Hatton, an event where President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are also due to participate.”




  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    The HORNETS who will rise to sting Modi and the TREACHEROUS TROIKA are most likely to be human in form and not insects!

    India PREFERENTIALLY assists Tamils but not the Sinhalese? WHY this DISCRIMINATION? Are we Sinhala people also not of Indian origin?

    Modi’s visit at a time ALL PATRIOTIC CITIZENS of Sri Lanka ARE UP IN ARMS against

    1. the impending turnover of Trincomalee to India,
    2. the signing of the ETCA agreement which will FLOOD Sri Lanka with Indian workers who can eventually become permanent settlers in our country, and
    3. the slow but steady move to dominate our economy by India including the proposal for India to create a residential and business gas distribution network in our country,

    will add FUEL to the FIRE!

    This is NOT A GOOD TIME for Modi to VIST Sri Lanka; it is adding INSULT to INJURY!

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    We should support WW’s Black flag project in protest!!

  4. Vaisrawana Says:

    Black flags is a good idea. But most people are already confused. The problem is misinformation. Wimal W proposed this at the Galle Face rally as a way to protest against Indian intervention in our affairs (highlighted by the Modi visit) which is evident in ETCA, Trinco oil tanks selloff, federal constitution, and other similar controversial matters that are harmful to the country. Yahapalana apologists such as Wijedasa Rajapaksa and Dylan Perera have successfully misinterpreted WW’s meaning: they say that Wimal is asking people to protest against the Wesak! They calling WW names: traitor, fool, etc. The ignorant can be easily misled by such talk. Hope there will be at least some token protests using the black flag demo. The crooks behind Modi’s visit (Ranil, TNA, Maithri, Chandrika, Rajitha, Indians led by Modi himself and other haalparuwas) have timed it well. They know protests during Wesak are bound to be weak in Sri Lanka. For one thing, it is a religious occasion. Most people being Buddhists will not spoil the day with protests. So, it is likely that the Modi visit pass without much noise.

    But, it is likely that the adverse indications of the Modi visit will knock some sense into our people’s heads. It will help move the masses towards a popular uprising sooner or later.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Black day for Sri Lanka for inviting a Hindu to open our Vesak celebrations. What a pity? Wimal’s request must be obeyed to show our dislike to India and this guy Moda Modi. Yesterday we saw a Tamil parliamentarian requesting the government to ask for Indian teachers when Modi visits the island on 11th. This is what is happening today in our country. Slowly one by one entering our land through illegal means and deals with the yamapalakayo. We will face a very dangerous situation if we don’t stop this illegal migration from India and other Muslim countries.
    Wake up Sinhalese if you stay idle there won’t be a country for us to call home. Come forward and show your dislike and opposition to what this horrible, horrible yamaballo do. Sinhalaya should unite, Maha Sanga must lead. All patriots must unite and start building a coalition of all progressive parties to come together as one to force out this unpatriotic govt who holds to power by force of the bullet. India who helped, trained and financed terrorists cannot be called a friend. They did so much harm to our country, economy and to the people which we cannot forget so easily. Display black flags on Modi’s visit without any fear. He deserves it and the Yamapalanaya government should understand that majority doesn’t agree or like him come on a special day like Vesak to visit our motherland.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    Please view this Youtube Video of a talk by Wimal Weerawansa on the New Constitution Proposal.

  7. Indrajith Says:

    France has won!

    Congratulations Charles on the victory of Emmanuel Macron. He will be the nations youngest ever president.

  8. helaya Says:

    Black is a good idea. WE can add throwing some rotten eggs at tis bastard.

  9. Sarath W Says:

    By allowing to build houses, hospitals and other facilities in Tamil populated areas, this stupid traitorous government is accepting Tamils are discriminated in Sri Lanka and the governments have not provided these facilities to them.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Don’t you love it when people get to the IT HIT THE FAN situation!

    Is there ANY MODAYA out there to think ANY politician would EVER scrap the Endia deal?

    Look at our choices – Endian Sira, Endian Run-nil, Gujarat Modi (all 3 will be in DICKOYA soon to open a TAMIL NADU hospital for Tamils) and Endian relative MR. NONE of them will EVER SCRAP the Endia deal or 13 amendment. STOP dreaming.


  11. Ananda-USA Says:

    Ado Katussa (Lorenzo),

    You will soon see the BASTILLE DAY solution to the Yamapalanaya, WITHOUT a military coup-de-etat as you advocate!


    Where will you find refuge then? Don’t look behind you! BOO!

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