Posted on May 16th, 2017

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The Buddhist lifestyle has some gems you can include in your daily routine to lead a content, peaceful life

Vesak Day is celebrated across the world as the day Buddha was born. Observed by Buddhists across India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, Tibet among several other parts of the world, this year’s Vesak Day fell on May 10, Wednesday. But instead of acquainting you with the rituals associated with Vesak, let’s delve into some Buddhist practices that are relevant in the 21st Century more than they’ve ever been. The life led by Buddhist monks encourages one to give up on materialistic pleasures and focus on inner peace instead. Here are some Buddhist-monk values you can adopt to lead a content, better life.

1. Embrace minimalism: For many, owning tangible goods is synonymous to happiness. But, as per the Buddhist lifestyle, worldly possessions are a distraction that should be given little or no importance.

Monks believe in keeping their possessions to a bare minimum. Why? Because the more importance you give to tangible goods, the lesser time you have for introspection.

2. Share your knowledge: You don’t have to be a Buddhist monk to attain peace or to know how sharing knowledge helps one grow. Buddhism encourages one to share and spread knowledge whenever possible. This obviously doesn’t mean you should impose your opinions on people, but it merely stands for sharing what you know.

3. Develop empathy: While the need for empathy cannot be emphasised upon enough, there aren’t many who appreciate its importance. Buddhism includes the practice of discarding selfishness. When your soul is de-cluttered, the opportunities for you to be content are many.

4. Follow a routine: Every individual is different, agreed – but functioning with a schedule can hardly do you any harm. The Buddhist lifestyle encourages individuals to follow a routine, abide by the rules and be content when you tick all items off your list. India Today

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