Gammanpila thanks Modi for revealing the truth about Indo-Lanka relations
Posted on May 16th, 2017

By Ayshwarya Yapa Courtesy Adaderana

I express my sincere thanks to Narendra Modi for revealing the bitter truth about Indo-Lanka relations that the rulers of our country struggled to hide, United People’s Freedom Party MP Udaya Gammanpila stated.

He also said that Sri Lanka had already become a state partially under the Indian supremacy.

MP Gammanpila stated this upon addressing the media in Colombo today (15).

He said that although the leaders of our government assured that Modi’s visit was solely for the purpose of attending the UN Vesak Day celebrations, his speech made it clear that he also had a political agenda, for he spoke in great detail about Indo-Lanka relations.

Gammanpila proceeded to quote Modi’s speech and debunk their true meanings as follows:

Modi: We believe that free flow of trade, investments, technology and ideas across our borders will be to our mutual benefit.
Gammanpila: He subtly hints that the ETCA agreement must be signed.

Modi: Whether it is on land or in the waters of the Indian Ocean, the security of our societies is indivisible.
Gammanpila: Modi indirectly says that our actions affect the security of India, and therefore we cannot do as we please. Is this not a threat towards our independence?

Modi: In infrastructure and connectivity, transport and energy, we are poised to scale up our co-operation.
Gammanpila: Infrastructure, connectivity, transport. This is a reference to the Hanuma Bridge joining India and Sri Lanka, surely?

Gammanpila added that when Modi addressed the public at Dik-Oya, flanked by President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe on either side, and made promises to implement an island-wide ambulance service and build a thousand houses in estates, it seemed like Sri Lanka was just another province of India and that Sirisena was the Governor of the province and Wickremesinghe the Chief Minister.
Udaya Gammanpila questioned Modi’s authority to make such decisions for Sri Lanka, and stated that his speech and actions only confirmed that Modi has partially acquired Sri Lanka as a province of India.

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