WORLD CUP CRICKET – ROUND 1 – STATISTICS AND FUNNIES-India prayed Bangladesh to win on Mar 21, praying BD to lose on Mar 25!
Posted on June 9th, 2017


Australia, Sri Lanka, NZ and West Indies have won all 3 preliminary matches in the first round, scoring maximum 6 points each. On the net run rate, SL has come first with 3.493, followed by Australia 3.433, NZ 2.138 and WI 0.764.

The two “super-powers” in the Indian sub-continent provided tragedies and comedies during this short spell of two weeks. Both Pakis and Indians have failed to realize the sportsmanship of the game and have put themselves in a ‘pressure cooker’ situation. The Indian team and the country as a whole, has felt losing to Bangladesh was a disgrace, failing to realize that the BD team is now lead by Dav Whatmore who advanced SL’s cricketing dreams to World Cup standards in 1996.

After losing to Bangladesh on March 17, the first Indian comedy took place on March 19, when Indians played against Bermuda. The Indian’s thought this was World Cup Final and after thrashing Bermuda by 257 runs, their world record winning margin was shown over and over to motivate the Team.

The second comedy was staged when SL played Bangladesh on Mar 21. Indians were full of support for Bangladesh, conducting Poojas in India for the Gods. “Bajan” sessions and “Japa Malaya” mantrams by many Indian men and women were shown, praying Bangladesh to beat Sri Lanka.

In the third comedy session, Indian fanatics conducted many Poojas to God Muruga, God Ganesh on the eve of SL vs India’s match on March 23. The Indian Team photos were treated as living Gods, hundreds of men and women chanting “Bajan” and praying with ” Japa Malaya” turning its seeds at a tremendous speed, without blinking eyes. The men were kissing the photos of Ganguli, Tendulkar, Dhoni, Dravid, Schewag. The very next day, they burned the photos, spat at them, hammered the photos with Sandals and physically destroyed poor Dhoni’s house which was under construction.

The final episode of the Indian comedy is to be staged tonight, when BD plays against Bermuda. Since yesterday, mantrams and poojas have already started praying for Gods and Divine intervention for BD to lose to Bermuda. (Gods themselves must be pretty confused, don’t you think so?). This all looks like another “bollywood” film, same script, same dances and fights but with different actors and a different name!

“All India” beat Bermuda in WC 2007 by the highest margin, the record which they can take home now, for an ever-lasting Pooja and Bajan sessions. .

At last, we can watch some sensible cricket from next week. Thank God!

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    Thank GodS!

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