Putin’s best moments while smashing NBC’s Airhead Megyn Kelly
Posted on June 14th, 2017

Russia Insider

You should watch NBC’s Megyn Kelly interview Vladimir Putin at  the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.It was  Putin at his best.

During this interview ,Indian Prime Minister Modi was bowled a Googly by Megyn Kelly who asked whether he thinks Russia interfered in US elections.The very shrewd Modi deftly deflected the question. Putin immediately made a very interesting comment about Indians thinking one thing but saying something else.

A good lesson for our idiots from a man who has made the Russians once again proud  of  their country and themselves.

The exchange went like this;

Megyn Kelly: PM Modi, Putin said that he does not interfere in other countries’ affairs.Do you believe him ?

Putin: Ask Donald  he knows

Modi: You are talking about US, Russia ,Trump, Clinton -such persons. I do not think you need a judge like me.

Putin to Kelly: Not what you expected.

Putin: It is not that simple with the Indians;ancient philosophy.
We are the simple people who reply what we think.

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