The need for a Sinhala Buddhist leader to govern this country
Posted on June 25th, 2017

Sudath Gunasekara 24.6.2017

This country had been a Sinhala Buddhist country with a Sinhala Buddhist civilization  from 543 BC and had been ruled continuously by 196 Sinhala Buddhist Kings until  it was deceitfully conquered by the Colonial British in 1815. Bahujana hitaya, Bahujana Sukhaya’ was the fundamental underpinning of its statecraft.  It is said that we got political independence from British rule in 1948. Throughout the history of the Sinhale Kingdom, except in few rare occasions like a very short timeduring the  Kotte period,  the king has always had been a Sinhala Buddhist .and the King was expected to have the qualities of a Bodhisatva as described in Buddhist literature. Mahavamsa is very explicit on this when it noted in this country the King, People and the Religion have been always one” Buddhist Monks, ever since Arahat Mahinda established Buddhism on this Island in 307 BC were the guiding catalyst and also the guardian deities of the destiny of this Island nation. The ruler had always got advice from the monks and ruled the country accordingly and any who did not was removed by consensus reached after deliberations or public by revolt. As such the role of the Monk in Sinhala society has always remained supreme.

But unfortunately since the so-called fake independence we never had a true patriotic Sinhala Buddhist Head of State, though certain signs emerged during the times of SWRD (1956-59), Sirima Bandaranayaka (1960-77 with a brake (65-70)  and Mahinda Rajapaksa (2005-Jan 2015). SWRD set the ball rolling. Sirima successfully engineered the takeoff. But always anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist reactionary forces, both within and outside the country again put it on reverse gears. A resurgence of 1956 nationalistic forces was seen in 2005 with Mahinda marginally winning the elections as the President. He, unlike all his immediate predecessors did a wonderful job from 2005 to 2009 culminating in the defeat of the LTTE terrorists on 9th May 2009 and unifying once again a country that was already divided for nearly 30 years and where actually we had two governments, one in the South and another, a Tamil terrorist regime in the North and the East. This was undoubtedly a historic victory in the annals of history of this nation that could be compared only with the historic achievements of unifications done by our patriotic Kings in the past.

But unfortunately MR could not consolidate the historic win after the war. I cannot say for certain as to why, whether it was due to wrong advice or lack of good counseling, his refusal to take such advice, over estimation of the victory, failure to assess the reality, underestimation of reactionary forces and conspiracies and ramifications of world politics or above all his failure to do the right thing at the right time. Once again reactionary forces won and as a result and he was ousted by the dormant reactionary anti-Sinhala and anti- Buddhist forces both at home and outside. The country at large is the looser. Was it the misfortune of the nation or of the ex-President or the failure on his part to do the correct thing at the correct time, only the future historians will be able to say?.

Whatever it may be, it is now known in all circles that on Jan 8th .2015, once again, we see the dawn of one of the darkest periods in the history of this illustrious nation. I see it like a political, social, economic and cultural Tsunami submerging this Island nation which was emerging from the dusts of a 30 year barbaric terrorist war. Today apart from a total collapse of the entire social system there is absolute anarchy all over. The whole nation is fast nose diving like a jet without a pilot.

Whoever comes to power next will need years if not decades to restore the damages and destructions this unpatriotic government has done during the past 2 years. .Recovering from this Augean mess will be even more difficult than defeating the LTTE.

Only the emergence of a strong and ultra-patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader, blessed by the Mahasangha and all the patriotic Sinhala Buddhist people joining hands under one banner discarding stingy and dirty party politics who will behave and act like a real Sinhala Buddhist leader of the yore will be able to rescue this nation. He must be a person who strictly follow the principles and values laid down by Dharmasoka, Sirisangabo (who said Iman saraththan pisitan sareeran Dharemi lokassa hitatta meva (this body of mine composed of blood and flesh, I bear for the wellbeing of my subjects only), Dutugemunu (Mage me vyayamaya hudek rajasepa pinisa nove, Sambhuddha sasanyage chirasthithiya sandahamaya) and Prakramabahu the Great.  Certainly it is not that easy to find a human being like that. But, I am more than convinced that if we all try hard with dedication, commitment, patriotism and love for the motherland, religion and our hollowed social values, there is absolutely nothing under the sun that we cannot achieve.

A Sinhala Buddhist leader is a Statesman who rules the country according to the rules of Statecraft as laid down in Buddhist scriptures, namely the Dasarajadhamma (The Tenfold Kingly Principles of Statecraft) and Satara Sangraha Vastu (The Four Virtues of a King; Dana (Alms giving), Priya Vachana (Civility), Arthacharya (beneficence) and Samanathmata (s mere subjects or objects. .

This new leader of cause has to start anew from scratch under completely a new political culture with a new approach and a new policy He has to design  the new governance in the light of the following background.

The British ruled the Island under Royal Proclamations from 21st Nov 1818 until Independence was granted in 1948 under a Dominion system during which time they did everything to maximize their exploitation and destroy the physical, political, administrative, legal, economic .social and cultural fabric of the country beyond redemption.. The political system including the universal franchise (1931) and the party system (1948) and the administrative and legal systems that were introduced to this country by the colonial British completely replaced the native system of Statecraft with an alien colonial system.

The vote and the party system divided the nation in to rival camps. The most disastrous outcome was the division of the nation on ethnic grounds by the colonial powers as Sinhala and Tamil in to rival ethnic communities in different parts in the Island on provincial basis. Emergence and proliferation of parties after 1948 in order to make the political system introduced by them completely destabilizes and destroyed the native political, administrative, legal and social fabric of the country beyond redemption.  Although Tamils started their political groups and communal agitations in early 20th century Muslims formed their communal parties only after 1948. Even though earlier they joined the major national parties they also formed separate communal parties later following the foo steps of the Tamils in order to increase their bargaining powers. Still later minority political parties became mere tools of ethnic and religious agitations sans any economic or any other broader national policies. Meanwhile the Sinhala electorate polarized around the UNP and SLFP till about early 1970s until the JVP emerged as a radical and militant group. This made things even worse by splitting the Sinhala vote further thereby reducing the strength of the Sinhala vote. Today these parties have come to stay not only as their political parties but also their religion and the nation as well. Nevertheless Tamils and Muslims stay united solidly as separate ethnic and religious groups and Muslims vote only for a Muslim while the Tamils maintain the same solidarity when it comes to elections. Sinhala people on the other hand are divided like cobras and mongoose (nai and mugati) on party basis cutting each other’s throat. This disunity among the Sinhala electorate has made it impossible to form a government without the support of the Tamils and the Muslims. This situation has made the minorities the king makers. As a result their bargaining powers have risen to the heavens. With this situation the net value of the 75% Sinhala vote has become almost zero. This is the tragedy of the Sinhala nation as well as the Sinhala politician

Today as a result the Sinhala political parties have become virtual victims of ethnic minorities pushing them to go after the Tamil and Muslim votes,” like the proverbial fox that followed a goat greedily hoping its dangling testicles will fall and perished. All our politicians had been doing this mistake throughout and betrayed the Sinhala Buddhist majority for political gain for the past 70 years. The fact that Sinhalese are divided on this cancerous party lines, like UNP, SLFP and now JVP has made the Sinhala people weaker than the minorities even though they comprise 75 % of the total. The root cause of this disaster lies in the fact  these idiots do not know their own history, religion, the country and traditions, and that even today we have 75% Sinhalese and 70% Buddhists in this country. As  a result the country is being virtually ruled by the dictates of the minorities. This situation has persisted from the day we got Independence.

The main reason for the downfall of the Sinhala nation is this political division among Parties. That is why all governments are being dictated by the minorities. If someone can win at least 60 % of the Sinhala votes, Tamils and Muslims will have to fly a kite. and they want behave like today. They will never ask for parity, or self-determination and claim separate Kingdoms within this country thereafter. Instead they will learn to live amicably with the Sinhalese.

The golden gateway to this Kingdom lies  nowhere else but in the unity of the Sinhala nation sans party politics.

In order to reach this goal first we have to find a new Strong Sinhala Buddhist leader  who will boldly and openly make the clarion call that this is the land of the Sinhala Buddhist nation as it had been for the past 2600 years and it will remain so for millennia to come and

There after

1 Ban all ethnic political parties

2 Ban communal segregation

3 declare this Country once again a Sinhala Buddhist Kingdom called Sinhale as it had been called for millennia up to 1815 (we can continue to use the term Sri Lanka for International purposes)

4 Make Sinhala the official Language

5 Ban Thesawalamei and Muslim law and have one law for the whole country for all communities as it is done in all other countries

6 Scrap the 1987 Rajiv/JR Accord

7 Scrap the 13th Amendment and the Provincial Councils and have one unitary Government for the whole country administered under 25 Districts by professional Public Servants

8 Have a Rajya Sabha of less that 150 MPP and a Uttara Mantri Mandalaya of eminent patriotic statesmen unlike the present day illiterate, rogue unpatriotic and treacherous politicians and limit the Cabinet to 15 including the Prime Minister

9 Make Buddhism the State Religion as it had been from the day it was introduced to this country in the 4th Century BC while guaranteeing the right profess other religions with restrictions to manifest, propagate and teach as stipulated in 14 (e) in the Constitution

10 Make a new Constitution based on history, culture, traditions of the country etc

11 Banish all those who do not accept these conditions to hells from where they have come whether they are Tamils, Muslims, Sinhalese. or any other

12 Ask all those Tamils and Muslims not to try to identify as separate nations in this country. Those who want to do so must go back to either India or Arabia

13 Retain the Executive Presidential System as it had been our tradition from the beginning of history fro 2600 years, Change the electoral system, and see whether we can have a system of Gov without Political parties.  Create a new Political culture. One National Anthem, Abolish Provinces. Govern the country according to Buddhist tenets say 10 raja Dharma, Pansil and satara sangra vastu etc Take a national senses to asses true citizens and deport all illicit immigrants, Ban Muslims marrying Sinhala women and introduce strict legislation to protect our land and resources

All so-called minorities, Tamil. Muslim or any other including Indian estate Tamil labourers must integrate with the Sinhala nation as it had been done from the inception of history in by all immigrants to this country.

14 Grant citizenship only on the basis stipulated in the Nehru/Kotalawala Pact of 1954 as they have done in earlier and medieval times. Those who are not prepared to do so must leave to their countries of origin. This rule is being enforced even in Australia. Russia and North America.  The Portuguese, Dutch and British introduced separate laws to Tamils and Muslims to divide the nation that was governed by one law up to that time. British introduced Roman and Dutch law to Sinhalese only and destroyed their customary laws.

15 Make the Judiciary and the Public Service fully independent from politics and make meritocracy the only guide line of selection, appointment, promotion and placement

16 Scrap the present scheme of duty free vehicles to everybody, all extravagant benefits and perks and privileges to politicians

17Make it compulsory that all foreign aid comes to the country only through the Treasury and spent though the State machinery No direct assistance to any region, community or institution as it is presently done particularly by India to Tamils and by Arab countries to Muslims

18 Scrap the Ministry of Upcountry Tamil Village and infra structure Development and instead restore the Ministry of Kandyan Peasantry development

19 Do away with the International school system and integrate them to the national education system making them compulsory to follow the policies of the national education ssytem

Thereafter he should begin a complete national renaissance programme like changing the vestiges of colonial place names, institutions, and even names of men and women. Restore the Temple based Social structure and education etc to make freedom and national identity complete.

Political field

Ban all political parties formed under ethnic or religious names

Remove all perks like duty free vehicles excessive salaries and allowances unnecessary privileges and pensions for politicians etc

Stipulate minimum Wealth, education, integrity and character requirements for politicians

Make residence within the electorate compulsory and make permanent residence of at least 5 years to qualify for nomination. Remove the adage Hon to all politicians. Only a Sinhala Buddhist should be the President Similarly only Sinhala Buddhists a should be appointed as Prime Minister, Minister of Education, Speaker, Ministers of Justice and Agriculture and the Chief Justice

I am quoting here a statement made by Ananda from USA some time back

If MR/UPFA seeks to be RE-ELECTED to Power on a platform of REPEALING the 13A, DISSOLVING the Provincial Council System, and introducing a New Constitution that ELIMINATES all possibility of DISINTEGRATION of the country into ethno-religious Bantustans, it will SUCCEED beyond its WILDEST DREAMS as the ALIENATED Sinhala Buddhists flock to their banner without exception!

35 Responses to “The need for a Sinhala Buddhist leader to govern this country”

  1. Senerath Says:

    Excellent ! This is the way to proceed.
    But who is going to follow this ?

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Who can DISAGREE with USA on this. But what he didn’t say is what we should do IF MR does NOT abide by them!!! Are we still going to vote for him like taken-for-granted fools??

    If MR/UPFA seeks to be RE-ELECTED to Power NOT on a platform of REPEALING the 13A, DISSOLVING the Provincial Council System, and introducing a New Constitution that ELIMINATES all possibility of DISINTEGRATION of the country into ethno-religious Bantustans, it will FAIL beyond its WILDEST DREAMS as the ALIENATED Sinhala Buddhists flock to their banner without exception!

    Are we ready to tell MR/UPFA this in NO UNCERTAIN terms??

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Sudath,

    Thank you for supporting my recommendation that springs from deep within my heart, in the best interest of our Motherland.

    After 30 years of wandering in the wilderness being demonized as a war-monger for demanding an UNCONDITIONAL MILITARY VICTORY as the only feasible COMMON SENSE SOLUTION to Sri Lanka’s separatist terror, I was REBORN on May 18, 2009 when a SUPREMELY PATRIOTIC GOVERNMENT with the necessary will, determination, courage and skill ACHIEVED that sacred National Goal.

    I believed then that I could heave a sigh of relief, lay my pen aside, and concentrate on Sri Lanka’s economic development and in charitable activities within Sri Lanka, to help it achieve the Mahinda Chintanaya of becoming the New Wonder of Asia within a decade. That was my DREAM and my fondest HOPE.

    Unfortunately, that was not to be, for on Jan 8, 2015 Sri Lanka’s EXTERNAL & INTERNAL enemies engineered a REGIME CHANGE, conning a sufficient number of gullible Sinhala Buddhists with their Misleading Siren Songs, and bought to power a ABSOLUTELY UNPATRIOTIC government of CON-ARTISTES and SERIAL BUNGLERS hellbent on DIVIDING & DESTROYING Sri Lanka as a Unitary Sovereign Nation to ONCE AGAIN ENSLAVE its majority Sinhala Buddhist Community to the AGENDAS of minority communities working in collusion with foreign powers plying their own agendas.

    On Jan 8, 2015, that DAY OF INFAMY exactly 200 years after the previous DAY OF INFAMY in March, 1815 when a similar TREACHERY delivered our Motherland bound hand and foot to the British Colonists, our country began its current slide into an ABYSS from which RECOVERY would be just as difficult as winning the separatist EELAM War, IF the Sinhala Buddhists remain just as divided and just as indecisive as in the preceding 30 years.

    But, if we have learned anything from our recent history, it should be that if the Sinhala Buddhists come together QUICKLY and DECISIVELY to MOUNT an OFFENSIVE to RESCUE our Motherland, WE DON’T HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER 30 YEARS to REVERSE the TREACHERY of Jan 8, 2015.

    I am hopeful, that the recent statements by the Siam Nikaya and the Ramanna Nikaya will be supported SOON by the Amarapura Nikaya as well, setting the stage to GALVANIZE the Sinhala Buddhist majority into a TSUNAMI of OPPOSITION that would sweep the Yamapalanaya from the seat of POWER!

    As in the PRECEDING 30 years, there is only ONE PROVEN & TRUSTED LEADER who can RALLY the Sinhala Buddhists and lead us to VICTORY to RESCUE our Motherland from the CURRENT DISASTROUS PREDICAMENT of a government run by BACKSTABBERS, TRAITORS and BUNGLERS, and that is the ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    Therefore, I REPEAT:

    If MR/UPFA seeks to be RE-ELECTED to Power on a platform of REPEALING the 13A, DISSOLVING the Provincial Council System, and introducing a New Constitution that ELIMINATES all possibility of DISINTEGRATION of the country into ethno-religious Bantustans, it will SUCCEED beyond its WILDEST DREAMS as the ALIENATED Sinhala Buddhists flock to their banner without exception!

  4. ranjit Says:

    Excellent article Sudath. I agree with you on every word of it. Great comments too by our patriots like Ananda etc. Actually we need a real buddhist leadership to govern the Sinhala nation. We saw different governments come to power promising ⛅ sun and the moon since
    indipendence but not much benefit for its citizens. We have nearly hundred political parties and thousands of leaders on different, different organisations and institutions but no one trying to uplift the daily lives of the poor people in this country. We need a strong visionary leader who will truly understand the need of his people and the country he rules. Only candidate I can think of at the moment is none other than our great President Mahinda Rajapaksa if not no nonsense hon Gotabaya Rajapaksa. These two have shown their individual creditability and strength once so nothing to worry about their leadership qualities. They had ups and downs and I hope they have learnt a lesson by this time.
    If MR and Gota were able to eradicate terrorism for good from our soil after thirty years of terror then they are both qualified to lead our country without any doubt. These leaders must think of the country and its citizens first not their friends and families and do unwanted things which majority do not approve or appreciate. Our country is a sinhala homeland and our sacred religion is Buddhism. Period!!! This is the only land for the Sinhalese to call home. Nobody should question that argument. We respect and love other religions and races as well. They too have to respect our laws, religion and culture and behave themselves as good citizens in this country. They have to learn to respect our 🦁 lion flag, our national anthem and our laws without asking or demanding unpatriotic demands. I wish and hope Maha Sanga will come together unitedly to help a true buddhist leader to lead our Motherland in the future.

  5. aloy Says:

    Bringing MR/UPFA is a sure recipe for my3/RW win again. Sinhala votes getting divided into three and my3/rw will win with minority votes. JVP will get more votes and MR will be the third time loser. I think he should honourably retire and give leadership to someone else to save Sinhalas and Buddhism in SL.

  6. aloy Says:

    Sanga should take the lead at this moment and there are signs that it is going to happen.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Socio-Economic ‘wagging Agents’, both local & foreign, have ruined Lanka.

    Will they continue to ‘wag & ruin’ Lanka ?

    Need of the Hour : PATRIOTISM.

    In addition to removing the 13-A etc., Teach PATRIOTISM in schools of Lanka. At least the next generation of citizens will move forward in a positive way, be good to each other …..

    Best leaders at present are MR/Gota, for the majority community as well as for minorities. It is the minority LEADERS who do not acknowledge that !

  8. Peter Schalk Says:

    This is a very good caricature of a Sinhala Buddhist extremist leader by using hyperbolic formulations as rhetoric devices . The commentators seem to believe that author has a genuine interest. This is not so good. Take it for what it is: a joke. Peter

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Climate Change is the Public Enemy #1 for teh entire World !

    Unite in Lanka under PATRIOTIC leaders to fight Climate Change.
    Climate Change does not respect ethnic groups, religious groups etc. !!!
    Fight it, for the Common Good of the World !

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    What can say !
    Nalai pirakkum TE !
    Very where are you !!!

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    *Velu where are you ?

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Peter Schalk, a premier apologist, defender and promoter of Tamil Terrorism has the astonishing affrontery to PONTIFICATE here about EXTREMISM of ANY KIND!

    He was, and probably still is, one of the highly-paid legal mouthpieces of the LTTE who exploited and milked the Tamil Diaspora of money, aiding and abetting their rampage of murder and mayhem in Sri Lanka all the way to the BITTER END along the banks of the Nanthikandal lagoon on May 18, 2009!

    His erstwhile clients CRASHED & BURNED in their attempt to carve out an EELAM from Sri Lanka, using his services to present themselves as the MOST VISCIOUS TERRORISTS in the world to intimidate the Sinhalese and to raise funds from their adoring Tamil flock, while SIMULTANEOUSLY presenting themselves as totally innocent WAILING VICTIMS of discrimination and orchestrated violence in Sri Lanka to gain international sympathy.

    As an aider and abetter of that Machiavellian STRATEGY, Peter Schalk FAILED his CLIENTS …. in every way!

    BUT, HERE HE IS AGAIN, no doubt sniffing around to see if he can make a bit MORE MONEY by helping his RACIST clients to REVIVE and FURTHER PERPETUATE the EELAM PROJECT once again!

    What does he care, if MORE Sri Lankans DIE BY THE TENS OF THOUSANDS, as long as he makes MORE MONEY?

    The ETERNAL DIVINE FORCES that turn the wheel of human existence, will in the FULLNESS OF TIME make him SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES of his awful and sinful activities profiting from death; CONSEQUENCES that he will RICHLY DESERVE!

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    As Patriots had requested, Derana TV 6.55 News today (2017.6.25) broadcast a video of the Amarapura Nikaya clergy adding their voice to support the statement’s issued previously by the Siam Nikaya and the Ramanna Nikaya against the Anti-Buddhist activities of the Yamapalanaya.

    As such, ALL THREE NIKAYAS have now united and joined forces to protect the Nation and our Buddhist faith.

    I hope they will CONTINUE TO BE ACTIVE in supporting the RESTORATION of a PATRIOTIC government to our Motherland.

    A SOLITARY statement is NOT ENOUGH; the Nikayas NEED TO BE CONTINUOUSLY INVOLVED to keep up the PRESSURE until that National Goal is ACHIEVED!

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thanks very much for the good news that all three Nikkayas are of one mind !

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    There is NOTHING we can do to stop CLIMATE CHANGE. It is a NATURAL thing the earth has gone through over BILLIONS of years.

    We can only manage its IMPACT.

    USE the impact of climate change to REMOVE anti-SL people and PROMOTE pro-SL people.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Peter Schalk may have thought 19 May 2009 was a joke. May be. But the CLOWN died for REAL in doing his CIRCUS ACT!!

    The way things are going on in SL, LTTE will call for a BOYCOTT (or worse) of voting in the NORTH and ISIS will call for a BOYCOTT (or worse) of voting in the EAST. GAME OVER!

  17. Ratanapala Says:

    Dr Sudath, you couldn’t have said it any better the malaise that has befallen our nation. As long as true Sinhalese are not in power there is no solution to any of the problems in Sri Lanka neither to the majority nor to the minorities.

    Is there any need to see clearly the ideals of Human Rights and Democracy that is tooted by Western Christian powers as panacea (Kokatath Thailaya) for third world countries is just a ploy to keep countries divided and week. Their target is balkanising countries to manageable bits for them to gobble their resources at their will and pleasure.

    Only leaders who can and have the political muscle to do what you envisage are Mahinda and Gotabhaya Rajapakses. However we need to fashion the Sinhala Buddhist electorate so that they need not go behind the minorities who always go for a pound of flesh and at the jugular when things fail. We also need wide ranging goodwill from foreign powers who can understand our situation and from Buddhist nations who are similarly affected.

    Mahinda Rajapakse must be told in no unmistakeable fashion that he cannot any longer carry his wife to Vatican, satisfy the Shylocks among the Muslims, sacrifice the Sinhala Buddhist heritage and expect to win!

  18. Ananda-USA Says:


    You put it very concisely: ” As long as the Sinhalese are not in power there is no solution to any of these problems in Sri Lanka neither to the majority nor to the minorities”.

    This is EXACTLY my belief.

    If the Sinhalese are in power National Integrity is preserved, humane progressive policies that benefit ALL communities are enacted, peace is preserved and the nation PROGRESSES.

    Whenever minorities are in control, the nation is threatened with disintegration, communities are pitted against each other, the economy falters and civil strife abounds.

    There is a good reason for that:

    The Sinhala Buddhist majority is the ONLY TRULY PATRIOTIC COMMUNITY in Sri Lanka, whose POLICIES are MODERATE, TOLERANT and COMPASSIONATE because of its Buddhist religion, and it has sufficient strength in numbers to hold the nation together and implement a national policy.

    Therefore, it is INCUMBENT upon the Sinhala Buddhist community to RECOGNIZE its HISTORIC ROLE, CONSOLIDATE its STRENGTH, and DISCHARGE its DITY to our Motherland for the best benefit of ALL of our citizens.

    Sinhala Buddhists should not be DIVERTED from this SACRED ROLE and PURPOSE by any other PHILOSOPHY of GOVERNMENT.

  19. SA Kumar Says:

    no more BOYCOTT in Saiva TE (NPC) & Muslim TE (NPC) .
    We learned very good lesson to brought MR to power .

  20. Lorenzo Says:



    “Trump WH forgoes Ramadan dinner

    Jennifer Hansler, CNN

    For the first time in nearly two decades, the White House did not host an iftar dinner to commemorate Ramadan, t…

    Breaking with tradition, the White House under President Donald Trump did not host an iftar dinner, the meal Muslims eat to break their daily fast during Ramadan.

    The dinner, which has been often attended by prominent members of the U.S. Muslim community, began in 1996 during former President Bill Clinton’s White House tenure and continued through the subsequent Bush and Obama administrations.

    But Trump and first lady Melania simply issued a brief statement Saturday that offered “warm greetings” to Muslims celebrating Eid al-Fitr, which marks the close of Ramadan, Islam’s holy month of fasting.

    On behalf of the American people, Melania and I send our warm greetings to Muslims as they celebrate Eidal-Fitr.

    Muslims in the United States joined those around the world during the holy month of Ramadan to focus on acts of faith and charity. Now, as they commemorate Eid with family and friends, they carry on the tradition of helping neighbors and breaking bread with people from all walks of life.

    During this holiday, we are reminded of the importance of mercy, compassion, and goodwill. With Muslims around the world, the United States renews our commitment to honor these values.

    Eid Mubarak.

    Trump’s decision to skip hosting the dinner comes after he released a controversial statement meant to mark the beginning of Ramadan. Many members of the Muslim community condemned the message, which largely focused on terrorism.

    “This year, the holiday begins as the world mourns the innocent victims of barbaric terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom and Egypt, acts of depravity that are directly contrary to the spirit of Ramadan,” read a White House statement issued in May. “Such acts only steel our resolve to defeat the terrorists and their perverted ideology.”

    Trump’s remarks starkly contrast with those by then-President Barack Obama during Ramadan last year. In June 2016, Obama and then-first lady Michelle announced plans to host an Eid celebration in the White House and praised American Muslims for their contributions to the U.S.

    “Muslim Americans have been part of our American family since its founding,” the Obamas wrote in a statement roughly five times longer than Trump’s Ramadan message. “We look forward to welcoming Americans from around the country to celebrate the holiday.”

    Secretary of states have also traditionally hosted Iftar dinners since 1999 ― but not this year. Trump’s top diplomat, Rex Tillerson, declined an invitation this year from the State Department’s Office of Religion and Global Affairs to host an Eid al-Fitr celebration, according to CNN.

    With its break from precedent, the Trump administration shunned an opportunity to reach out to the U.S. Muslim community whose leaders have said has been ostracized by the president’s rhetoric and his policies, including his proposed travel ban.

    Imam Talib Shareef, president of the Nation’s Mosque in Washington, D.C., called Trump’s decision “disappointing.”

    “To stop it doesn’t send a good message” Shareef told Newsweek.

    Referring to one of Trump’s main pastimes, he added: “You get the chance to go golfing and all this other kind of stuff. How come you don’t have time for a population of your society that needs some assistance?””

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    Please first read up on what well informed VIPs like Al Gore have to say about Climate Change, as well as about 90% of eminent Scientist from all over the world. We agree with them.

    Green House gases human beings create through commercial activities (Carbon dioxide, Methane, water vapor, Nitrous Oxide), reflect back sunlight falling on the Earth, creating an unbearable heat up of planet Earth with dire consequences.

    The ongoing Paris Accord was to cut back these Emissions.

    These emissions cause rapid temperature rises in the atmosphere and the resultant dangerous weather patterns. Eventually, no country will be spared ….

    Best educate the public on these matters.

    Green Energy production a must.

  22. Lorenzo Says:


    1. There is NO MAN MADE climate change.

    2. SL’s emissions are NEGLIGIBLE. Even if it becomes ZERO it has NO IMPACT.

    3. USA has LEFT the PARIS agreement. So the world’s largest emitter is out and NO POINT restricting our emissions.

    4. CLIMATE CHANGE has been a NATURAL thing THROUGHOUT world history. It CANNOT be controlled.

    5. We have to MANAGE the IMPACT.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    If we need a SINGHALA BUDDHIST leader why do MOST people here support a Muslim?


  24. Fran Diaz Says:


    Listen to the foremost Scientists of the day. They all agree that Climate Change is caused mostly by Human activity.
    Many articles in the web.

    Try for these articles on the web. Just Google the headers.

    * “How do we know that Humans are the Major Cause of Global Warming” by the Union of Concerned Scientists.
    * How do Human Activities Contribute to Climate Change and How do they Compare with Natural Influences” (PDF)
    * Are Human Responsible for Global Warming – the Environmental Defense Fund – J. Wang
    * Are Human Activities Causing Climate Change – Australian Academy of Science
    * Climate Change – Division on Earth & Life Studies (National Academies)
    * Climate Change & Human Health – WHO (PDF)

    Many, many more.

    Read these articles and pass them on to others.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    Human activity does contribute but not the major reason for climate change.

    Little SL can do nothing to change it anyway.

    We have more pressing problems.

  26. Fran Diaz Says:


    I am glad you agree that Human Activity does contribute to Climate Change & Global Warming.
    However, it IS Human Activity that is the worst thing creating Climate Change.

    Human Acitivity is the CATALYST that STOPS the natural way in which Sunlight falling on Earth is reflected back. The thick artificially created layer of gases that human acticity creates, STOPS the escape of the Suns energy back into space, thus creating the Green House effect, warming Earth to unhealthy levels, with dire consequences.

    Yes, we agree that the more pressing problem is to remove the man made and ILLEGAL 13-A.
    Let us do just that. What’s the problem here ? Who is stopping us ?


    Right now, what is the Common Enemy #1 for ALL Lankans ?
    Answer : Rising sea levels and wayward & extreme wayward weather patterns.

    I saw a news item that the UN has told Lanka to find solutions to multi-ethnic living.

    Answer : ** Combating Climate Change is the Common Enemy of ALL the people of Lanka, and elsewhere **

    For INDIA, global heat up and the melt down of the Himalayas will affect all their major rivers. All the Glabal Warming bad effects are happening there and everywhere else already.

    CHINA is the largest producer of Climate Change Emissions. The USA comes second.

    ** It would be wise for ALL countries, ALL people to participate in the project of diminishing Climate Change.

    We see such Activity as Common Ground for Peace.

    ** The other item is to measure Human Wellbeing NOT through money, but through the PQLI (Physical Quality of Life Index).

  27. Cerberus Says:

    Lorenzo, We all know that your main purpose for writing on the net is to confuse the Sinhalese and spread misinformation. Everyone knows that Global warming is real. In the USA because the oil, gas and coal industry have taken over the Congress and the Senate they are in denial of Global warming. Over 190 countries signed the Paris accord except for the USA. The USA has had severe floods, droughts and forest fires as never before. In Phoenix right now the plastic mailboxes are melting and the paint on the road signs is coming off. Many planes could not take off since the temperature was 125 F. As Fran Diaz has pointed out all the fighting for the takeover of Sri Lanka will be for nothing if the CO2 level goes past the point of no return. Even the Antartic ice has started melting. Most of the Arctic ice is gone.

    If you wish to get some facts and educate yourself watch this video of Al Gore at TED talks.

  28. Lorenzo Says:


    “We all know that your main purpose for writing on the net is to confuse the Sinhalese and spread misinformation.”

    NOT TRUE. Attacking the messenger is a sure sign of LOSING the argument.

    AL GORE is a politician, not a scientist! USA REJECTED him!
    (Sanders was rejected even before the election!)

    IF USA is so badly affected by MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE, why has USA LEFT the PARIS agreement???

    Heard of US military bases in DIEGO GARCIA, GUAM, OKINAWA, etc.? IF they believe in their OWN LIES, USA would have packed up and left them by now!! But they don’t.

    This is another WMD story to attack FAST DEVELOPING countries while USA KEEPS emitting CO2.

    SL’s contribution to world emissions is NEGLIGIBLE. NOTHING SL does can have an IMPACT. Closing down factories and power plants will have a BAD impact!!

    It is BEST if SL manages the IMPACT (good and bad) of rising sea levels, rising temperature, etc. than try to INFLUENCE GLOBAL carbon emissions.

    With rising temperature, RAINFALL also rises but not the MONSOON rain that brings FLOODS. The other rain type that is more DISTRIBUTED. DRY ZONE will have more rain and wet zone a little less rain.

    The biggest challenge faced by SL is NOT MAN MADE CLIMATE CHANGE CONTROLLABLE BY SL. The biggest challenge is to SAVE SL in ONE piece, SAVE people, SAVE its economy and SAVE its environment.

    SAFE garbage disposal and preventing dengu are MORE IMPORTANT environmental matters than CARBON!

    LIFT the ban on glyphosate (a SAFE chemical).
    BUILD more COAL power plants. (Otherwise, we have to be energy dependent on Endia).

    I fear My3 will fall for the SL made climate change lie as he fell for the glyphosate-CKD lie.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:

    Readers must judge for themselves what is true re Climate Change.
    The recent Drought & Floods in Sri Lanka is a case in point to show enhanced extreme weather patterns which did not exist before.

    Same thing in America and parts of the rest of the world.

    “Truth wins” (That is, in Hindi, Satya meva Jayte, says the motto on the INDIAN flag).

    It is because of well informed VIP politicos like Al Gore that the world has woken up to Climate Change and action to take to mitigate the devastating ill effects. Over 90% of eminent Scientists back Al Gore to the hilt.

    Common sense must prevail for a win-win situation.

    The PQLI (Dr James Grant, UNICEF, 1980s), method will win the Hearts of People as the way to measure wellbeing of a nation. It is the most Life Supportive method to do Socio-Economic measurements of the real status of wellbeing, not wealth via the money rackets, corrupt money etc.

  30. Lorenzo Says:


    ALL people are HIGHLY SCEPTICAL about ANYTHING that comes from US POLITICIANS. AL GORE was REJECTED even by Americans in favour of BUSH.

    They have created WMDs out of thin air. NO ONE trusts them.

    A RED INDIAN elder famously said Americans speak with a FORKED TONGUE!! The world has come to AGREE.

    IF USA believes in their OWN CLAIMS, USA should NOT have left climate change commitments agree in PARIS!!

    But they have left. It means even US POLITICIANS don’t believe in MAN MADE climate change claims. But look what they did. They TRAPPED all other countries into it!!!

    There is NOTHING SL can do to have ANY MEASURABLE impact on CLIMATE CHANGE!!

    What on earth is PQLF? How does it relate to climate change?

  31. Ananda-USA Says:

    Patriots MUST SEE: The VERY BEST MOST COMPREHENSIVE SPEECH by Wimal Weerawansa on the Sallala Aanduwa

    EVERYTHING we patriots have been writing about at LankaWeb he addresses here:

    Part I:Wimal Weerawansa (NFF) :- සල්ලාල ආණ්ඩුව සහ කෙලෙසෙනා ලක්මව (1) පළමු කොටස

    Part II:Wimal Weerawansa (NFF) :- සල්ලාල ආණ්ඩුව සහ කෙලෙසෙනා ලක්මව (2) දෙවන කොටස

    Part III:Wimal Weerawansa (NFF) :- සල්ලාල ආණ්ඩුව සහ කෙලෙසෙනා ලක්මව (3) තුන්වන කොටස

  32. Fran Diaz Says:

    We have to separate ‘the wheat from the chaff’ i.e. Know which US politicos speak the truth. Al Gore is a greatly trusted poltician with a fine record. There are many such people in the US.

    Sri Lanka must set an example re Climate Change. We have to use more and more Green Energy.

    Interested Readers can read up on PQLI & Green Energy on the web.

    PQLI is the Physical Quality of Life Index.

    Instead of using GDP to measure the socio-economic status of a country, we ought to use PQLI.
    GDP gives the measurement only of Goods & Services made in a country during a period.

    PQLI measures various Life Qualities such as Life Expectancy, Education, Infant Mortality, etc.
    PQLI refers to live life values of ALL the citizens of a given country.
    Green Energy becomes a part of PQLI, supporting life on Earth.

    GDP refers to non-living items which may be/will be, concentrated in the hands of a few people, and not distributed mostly evenly throughout society. GDP may allow Fascist type govts to flourish.

    We leave it to the Readers to decide which system is better.

    Comments welcome.

  33. Lorenzo Says:

    “Sri Lanka must set an example re Climate Change.”


    SL has ENOUGH PROBLEMS. There is NO NEED to take on any more.

    COAL is GOOD enough for SL. It is CHEAP, AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE and SAFE. MR was wise to build COAL power plants. That is why SL has electricity to MORE people.

    Let USA go for GREEN ENERGY and show us by example first.

  34. Fran Diaz Says:

    Let the PATRIOTIC People of Lanka decide oon important issues.

    Since when was Coal safe ???? !!! Misinformation campaign here ??

    Also let other countries do as they wish. They too will change when the time is right.

  35. Vaisrawana Says:

    I agree with all those who agreed with Sudath about his idea that the only leader we can think of at this desperate moment is MR with the exception of Gota, i.e., the latter is equally acceptable to fill the glaring leadership vacancy, which is an unprecedented NATIONAL EMERGENCY (“national emergency” is my addition). The two brothers have proven their mettle. I also agree with Ananda-USA who comments:

    “If MR/UPFA seeks to be RE-ELECTED to Power on a platform of REPEALING the 13A, DISSOLVING the Provincial Council System, and introducing a New Constitution that ELIMINATES all possibility of DISINTEGRATION of the country into ethno-religious Bantustans, it will SUCCEED beyond its WILDEST DREAMS as the ALIENATED Sinhala Buddhists flock to their banner without exception!”

    Sudath has included this with appreciation in the revised version of his article. Thank you, both of you.

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