Posted on June 30th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Attached photograph was taken right in front of Premadasa Kettarama Stadium in Wanathamulle  .I was passing by yesterday and noted the garbage heap ,and watched  a worker from Abans ( Care klean –which does not care ?)  Throwing the garbage which has collected in a trolley into the heap ,and next to the heap there was a sign by the Municipal Mayor that Garbage throwing is Prohibited .

Behind the heap CMC collection lorry sans a driver was waiting ,presumably allowing the collector to throw it on the ground rather than in to the lorry .Whole area  smelled  not only of garbage but of Bribery ,Corruption ,Inefficiency and pompousness of the Chief Minister,Megapolis Minister , Big talking  (small) Chief Minister and Environment Minister, Army Commander who have been talking big about   the rule of law to be applied vis a vis garbage dumping .Whole Colombo 15 is also full of garbage everywhere ,and sadly area is now represented by a UNP bog ( sorry -big)  talkers Mujiber and Ravi

President Premadasa may be turning with anger in the cemetery ( in the heaven) and Ex Finance Minister who represent the area  may talking rubbish” in a foreign country ,

Gota may be sitting in his verandah ( having a blue label Whiskey)  ,conspiring with GMOA to topple the government by hook or crook ,and laughing his brains out and telling that during his reign nothing of this  could have happened ,

Where is the Central Garbage Operation Centre ( CGOP)  which government wants to establish ? Where is the Police in the Wanatha ? catching violators ?Army commander who promised to help punishing violators may have been having a celebration drink after getting a new General Star” ? Where is the Field Marshal who was supposed to be the enforcer of law and order .( we may have to bring Enforcer” like Arnold schwarzenegger  from USA as  a mayor ?

Very soon Zimbabawian will be hitting  sixes” from the Ketharama ground on to this garbage heap to the dismay of Angelo .and Monkey and Parrot talker will be looking for the leather ball in the heap ?

Dear Prime Minister and HE the President ..

Please do something and change this Democracy into an Autocracy and change the country from this disaster and establish law and order

Give to me with a sharp sword  ( of a General ) and I will do it

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Wrong headline: should’ve been an insult to Gotabhaya. Traitor lk alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) was only good at
    Sinhalese murdering (brutally), sent 600+ policemen in the east to catholic tigers of tamil drealam bullet, gave
    weapons to the terrorists to kill our own forces personnel, went to bed with the terrorists etc. Murderous alugosuwa
    was brutal to Sinhalese as always the catholic-run UNPatritoics are/were. Comparing him to patriotic, honest
    Gota is an insult to the great man. Sinhala modayas who easily forget everything, ungrateful and easily misled with
    just one big lie from the UNPatriotics!

  2. Christie Says:

    Thanks Sarath:

    I cannot se how Abans have not being charged for what happened in Meethotamulla?

    I am sure the same Rule of Law as for Mahendrans. But their Guru; Raj Rajarantnam was jailed for lesser fraud in the USA.

    We are an Indian colony run by India and Indian Colonial Parasites like Abans and Mahendrans.

    Regime Rilawas are appointed and managed by the Great Hanumas.

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