In Sri Lanka, Reconciliation means ‘Buddhists should bloody well shut up”
Posted on July 2nd, 2017

Arjuna Senanayake

Having observed happenings in Sri Lanka from afar living as an expat I am compelled to put my thoughts to demand from the crooks in parliament some answers. Having entered parliament from the majority vote they have shamelessly become pawns of minorities and foreign agendas simply because they have put themselves up for sale have a ‘agent of india’ ‘agent of US’ ‘agent of Muslims’ ‘agent of LTTE’ ‘agent of LTTE diaspora’ against their names. What these scoundrels do for money to remain in power, we ordinary people cannot understand. These MPs are a species in themselves.

However, we are at a very crucial juncture. Our nation is falling, our proud history is being destroyed by a bunch of imbeciles in power and greedy to stay in power.

What is the reconciliation bogey. Living overseas we know very well how Muslims of late are being treated. Many of them are now too scared to walk out of their homes because of the name calling, the abuse they hear when they are in public. My question is what do the Muslims suffer in Sri Lanka. They are creating ghetto areas everywhere, they are buying prime property, they are putting up mosques and madrassas everywhere, then there is that absurd dress in black and men in white with grown beards. This type of tribal wear was not prevalent in the 1970s or even 1980s. Do these Muslims not ask – why should the women dress in black and the men in white, is this written anywhere in the koran, and is it also written that the girls wear white and when adults turn to black??? what baffles me is the halal issue – they want labelling of food for a price but they have no issues eating pigs fat (lard) from pastry shops …

My biggest problem is the manner they are putting up mosques in disproportion to their ethnic ration especially in Buddhist citadels… while no one can enter Kattankudy which is also have mushrooming mosques why should they be allowed to put a mosque in Kandy, Dalada Maligaw? this should not be allowed at all.. the worse thing is that when people raise the issue the whole Muslim world and the hypocritical west come down the throats of the Buddhists claiming they are racists… So it is alright for Muslims in Kattankudy not to allow Buddhists to put up a temple but it is alright for Muslims to try to put a mosque up in front of Dalada Maligawa? Can someone explain this logic… and the Muslim tactic is to get some Muslims to shape up the issue and slowly put it to a corner where slowly construction work continues and it will go beyond demolition stage… Muslims are too cunning and there are no moderate Muslims or at least those that are shut their mouths and just watch but they don’t follow the same tactic when anything Muslim is attacked…. this is unfair and downright double play.

There are said to be 18 mosques in Anuradhapura – i hope this is not true but if so the public officials and Govts in power present and past are to be held accountable. How dare they allow mosques in the most sacred citadel…

Let me remind these Muslims that the Kings disallowed slaughter of cattle so if they did not eat beef then what is the demand now? All that can be said is that these Muslims are trying to slowly take over the country and making every incursion calculatedly and slowly while they nicely watch the Sinhalese and Tamils fight each other. Muslims will not allow a single temple to be put up in Middle East so how can they make demands in SL?

Also our stupid Buddhists are giving ifthar ceremonies – now do these Muslims do the same for Buddhists for vesak in the Middle East or any Muslim majority country? Where is the reciprocation. Our stupid people and i saw some temples too were giving ifhthar to the Muslims including the former president while the US President and Indian PM have cancelled all ifthar celebrations. Let the former President realise that the Muslims did not vote for him even after making use of him when he was ruling – Rajapakse has to be accountable for WIlpattu and a whole lot of appointments given to Muslims that have been detrimental to the country. Rajapakse must now account for these sins … and not try to fool the Buddhists again. We have been fooled enough.

I would like to end up saying that the minorities cannot complain in Sri lanka they have enjoyed and are enjoying more than their fair share of the cake and it is time we say – no more mosques – no more madrassas and no more of that horrible black kit that is a national security threat – some women are even driving cars in full black… no country will allow this. the men are looking unhygienic and dirty in their attire. if they want to live like in dessert land tell them to go to arabia.

Please help sri Lanka from this miserable group

8 Responses to “In Sri Lanka, Reconciliation means ‘Buddhists should bloody well shut up””

  1. Charles Says:

    Arjuna Alas Sri Lanka is doomed. 8th January,2015 marks the day that changed every thing. Mahinda Rajapakse wanted to unite the people and gave into these evil doom mongers.

  2. Christie Says:

    Arjuna, when you are here next time pray and pay homage to all Hindu gods. Kali, Kataharagama, Gana, Iswara, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Saraswathie, Paththini, Valli Amma, ………or on the wau you could visit Thirupathi.

  3. Senerath Says:

    All Arjuna talking about started gradually since 2000, not 2015 as Charles commented. However, since 2010 it acellalerated and since 2015 , we have no one to complain to.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    True statement. Merely talking about Buddhist grievances (let alone aspirations) means one is labelled a racist while Tamils and Muslims have graduated from Tamil and Muslim grievances to aspirations.

    The claim ancient kings disallowed slaughter of cattle is untrue. Only a handful of kings out of hundreds of kings did so.
    Actually some Muslims do Wesak dansal.
    Imposing restrictions on food, clothing and housing choice is not acceptable today as it equates Sri Lanka to the Taliban and Shiv Sena – two racist, extremist and terrorist groups posing similar threats to Sri Lanka.

  5. Dilrook Says:


    God Kataragama and Vibhushana (wrongly termed Vishnu in Sri Lanka) are not Hindu. (Although Hindus have claimed them as they do with everything.) They were Sinhala men immortalised as gods. There are 330 million of ancestors thus immortalised as gods. Pattini although has Kerala origins is very much Sri Lankan Buddhist.

    In fact, South Indians have robbed Sinhalese their ancestors and gods too.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Saman, Kataragama, Natha and Vibhishana are Sinhala Gods.

    So is Mahasen deviyo. He is Mahasena rajathuma deified after his death by the people because his prolific wewa-building rice-field irrigation projects helped Sri Lanka to become a granary.

  7. Dilrook Says:

    That is true Ananda. He is also known as Minneriya Deviyo.

    There are many Devalas for Sinhala ancestor gods. Kabiliththa is another very popular Devale. Its sanctity must be preserved.

    While most of them are pre-Buddhist Sinhala men and women immortalised as gods, King Mahasen is an exception.

    There is no Kadira, Kandasamy, Murugan, Al Kadeer or any other deity or saint in Kataragama. The god and shrine took the name of the place (as Minneriya Deviyo) and not the other way round. Kataragama only means “desert village”.

    We cannot let Hindus or any other rob our own ancestors too! They have robbed and bled us enough.

  8. Senerath Says:

    How about Suuniyam Deviyo ? Gambaara Deviyo ?

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