Disappointed ASP  requests President to accept resignation  News Item..
Posted on July 5th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

I am not surprised .

I have come across ASP when I was in SLLRDC .He was filling a land in Wattala despite our  protest .I was influenced by a politician to stop it ,but in vain .Then we were offered to dredge a lake and make drains by the corporation for which ASP had to pay .When the project was commenced I went to the site and ASP himself garlanded me and one of the papers published it to my dismay .

Then Athulathmudali and Gamini  departed from UNP under protest  in disagreement with Premadasa .ASP had a car which was imported through  a project and ASP manged to acquire it ,His car was caught by police and ASP was not in good books with Premadasa on assumption that he was a Gamini and Athulathmudali’s man.

There was another Devapura who was filling a land in Lake drive and I protested ,I was threatened and police was informed ,He was about to be arrested and Premadasa calls me 4 am and tells me that this man is a supporter and I should go lenient .OIC Borella had to bring  Devapura’s brother to my office and I had to accept the apology under protest.

Same person complied a dossier against me with a photograph of myself garlanded by ASP ,with a claim that I was Lalith’s and Gamini’s man  !

I was called to Premadasa’s office and confronted by the President  and  questioned .My secretary Ailapperuma and Paskeralingam managed to calm him down and I survived .

Same Devapura hanged banners against Athulathmudali with Word Nav Gilapu Lalith

After P remadasa’s demise both men were back with Wijethunge and later with UNP

Then Mahinda came and the peacock mansion built on a marshy land was offered with a pool to MR

Now both are in good books with Yahaplanaya and I keep watching news and read papers and nostalgically remember how corrupted our society is

I failed to understand why Rohitha was selected as the governor instead of ASP ,? May be MS wants to show RW that he means business ?

We are a country of jokers and clowns and we will remain like this  forever .

One of these days His Eminence Cardinal and Asgiriye Nayake Thero will take to streets and take over to make our country Quasi-Religious State ?

Then we not only say  God help me .but also Theruwan Saranai !!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Nimal Says:

    We have to be a secular state, honest dedicated people should be in charge will help. We are one of the third world country where we are at the mercy of the corrupt system.

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