Anyone watching TV feels there is no Government in the country: President
Posted on July 6th, 2017


Finally HE has understood the status of affairs in the country .We have three TV channels owned by stooges of the previous regime going hell bent to topple the government .Whenever we watch not only TV news but listen to Radio we get the signal  that almost all the news are about how miserable situation is .Yesterday one of the TV station was interviewing the North Western MP who met the as ambassador of Russia  in Japan with the Ex Chief .He was also implicated in an ethanol affair ?Same MP once said the Eknaligoda is  alive and he saw him somewhere aboard .He also thinks that that Ambassador cousin may be  innocent .People may believe what he says .Then the interviewer was asking about his role the  Deputy to Tourism Minister .He was praising the minister who was castigated by the same press for abusing a journalist on the subject of garbage .

(By the way I was doing my routing walk along Galle face and note the garbage heap infested with crows and dogs emanating a repugnant smell .I saw the tourism minister walking and approached him as I know him .and told him about the garbage heap .I also told him that last week HE was passing by walking in the area and yet the garbage is still there .He said Is that so?” Then I reminded him about how he was confronted by a journalist and he said During Gotabaya these garbage would not have been lying and also no journalist would dare to talk like that to a minister, and we get battered!! As a senior politician he is right .If a journalist provokes me I would have done the same thing.

Hopefully he will call new Army Commander and impose law and order

The President should appoint capable people to handle matters related to Media .Every government needs a Goebbels if necessary?

Why do these stations run these (un) Reality shows? Obviously to agitate the people who are somewhat disgruntled with the way state is handling important national issues

Press was giving publicity about prohibition imposed by court of law to dump garbage in Muthurajawela.Yes .I may agree but dumping is taking place in an area of 200 acres where SLLRDC has got the permission for CEA to fill with Sea sand .Defendants should have consulted each other and present proper facts to the judges .If the dumping is in Bopitiya I may agree as it is disturbing the neighbourhood but in 200 acre area allowed for filling may be used as an emergency measure.

New minister of Media should have people who know the subject and be interviewed or called as witnesses before the hearing. Judges would have been convinced that dumping may be allowed for a while until an everlasting solution is found

Then next press item shows how Prime Minister was critical about judges for giving the ruling actually he should have blamed Attorney General and CMC commissioner a they have not fought the case.

Various stations hold discussions with various politicians who have no clue how to propose solutions to the problems we are facing today.

The way these stations behave, people may think that MR is still in power???


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  1. Vaisrawana Says:

    Dr Sarath Obeysekera, thank you for the nauseating picture you have added; it is a visual symbol of the state of affairs in the country under yahapalanaya, which however people like you do not want to accept as the present reality. You are content to salve your conscience by implicitly blaming those noble people who saved the country from 30 long years armed terrorism, restored law and order, restored communal harmony, and initiated steady economic development. MR and GR are hated so much by the despicable communalist leaders of the minorities because they brought normalcy to the country. What they hated was the fact that MR proved himself to be a good ruler, and GR was a good administrator. They don’t deserve the calumnies which have been daily heaped upon them particularly over the past two and a half years. Their humanity still shines. Ordinary people know this. Even during these benighted times of yamapalanaya (which probably SO also helped to install) when the real Opposition (JO) and its supporters (90% of the electorate) are almost totally denied every form of media freedom, the sordid truth about the tragic change that the foreign sponsored regime change of Jan. 8 has brought about.

    Let that be as it may, according to SO then, the Prez and the notorious John A tourism minister also walked past the garbage heap, which SO passes daily on his walk. A pox on them for not noticing it until SO showed it to them.

  2. Hiranthe Says:

    Vaisrawana, I totally agree with you.

    These Yamapalakayo are good for nothing!! They are incompetent of doing anything constructive. They looted the Central Bank, EPF and ETF funds and now eying for the Temple Tills.

    It is shameful and sickening to watch their Yamapaloo talks.

    My3, although talking like the Executive President against the new Constitution in front of TV, we can clearly see that he is not allowed to do so. The mandate given to them by people was actually not to bring a new constitution but to abolish the executive presidency or something similar. But their pay master’s and Regime change master’s main aim is to force through a new Constitution weakening the Centre and giving powers to North and East allowing it to march freely for the eventual Ealam.

    We can clearly see a Danger here. Things are really happening at the background as they planned and as they wanted it to be.

    Many of our Patriots were instrumental in awakening the ignorant and mislead Maha nayakas. Now they will relax saying they will be given the draft before tabling it in the Parliament as promised by My3.

    Yamapaloowo’s will give something else to Maha Naayakas and get their Federal draft pass through the Parliament. By showing that the document got the consent of the Maha Sanga, the uneducated lot in the Parliament will say Yes for its ratification.

    Our Patriots should be more vigilant now 24/7.

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    What if any other govt allowed the Central Bank Scam to happen with the culprits still in power ?
    That misdeed against the People of Sri Lanka, plus other misdeeds still going on !

    Any other govt would have resigned by now and held General Elections !

    PATRIOTS – Guard Lanka !

  4. Kumari Says:

    Ha Ha…, Did this brain dead president came to know about the lack of leadership in the country only now? He and Ranil have become the court jesters.

    May Buddha, Dhamma, Sanga, God and Allah bless our country.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Maru sira is a shameless uneducated moron to say things like this when the whole country knows, except him of
    course, it is true. One look at this picture tell the whole story. Shame on you brainless, spineless man. You must be
    ashamed of yourself while nothing has been in the last 2 years still to utter non-sense like these in public. Most of
    the people are more educated than you are!

    Corruption is endemic, no law and order, terroists
    supporters having a party time, Buddhist monks are in prison, Buddhism’s place as the state religion going, unitary
    state going, new constitution coming. You simply are a curse to Mother Lanka! With the traitor chief Cancer in
    Mother Lanka die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Mega Thief Batalande Wadakaya pol pot r@nil
    wickramaSinhalakiller you are destroying Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism. You can’t even keep a street clean let alone run a country.

    Have you ever heard the saying Nero fiddled while
    Rome was burning? Doubt it since you have had a very limited education! You are a tragedy! Tragedy to Mother
    Lanka! Shame, shame, shame!

    P S
    Kumari, you too should study Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution! It says no creator god. Agree/disagree?
    So why bless Sri Lanka with never seen, only heard, doesn’t exist gods.

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