How Peacefully Coexisting are Muslims?
Posted on July 6th, 2017

Arjuna Senananayake….

I thought of raising this topic and ask everyone to answer some basic questions. Muslims and Non-Muslims can answer

* Why are Muslims suddenly wearing an attire that they never wore 30 years ago? 

* Where does it say that women must be in black and men in white while children wear white and as adult women wear black?

* Which book insists that these women wear black silk – a colour and material that is totally clashing with the weather and looks ridiculous. Now it has become ‘fashionable’ with companies advertising all types of these ‘designer’ attire with sequins etc… going to a Muslim wedding is like attending an all black affair! what happened to the lovely salwars that these ladies wore? Ladies its time to stop torturing yourselves and get back to what you wore… we remember the good old days when the ladies wore sarees and covered their heads with it. The men certainly didn’t look unclean, unshaven and unhygienic as they do presently…. the elite Muslims don’t dress like this does that make them less Muslim? 

* everywhere muslims are – it is their food habits, their preferences that must prevail. If muslims attend a function people cannot have pork, but it is alright to have beef, can someone explain this logic… and there are plenty of muslims who eat pork. 

* lets come to the halal fiasco – it is obviously nothing but another business venture following kosher but then kosher people are fair – they produce their foods and they sell them in special outlets so it is not a bother to anyone. however we saw the fiasco with a small company set up sending muslims to all the companies to get their ingredients and see if any haram items are inside… what is puzzling is that these muslims eat pastries made out of lard and lard is made out of pigs fat.. so who are we really fooling? moreover i heard that after getting the ingredients muslims have started enterprises of their own… companies have been virtually threatened to get a stupid certificate for a price and muslims are using that money to fund all their muslim/islamic promotions… now can some muslim explain how peacefully coexisting is this. if muslims cannot live with non-muslims is it not logically for muslims to go and live among muslims in muslim majority countries. muslims cannot turn non-muslim countries into muslim countries!!! this is exactly what they are trying to do.

* next we come to the bigger headache of mosques and madrassas – these are also looking like a symbol of showcasing their power and they are setting up the mosques purposely near buddhist temples, churches or kovils and since it is mandatory for them to go to the mosque automatically their visits ar more and that gives them the cue to make more noise and bigger demands. they enjoy blocking traffic, they enjoy putting the loudspeakers as it is a means to show the whole world they are the boss – and challenge people ‘what can you do about it’ ‘try stopping us’… this is the body language you get every time you pass a mosque in full session. it is i believe the same in the east too. well it is so in the west now.

* muslim neighbours – this is another issue everyone i am sure is facing.. every lane a muslim comes you can be sure before the end of the year the number of muslims will increase by the month and slowly with time they would have acquired the whole road – by their dress, behaviour and attitude they end up chasing away non-muslims who simply do not like to see black kits and men in nighties… sometimes wonder whether this is being purposely done to slowly change demography. of course the elite muslims do none of this nonsense and blend perfectly with non-muslims and it is a pleasure to be in their company – they talk well, they dance, they are very nice people… but it is this uncouth lot that are disturbing the peace with all others. 

* muslims cannot demand what they do not give – it is elementary logic. all muslims must realise that in muslim countries they do not offer any rights to non muslims and please do not come up with excuses – they don’t. even maldives is a horrid example. these maldvians come clubbing, drinking and prostituting themselves to SL but you cannot even carry a buddha statue to maldives. why should we accommodate them? they are now breeding everywhere. muslims are very cunning while their muslim countries are ONLY MUSLIM ONLY ISLAM… they ride on all the human rights nomenclatures and demand their exclusive space in non-muslim countries… if not can muslims come out and give examples to match what they currently enjoy in non-muslim countries and answer what they give non muslims… they cannot give a single example.

muslims must also realise that everywhere there is conflict it is involving muslims with arms – of course it is another matter who is training and funding them but the bottomline is they are taking up arms and killing muslims. muslims are killing more muslims than non-muslims are killing muslims… however hard it is to swallow that is the truth.

who is killing in iraq – it is muslims killing muslims

who is killing in afghanistan – it is muslims killing muslims – same in libya and now syria too.. of course the west is causing and creating the mischief but then why are muslims stupid enough to fall and follow. 

also remember that every slogan is taking from the koran – why should a koran that is supposed to be clean and holy have references to killing and subjugating non-muslims… can muslims deny that there are quite a lot of violent phrases and demands and commands in islamic holy books. there is no such words in buddhism… 

no non muslim country is prepared to turn their countries history to suit the whims of muslims and muslims must get that into their heads.

they cannot demand that countries change their histories just to accommodate muslims. 

muslims cannot use breeding and human rights to gain stakes in a country and then start expanding their hold over these countries.

people have not forgotten that Islam has blood on its hands. how else did islam expand from where it started if not for the sword. people did not embrace islam because they loved the teachings – people were forced to embrace islam or be killed. unlike buddhism muslims cannot question their faith – they are blindly worshipping without being given any right to ask questions and seek answers… books says this is what it is and this is what you have to believe in. 

do muslims realise these perceptions in peoples thinking about them.. perhaps they do but then they are always taught to go on the attack – anyone questions them – immediately attack them calling them names and ridiculing them and evade answering the question. i have seen this enough in the west and now in the east.. its a tactic they use.. and then because they are loaded with money they can easily buy over people and organisations and use that method to silence critics. 

so how do we handle the situation – we must ensure the politicians do not fool us by striking deals – no muslim only anything. if muslims want only muslim things they can go and live in muslim majority countries and there are 50 of them in the world. they cannot be allowed to turn countries into only muslim only domains.

this is the message i want to convey to any readers and hopefully this will open some debate… of course i doubt muslims will debate they will have 1001 reasons to ridicule the messenger and evade the message.

Arjuna Senananayake…. 

3 Responses to “How Peacefully Coexisting are Muslims?”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    When we worked in a certain Company, about four or five of us use to get together and go for lunch. Two were Muslims. One orders Pork Fried Rice, and Pork Curry, and the other says, “”That sounds nice, “” and I will also have the same. So on temptation, we all Order the same thing, except for additional different curries, like Prawn curry. One of these Muslims said that their whole family enjoys Pork Curry with Rice. Iam with-holding the name of the Company, as there will be a guessing game to name the two aforesaid friends. Good luck Muslims, ENJOY.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    Many thanks to Arjuna for exposing the dark deeds of this rapidly burgeoning religious community in Sri Lanka. They have been doing all this behind the scenes for many years, but now they are out in the open as if they have already declared war on other communities. They know they are being backed up by the rich middle east countries. Most of our politicians are at their beck and call and most probably heavily bribed either with massive funding and also with vote banks. This is the unfortunate situation this country is in at the moment. The Jan 2015 Presidential Election was not a democratic election. It was the block votes of the minorities who are intent on invasive politics that determined the outcome. This was helped by the disunity of the Sinhalese mainly the Sinhala Buddhists.

    Muslims can do in Sri Lanka which they will not allow Non Muslims to do in their own majority Muslim Countries. The good thing is they are getting exposed all over the world, and yet I find there are multitudes of ignorant people who fail to see their real long term agenda. Their long term agenda is to set the clock back and take the whole world into the dark ages and barbarity.

    Any future government that comes into power in Sri Lanka with Muslim will always work to the detriment of the Sinhala Buddhist majority. It is for this reason that at the next election it is imperative that Sinhalese unite to bring a patriotic government into power who are not at the mercy of the minorities either Muslims or Tamils.

    It is only a Sinhala majority government that can bring just solutions to all minorities while doing justice by the majority, their culture and their heritage. For over 70 years since Independence it is the minorities that have behaved like millstones in depriving the country prosper. Their incessant divisive politics and meddling in cahoots with foreign powers lies at the root of Sri Lanka’s woes.

  3. Wetta Says:

    “muslims cannot demand what they do not give”

    This is perfect logic ! Who can argue against this unless their brain is in a stinky place?

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