Arjuna Reveals Cricket Mafia Responsible for Cricket Calamity
Posted on July 11th, 2017

 Dilrook Kannangara

All world beaters in the nation are bold, unconventional and at times controversial. They don’t mince words though at times they make no sense. But when they talk sense, it is best to listen to them. Field Marshal Fonseka, Arjuna, Malinga and Susanthika are no one’s friend but they achieved the unachievable. Arjuna’s recent revelations must be considered by the President, the Sport Minister and all those who love cricket.

Cricket Mafia

According to Arjuna, there is a cricket mafia in the country parasiting on players and at times even influencing selection. With a near monopoly, these money-minded agents push their own agenda. Selectors are hapless and are at the mercy of this mafia. Head of the mafia has the support of some legendary players too. According to Arjuna, getting into the good books of the mafia is a sure way to get into the team for a short stint. If well performing, they can stay. However, given the very large number of players contracted to the mafia, it decides who plays and who doesn’t.

Therefore it is not the fault of the selection alone to have tried out over 45 players since WC2015 until now. Selectors and players have been manipulated by the cricket agency mafia. The mysterious disappearance of some players may be the work of the mafia. If it remains, there is no future for Sri Lanka’s cricket.

Selfish Senior Players

Arjuna also blamed selfish senior players who wanted to remain at the very top for an easy batting position. These players were never interested in shielding”, grooming and training youngsters to take it from them. By remaining at the top order, they could bat without pressure, face more balls and have a higher probability to make big scores which will fetch them a high price in IPL auctions. As a result, bowlers had to face batting pressure when it came to accelerate the run rate!

Arjuna and his teammates didn’t do it. They shielded young players at the lower order and then promoted them to the top order where they could bat without pressure. Sanath, Romesh, Dilshan, Mahela and Marvan are the products of this approach. Sadly it didn’t happen since 2002. Even nearing their retirement, some senior players remained planted in the top order!

Selectors and the coach should have imposed it on players but they failed. Some senior players were a law unto themselves.

Captaincy Woes

Angelo Matthews is the most disastrous captain in this century. His field placing, bowling selection and lack of encouragement of players is shocking. He is a good batsman and he is needed in the team but not as captain. The only excuse is there is no one else to take over from him. That is not true. Instead of recycling old players, a youngster must be given the reigns of the captain. Changing the captain frequently is acceptable in place of sporadic captaincy of Matthews. Angelo’s presence is sporadic and stand in captains have been many. Instead, a permanent replacement for him in the captain role must be found.


It is already too late for the 2019 World Cup. With no set team in place, it is very unlikely Sri Lanka will have any chance of performing well. At the moment Sri Lanka hangs in there in the last place of serious teams in ODI ranking. Upcoming India tour will ruin Sri Lanka’s chances of staying there especially if West Indies does well against England.

How did Team Sri Lanka become near minnows in 2017 in just 6 years. They were giants in 2011. Arjuna’s explanations make sense. He is willing to advise. But sadly, there are no takers.

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  1. Senerath Says:

    Mathews steps down as Sri Lanka captain
    ESPNcricinfo staff

    Angelo Mathews has led Sri Lanka in 34 Tests, 98 ODIs and 12 T20Is © AFP

    Angelo Mathews has stepped down as Sri Lanka captain in all three formats, following his side’s 3-2 ODI series loss to Zimbabwe. Mathews, who called the defeat “one of the lowest points” of his career and said in its aftermath that he would discuss his captaincy future with the SLC selectors, conveyed his decision to the selectors on Tuesday.

    Mathews has led Sri Lanka in 34 Tests, 98 ODIs and 12 T20Is, having taken the reins at the age of 25, in 2013. Though Sri Lanka have been modest in limited-overs cricket through the latter half of his tenure, they have, on his watch, tasted rare success in the Test format. In 2014, Mathews had personally played a pivotal role in the Test series triumph in England. Last year, Sri Lanka had also whitewashed Australia – a side they had won only one Test against previously.

    There have also been significant lows under Mathews, however. Sri Lanka’s campaigns in the 2015 World Cup, the 2016 World T20 and the 2017 Champions Trophy were disappointing, and even in the Test format, they suffered two 0-2 whitewashes in New Zealand, and a 0-3 result in South Africa. All told, Mathews has 13 Test victories to his name as captain, against 15 losses. On the batting front, Mathews had an outstanding 2014, in which he scored 1,317 runs at an average of 87.8, but his form had since fallen away, though his average as captain still remains 50.94. With the ball, he was only sporadically effective in Tests, but much more valuable a limited-overs bowler.

    Who should Sri Lanka’s next captain be?

    Upul Tharanga
    Dinesh Chandimal
    Kusal Medis
    Someone else

    I propose Chamari Jayangani Attapattu

    See results »

    The last year of Mathews’ captaincy was characterised by injury, however. He missed two Tests and an ODI tri-series in Zimbabwe as a result of multiple leg injuries, was absent for a five-match ODI series against South Africa thanks to a torn hamstring, missed Bangladesh’s tour of the island, and was most recently unavailable for Sri Lanka’s Champions Trophy fixture against South Africa – though it is possible he was prevented from playing that game by the board. The injuries have usually come when Mathews has had a high bowling workload, which he has attempted to carefully manage during his captaincy.

    The announcement that he would resign from the captaincy was not unexpected. The paucity of Sri Lanka’s returns in 2017 had placed substantial pressure on Mathews, and applied fresh scrutiny on his on-field strategising and decision-making, which has largely been seen to be Mathews’ weakest suit as captain. The series loss against Zimbabwe has been particularly chastening to the Sri Lanka team – they had never lost a match to Zimbabwe at home before, let alone a series.

    Sri Lanka are due to name a successor to Mathews – in the Test format at least – early on Wednesday. Upul Tharanga, who has led the ODI team when Mathews has been injured, and Dinesh Chandimal, who has served as Mathews’ deputy and led the T20 team in the past, are prime candidates. Rangana Herath, who captained the most-recent Sri Lanka Test, may be an option as well.
    © ESPN Sports Media Ltd.

  2. ranjit Says:

    Arjuna is a politician. He is against booky mafia cricket chairman so he will tell all sorts of stories but nothing good will happen to cricket. Some of his statements are true and we should respect him for bringing the world cup to our country. Mathews and old players must go and give the youngsters a chance. We need a new Captain with a new thinking. Oldies must retire or resign and help the youngsters in some way rather than stay put thinking of money only.

    We had great cricketers like Tennakoon,warnapura, Arvinda,Atapattu, Ranjit, Tissera and many more who did immense service to cricket in Sri Lanka. We can use their valuable advice rather than appoint political Stooges to high places in cricket. We need people who loves the game of cricket not greedy bunch of idiots who no nothing about cricket. Let’s help to make our game of cricket great again for the sake of our country.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yamapalana Redi-Galaweemak!

    It was reported on Derana TV yesterday, that a team of temporary workers who pull the plastic ground covers over the grass to protect the cricket field from rain, had their LITTLE-ALL EXPOSED to view by the public by the management who refused to pay them their Rs1000/day wage until they immediately returned their trousers and shirts provided by the management for work.

    So, all of them returned their pants, and were on TV protesting in their underwear!

    The first video by Derana TV had blacked out the critical areas where the crown jewels reside, and I first thought they had been stripped bare, underwear and all. Fortunately, the second video showed them all clad in black short underwear, the latest teplacement of Sri Lankan amudes.

    This will happen ONLY in Sri Lanka!

    The ladies at the bus stand at least got a benefit from it; they got a FREE SHOW that they would normally have to pony up a DOWERY for to see!

    The Yamapalana Minister of Sports also appeared on TV, with “heen daaiya” covering his brow vowing that he would not allow the secrets of Sri Lanka cricket to be exposed in this way EVER AGAIN!

    Being a dedicated supporter of EQUALITY of the SEXES, I was left wondering what would have happened if this team of groundsmen included women also! Would it not be against our “sanskruthiya” to summarily strip women of their clothes?

    If it is against national policy to do so, and we have to exclude women from working as groundswomen in the interest of preserving their modesty, would that not be SEX DISCRIMINATION against our hard working citizens of the fairer sex?

    Furthermore, if our women are entitled to a FREE SHOW at the bus stand, why are we men DENIED EQUAL OPPORTUNITY to ameliorate the dullness of our humdrum lives?

    I DEMAND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY from the Yamapalanaya for a FREE SHOWS for MEN also!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Meanwhile, it was also reported by Detana TV yesterday, that a wild Sri Lankan elephant was found swimming in the Indian Ocean about 8km away from land.

    Apparently, it could not stand anymore Yamapalanaya misgovetnance and was FLEEING the country!

    Unfortunately for our flow elephant Sri Lankan citizen, the government had decided that emigration rules had not been followed to comply with anti-illegal refugee laws we have entered into with other counties, and the Navy was ordered to return the elephant and take it into custody.

    Four Navy ships converged on the elephant, roped it with the assistance of Navy divers, coaxed it to return and face the consequences.

    It has also been rumored, that this particular elephant may actually be the mascot of the UNPATRIOTIC Party, flering the country well ahead of the LOOMING DEBACLE at the next local government elections.

    When the local government elections be held is a $64,000 question. Thete is a joke circulating in Sri Lanka now, in which a RELUCTANT BRIDE is promising to wed the ANXIOUS and PLEADING SUITOR right after the local government elections are held? Smart lady ….. don’t you think??

  5. Dilrook Says:

    Chandimal is a good choice for Test captaincy but Tharanga is a bad choice for ODI captaincy. It is true we have a dearth of regular players but appointing a youngster as captain is better for WC-2019. Public support for cricket depends on ODI success. Our ODI team is taking shape finally. It should be allowed. Winning some ODI matches against India is essential. Angelo should be helped to further improve his excellent batting. He is no longer an all-rounder.

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