Few vital comments on “The Sri Lanka Kanda Udarata Urumaya Surekime  Saha Savibalagenvime Adhikariya’ Panatha
Posted on July 19th, 2017

Dr. Sudath Gunasekara 19. 7.2017

I am making these few comments as a deeply concerned person on the pitiful plight of the Kandyan Peasants in particular and generally on the ongoing disastrous and treacherous programme of the present government for the serious attention of all citizens who love their country and the Sinhala nation. I also request and simultaneously demand all those MPP supposed to represent the Central, Uva and Sabaragamuwa Provinces in particular to agitate for the immediate scrapping of the Upcountry Village (mono-Tamil villages) and Infrastructure Development Ministry and to set up the Kandyan areas Development Authority Recommended by the KPC Report of 1951 and take immediate action to rectify the historical injustice done by the British from 1815 to 1948. It is also high time for mass public agitation against the gross negligence and discrimination done by  all post Independent  Governments and what the present Government is doing to eradicate Sinhala people from the central hill country and its surroundings paving the way for a South Indian Tamil Malayanadu  right at the heart of our Motherland.

I appeal to all patriotic men, women and children to carefully read through my observations attached below and try to understand the pending disaster on the Sinhala race and thereafter formulate an action plan on the lines, I have suggested there in.as  an outline,

Please take note of the critical importance of rehabilitating and restoring the Physical stability of the Central Hill Country, ‘The Geographical Heartland of this country, including its natural forest cover, water resources, land, soil and its bio diversity as the first step. Because the entire life system, both natural and human, and the very civilization of this Island nation entirely depends on the physical stability of these central highlands. Even Arnold Toynbee had noted that it is the highland that gives water, life and wealth to the plains below that nature had condemned to lie parched and desolate.

Colonial British has already removed the forest cover of nearly 1 million acres to plant coffee and tea and left the land degraded, rivers dried and biodiversity depleted casing thereby irreparable damage to its physical stability leaving the rivers in the lowlands silted and flood prone. On the top of that they planted 1 million South Indian Tamil laboourers completely cut off from the surrounding natives as an enclave and leaving them behind when they bolted in 1948 creating an eternal socio economic and political problem for us.

All post Independent Government have miserably failed to do any justice to the Central hills or the native Sinhala people who died in tens of thousands , lost all what they had inherited from their forefathers in defense of their motherland for posterity. The present Government has already taken concrete steps to give the entire central Sri Lanka to South Indian immigrants on a silver tray to create their Malayanadu, threatening the sovereignty and independence of this country for the sake of getting few votes. I do not know by what name these traitors should be called and to what hell they should be packed up.

We cant expect any government under the existing political system to rescue our motherland or solve these British legacies. We have to start it by ourselves and that has to be done as soon as possible, immediately. There is absolutely no room or time for the slightest procrastination. When I found the Sri Lanka Hadabima Authority in 1992, why I expanded the former NADSA area t to cover all the three Provinces of Central, Uva and sabaragamuva was to find a solution to this national problem in all its ramifications. I had three objectives in mind, a) restoring the physical stability of the watersheds, b) Settling 250,000 farmer families on land below 5000 feet msl, c) deploy an aggressive multi-cropping farm system and thereby reduce dependency on tea, d) Find a permanent solution to the Indian estate Tamil problem through a mixed settlement scheme system and finally E) to bring about total reconciliation, peace and harmony in this part of the country. I also wanted to amalgamate my Hadabima Authority with the Kandyan Peasantry Commission and make it a mega National Project like the Mahaweli Project. In this attempt I first got a WFP project of 12 million US $. With that I was able to feed 35,000 people for six years at 3 meals a day. New buildings came up and the Staff increased by four fold. Vehicle fleet increased to 48 from 3 rackety in 1985. Farmers were motivated beyond expectations and the farmsteads were converted to a bunch of bee hives with a sweet smile on every face.In 1991 WFP recognized the Project as the best small farmer Project in Asia.

In return the government transferred me to the pool in Sep 1992 as a reward and the WFP terminated Project aid. Since then it had become a waiting bus stop for defeated politicians and their henchmen. .They went outside the authority area I am told now they operate even is the deep South Matara an Hambantota and extreme north in areas like Vuniya purely for political expediency and personal gain None of these people neither politicians nor officials know whether they are standing on their feet or head as far as the project objectives are concerned. No audit queries are made as to how they operate outside the project area.

Thus a hen that was bred to lay golden eggs was savagely killed and consumed.

I left (rather chased out) in 1992. It is a tragedy no one wanted to tap my experience and ask as to how this miracle was achieved, as a WFP consultant once referred to its success.

Pardon me for deviating from the focus. Now I appeal to you to read my comments on this latest political bait ‘The Sri Lanka Kanda Udarata Urumaya Surekiime  Saha Savibalagenviime Adhikatiya’ Panatha” in between lines and wake up to save our motherland.


3 Responses to “Few vital comments on “The Sri Lanka Kanda Udarata Urumaya Surekime  Saha Savibalagenvime Adhikariya’ Panatha”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    The first step in this regard is to end the destructive tea industry. Tea exports earn $1.3 billion however, after factoring the imports to make this happen (fertilizer, machinery, fuel, vehicles, imports by workers, etc.), the industry makes no real forex gain. Large tea plantations must be pushed to bankruptcy and closed down. Essentially tea must be uprooted and these lands must go to pre-1815 owners. No one should be settled in river catchments and areas adjacent to river catchments. Indian Tamils who become unemployed as a result should be settled in Vanni and Jaffna where there is plenty of land.

    Upcountry Sinhalese must be better organised under a political party with the sole aim of looking after their interests, not to help the blue or green camp win the election. The real use of PCs would be to organise into provincial political forces away from national parties. That would have served people’s interests better.

  2. Senerath Says:

    Tea industry may be shifted to South. Yakki Galle tea !

  3. Nimal Says:

    Tea industry is the best that happened to our country and perhaps those lands were owned by tyrannical few who never did much for the country and good riddance to them.

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