Charlie Austin, Kaustav Lahiri and Other Foreigners Manage Most Cricketers
Posted on July 24th, 2017

Dilrook Kannangara

Cricketers managed by Charlie Austin include Dickwella, Tharanga, Chandimal, Mathews, Asela, Dilruwan, Prasanna, Lakmal, Malinga and Nuwan. He is the manager of most regular players.

Players managed by Kaustav Lahiri include Amila Aponsu, Chameera, Lahiru Madushanka, Hasaranga and Vishwa Fernando. Rob Ashwell manages Sachith Pathirana and Tissara Perera while Luke Keech manages Milinda Siriwardana. Dhananjaya Silva and Sadheera Samarawickrama are managed by one Mohamed.

Do these people have any regard for the nation and the national cricket team? Very unlikely. The sheer number of regular players managed by these foreigners raise alarm bells. Former senior players have not only been their customers but also introduced new players to them. Do these agents pay tax on their earnings? Can they be tried in Sri Lankan courts for offences?

There should be new laws to disallow foreigners manage local players and the number of players an agent can manage.

Monetizing cricket is not the problem. All cricketers and other sportsmen must maximize their earnings while they can. However, when done in excess it can possibly destroy the sport and introduce outside forces to control the game. Minister of Sport must look into this before Sri Lanka cricket disappears into nothingness.

All cricket loving people must thank World Cup winning captain Arjuna for his bold revelation. Other matters he raised including the need to investigate World Cup 2011 Final should also be considered. What is most worrying is the possible existence of a Cricket Mafia that attacks and gangs up against anyone taking on their lucrative industry at the expense of national cricket. Putting all blame on selectors and the cricket board seems a very clever diversion tactic found as found in political platforms. Who knew there were other significant actors behind the wicket!

3 Responses to “Charlie Austin, Kaustav Lahiri and Other Foreigners Manage Most Cricketers”

  1. Senerath Says:

    Actually, foriegners manage the whole of Sri Lanka. No governement ( with current politicians) will not stop it.
    Otherwise how do they avoid paying income tax ( on their investments), collect money and put in foreign banks from bookies ? How to they pay bribes to ‘selectors’ ? They need foreigners to do it ?
    Any foreigner get to know how to manage property by paying bribes to politicians and officials.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Selling ANYTHING by these agents is only ONE moneymaking thing. How about KILLING CRABS?

    Our cricketers will do ANYTHING to make bucks. VERY UNLIKELY they will say NO to ball 3 no balls in the 47th over and collect $1 million. They get peanuts winning matches.

    Soon IPL will realize they can USE these players to INFLUENCE SL’s policy to favour ENDIA. Remember IPL forced them to see DALAI LAMA? China protested AHEAD and SLC ordered them NOT to see His Holiness.

    But DO NOT push these cricketers too much. They will enter POLITICS and achieve IMMUNITY.

    MR kept these crooks UNDER CONTROL. After MR all have gone CRAZY like DENGU mosque-itos.

  3. RohanJay Says:

    Winning the 1996 World Cup and the following 15 years after 1996 of massive success for the Sri Lankan cricket team of 1996-2011. Brought untold millions and riches into the coffers of Sri lankan cricket. This attracted all sorts not just from within Sri Lanka but from around the world. Who became interested in Sri Lankan cricket when prior to 1996 no one cared about Sri Lankan cricket except. To be part of the lucrative national Sri Lankan Cricket team scene.

    Before 1996 World Cup victory. No one really cared about Sri Lankan cricket or managing Sri Lankan cricket except for a few former Sri Lankan cricket playing gentleman and their care takers who managed affairs at the Sri Lankan Cricket Board in Colombo. Yes after March 1996 everything changed for Sri Lankan cricket. Yes even though the 1996 World Cup was a long time ago now. Sri Lankan cricket is still living in the era brought on by the March 1996 World Cup victory. Some times you wonder if it would have been better given the corruption Sri Lankan cricket has had since wether it would have been better if Sri Lanka didn’t win in 1996 and then world cup favourites India won instead.

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