Has the Church Inquisition come to Sri Lanka in the form of the Missing Persons Office to execute Buddhist soldiers?
Posted on July 27th, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

The Medieval Inquisition in 1184 became the first of many Inquisitions (Spanish, Portuguese & Roman followed). What is relevant to this argument is that ALL executions were against non-Catholics & based on heresay, nothing more than finger pointing and allegations with absolutely no evidence or facts presented or even investigated. Fast forward to the UNHRC Resolutions against Sri Lanka the similarities cannot be ignored. These same Western countries are continuing their finger pointing & unsubstantiated allegations which are now directed against our soldiers who defeated the LTTE terrorists.

The Catholic church broke away from the Orthodox church (Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church) around 1054 as they wanted to have a Pope which the Orthodox Church doesn’t have! The death estimates from the 4 Inquisitions run into millions with some claiming over 50mililon people being tortured and put to death simply because they were not part of the Roman Catholic faith.

The 4 Inquisitions were directed against ALL non-Christians. The Inquisitions have now turned to present day Tribunals all of which are determined by the same Western Christian nations. All of which are based on heresay, all of which have no supporting evidence and all of which the conclusions are predetermined! False denunciations were frequent and often based on personal jealousies as well. No different to the scenarios presently.

Though the Vatican’s Congregation of the Inquisition was formally abolished in 1908 it was only renamed as Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The set up looks no different to the UNHRC.

Inquisitions meant torture regulated by the Church with guidelines. The Tribunals had 2 inquisitors. One in charge of presenting the accusation, interrogating the witnesses using physical and mental torture. There were Consultants too advising the type of questions to ask while 3 secretaries recorded the testimonies. There were also lay collaborators (the present day anonymous ‘witnesses’). The Inquisition was totally financed from confiscating goods of those they were sentencing (the seizure of Gaddafi’s wealth comes to mind)!

The similarities of the Inquisition and the present day UNHRC Resolutions & War Crimes Tribunal comes in the manner that both entities simply accepted the DENUNCIATION which resulted in DETENTION lasting even two years before the case was taken. A detention meant the persons property was confiscated and the money was used to pay for the expenses of his trial & until such time they were kept in isolation! No cares for the family living off the property! Months often years passed before the accused was informed why he had been imprisoned! (this sounds a replica of the accusations now being hurled against our armed forces)

The Trial allows defendant a testimony but only after torture methods have been adopted! Torture was applied without distinction of sex or age and included children & the old. Victims were hung from the ceiling by the wrists with weights tied to the ankles sometimes resulting in dislocations. Some of the punishments included burning at the stake, public execution. Other victims had cloth stuck to the mouth forced to ingest water spilled from a jar. Fast forward to the waterboarding and other CIA torture techniques now in use. Is this any different to the present day torture techniques being used in Guantanamo Bay & Abu Ghraib prisons of which ‘waterboarding’ is one.  Inquisitors also used waterboarding as a torture technique!

Rarely were defendants found NOT GUILTY and acquitted. So we know what to expect from these war crimes tribunals. Rare exception was Milosevic who was acquitted after his death!

Here’s the best part the defendant could be RECONCILED with the Catholic Church and evade severe punishment. In other words, the soldiers would be required to pin blame on those the Tribunal are really targeting which would pave the way for their release.

Often cases were judged in absentia. Between 1540 to 1700 according to the National Historical Archive of Spain 44,674 judgements.

The present efforts to directly attack the nerve centres of Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist followers is nothing that cannot be ignored. The Inquisitions ordered any text or beliefs that ran contrary to the Church to be destroyed and sealed.

The Inquisition was meant to enforce only the Church view violently upon anyone who were not in agreement to it. The UN is today being used by these same countries to carry out that same objective.

Please note a study has recently declared that the UN is heavily influenced by the Church/Christianity. ‘The majority of NGOs operating and who are registered with the UN are Western-funded Christian NGOs.

The Inquisition institutionalized persecution. The Tribunals that the UN is today approving are all against countries that the Christian bloc of Nations deem their enemy. The unanswered question still remains why when the world is preaching Equality conveniently ignoring that the Roman Catholic faith has been given status of a State and accepted as a UN member! This means diplomatically the Vatican can exert tremendous influence on behalf of the Roman Catholic faith which is not enjoyed by other religions older than Catholicism.

At the same time, we cannot ignore the role played by the Church, the Church fathers/nuns in assisting LTTE terrorism over 3 decades. One of the recently deproscribed LTTE fronts is headed by a Catholic Father who compares terrorist Leader Prabakaran to Jesus! None of these Church-LTTE links have been investigated for providing material support to a terrorist movement. Just a few days back a EU court ruled to remove LTTE from EU’s terror list fully aware that LTTE cadres are involved in sporadic cases of extremism.

Nevertheless, the crux of the argument is that the Tribunals of the Church were all based on heresay, with no evidence, evidence was not even sought and non-Christians were tortured, killed or had to bow down to the dictates of the accusers. We find ourselves in the 21st century and the same justice system is being dished out through the UN by the same Western countries that clearly say ‘either you are with us or you face extermination’ isn’t this what happened to Saddam, Gaddafi, Milosevic and the countless regime change that the West indulges in? The core of the issue is also the efforts to distance people from the dharmic faiths and the promotion of One Religon (Catholicism) through the UN and the promotion of Shared Values that are well funded to annihilate compassionate values and cultures of the Dharmic philosophies like Buddhism. Alienating people from their heritage roots is the gameplan in place.

The present Missing Persons Office takes the form of the Inquisition in its composition and the conclusion is already determined and the Office is merely to officially legalize the lies. Should we simply close our eyes and accept the illegalities?

Shenali D Waduge


6 Responses to “Has the Church Inquisition come to Sri Lanka in the form of the Missing Persons Office to execute Buddhist soldiers?”

  1. Christie Says:

    nyaayik jaanch Hinduthwa.

    Hinduthwa Inquisition.

    Shenali and other who follow this line do not understand the fact what India is doing to us Sinhalese. It is Indians in the West who are behind most of these actions.

    Please do not blame the Church as a whole. I know for a fact it was the protestant Churches who were behind the Indian terrorists LTTE. (The Jaffna Library was a Baptist Church project)

    Catholics the world over and most of the Catholics in Ceylon did not support the Indian terrorists LTTE.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    It comes in various disguises. Good thing is Sinhala modayas never notice. How lucky these Buddhism-destroying,
    Sinhalese-race destroying, Sri Lanka-destroying guys to have Sinhala modayas around? Today Sri Lanka is ruled by
    the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Batalande Wadakaya Mega Thief Pol Pot [email protected]
    wickramaSinhalakiller while puppet maru sira the rubber stamp looking on helplessly. So the C brigade knows this
    is the best time to deliver the killer blow!

    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution destroyed the creator god myth.
    Still these guys who are following mythical gods trying to destroy the only true religion, Buddhism, in the world.
    If so called god couldn’t create these very very clever two-legged creatures in the first place, sending messages to them is pointless. Anybody with brain cells >1 will agree. The two legged creatures are so clever, they can put a man on the moon with things made from the things dug out from the ground and refined, make unimaginably complex things, then surely they can say things like if the guy next to you isn’t a konakapala destroy him or be strong I’m with you. See I’m not a Profit, even I can say those things! Do we need say anymore then?








  3. AnuD Says:

    Christie: Whart are the religions of Joseph Rayappu, emmanuel, just to remind two. check others. they also have nikayas, chapters.

  4. AnuD Says:

    What is important is Mahinda Rajapakse’s Mother-in-law said to be a devout buddhist – Showed in her funeral photos. but, the daughter was catholic. How come ? I don’t know what is true here.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Shenali says : “Should we close our eyes and accept ILLEGALITIES in any form ?”

    NO ! a resounding NO !

    PATRIOTISM needed in Sri Lanka to save our War Heroes from blatant lies of false War Crimes charges !!

    Say NO ! to the OMP !!
    Say NO, now and forever !

    The same goes for the ILLEGAL 13-A, forced by INDIA under DURESS on the JRJ Govt in 1987.
    Remove it – it is ILLEGAL ! The whole world knows that the 13-A is ILLEGAL.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    The present American Govt has removed their War Crimes Office.

    Take the hint, Yahap !
    Protect Sri Lanka, not destroy & humiliate the country by going along with False War Crimes accusations.

    It is the duty of every GoSL to PROTECT the Country & the People, not destroy and humiliate our PATRIOTIC FORCES & LEADERS.

    Sri Lanka must now govern itself properly, now that the LTTE has been removed, and the JVP morphed into the Democratic mainstream politics.

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