Like exchanging Ginger for Chillies
Posted on July 29th, 2017

Upali Cooray

The above Sinhala proverb Is used in Sinhala language when getting  rid of something bad, only to get something worse (Inguru deela Miris gaththa wage)

People in this country are in a similar dilemma. The former finance Minister now holding the portfolio of foreign affairs has been exposed well and truely at the special commission investigating the central bank bond scam.

Minister Ravi Karunanayake (RK) is well known for being  in the wrong side of the law for quite some time now.  m/s Anika Wijesuriya told the commission that she had sold her Penthouse apartment for for Rs. 165/- million in 2016 to the Karunanayakes for which funding has come from infamous Arjun Aloysius.

Ms. Wijesuriya said she entered into a lease agreement with the Company called Walt and Row Pvt Ltd, to which the Rs.7.3 million was transferred by the Perpetual Capital Holdings Pvt Ltd, to be paid to her for renting out the apartment for the Karunanaykes.

The yahapalana government came to power promising they would eradicate bribery and corruption from this country. The exposure of RK was taken up in Parliament yesterday (25/07) in the presence of President Sirisena. If this happened in any other country the President would have asked the minister to resign. But ours is a country like no other.

The members of Joint opposition are being hauled before courts. Some S.L.F .P ers joined the government to escape exposure of their misdeeds. The Wasim Thajudeen murder. Prgeeth Eknaligoda murder, Avant Guarde Maritime services case causing 11.4 billion rupees and many other such cases which are being investigated or legal action is being taken.

President Sirisena expressed his displeasure over the filibustering of these investigations and if handles the cases he will ensure quick results. The problem is he has to act in consultation with the PM as per 18th amendment to the constitution.

P.M . Wickramasingha and former president Rajapaksa are scratching each other’s back. Consequently  corruption and bribery goes on regardless.

RK ran down SATHOSA by privatizing it. Retail shops all over the country were kept opened day and night. Working mothers in the staff had to bring their babies to breastfeed them in the night.

It is very evident that a third force is necessary to run the government. Neither the JVP nor The front line party(Peratugami) is an option. Marxism is no longer valid.

Are we “waiting for Godot”

— Upali Cooray

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