Political Baby Duminda displays his political ignorance
Posted on August 3rd, 2017


Dilan Perera was quite correct when he said recently that Duminda Dissanayake is only a political baby and he has to learn a lot to become a matured politician.

This ignoramus and asinine Duminda seem to be completely unaware of things that are known even to our primary school children.

Addressing a meeting in Anuradhaura this ignorant Minister has said that Mahinda made UN representatives to come to Embilipitiya and made them to eat under a tree and therefore they became angry.

This idiotic Minister seems to be unaware of who came to meet Mr. Mahinda then at Embilipitiya and as all are aware it was not UN representatives as Duminda has said.   He should update his knowledge that those who came were not to meet Mr. Mahinds but attempt to blackmail him and try to get the war terminated and thereby save megalomaniac Prabhakaran and other terrorist leaders. They were British Foreign Minister the despicable Tamil diaspora stooge Milliband and equally abhorrent Kroushner, the foreign Minister of France, and both of them were not representatives of the UN and the UN has nothing to do with them. We wonder whether he knows what the UN is?  It is strange to find that the General Secretary of the SLFP hijacked by Sirisena does not know about the UN. As lng as this man remains as the General Secretary even in the name-board SLFP people becoming distanced from the SLFP cannot be averted.

We all Sri Lankans should be very proud of the fitting treatment given to Milliband and Kroushner by Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa as he is the only leader in the world who crushed a ruthless terrorist outfit in the world. .

There had been only one such leader in the recent history who has given such treatment to blackmailing whites and that was the former Ugandan President Mr. Idi Amin.  Regardless of whatever follies he may have had and done, he made a British delegation to come and meet him by crawling while remaining seated in a house which had a very low entrance.  What Mr. Rajapaaksa did was something similar to this and it should be appreciated not only by Sri Lankans but by all those who resent white arrogance.

It is better for Duminda Dissanayake to take leave from his current activities and learn politics and come back at least with some political knowledge.

It is known to everyone that Duminda Dissanayake is attempting to avenge Mr.. Mahinda Raapaksa because his father Berty Premalal Dissanayake who came second was not appointed as the Chief Minister of the North Central Provincial Council and it was given to Mr. S.M.Ranjith who became 1st in the election held for the North Central Provincial Council. The Chief Minister post is not a family legacy of anyone and it deserves to be given to the person who gets the mandate from the people.  It is also surprising to find Minister Duminda now having a honeymoon shamelessly with the UNPers who were accusing his father of building multi-storied and multi-roomed luxury hotels.

It is also same in the case of the Appachchi Malaa” Vijith Vijithamuni Soysa who is critical of Mr. Mahinda Raapaksa because he could not get back the Chief Minister post of the Uva Province. (niz)

3 Responses to “Political Baby Duminda displays his political ignorance”

  1. dhane Says:

    This idiotic Minister seems to be unaware that rented building at Batharamulla still unoccupied by any ministry but paying rent. He know only how to do “harak Horaka”

  2. helaya Says:

    This guy is an idiot. I knew his father who went to Anuradhapura central school the same time I went. Father became corrupt politician. During Mahinda time he came to DC for independent day celebration. I was ashamed that when Ambassador introduce this guy as Deputy Minister, because guy was wearing raggedy cloths. Guy was there for few minutes and disappear with some pimps. He did not look like a intelligent person. He is one of the conspirators to bring down MR.

  3. Senerath Says:

    I suggest we appoint 226 babies to parliament. It is better for the country. babies have very little desire. Provide tham with food, some comfort, country will look after itself.

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