Cerberus Says: On CB Bond scam and few pertinent queries?
Posted on August 7th, 2017

Cerberus Says: 

On Jan 15, 2015, a plan that had been in the making for a long time was implemented with a cheated election and the election of Maithripala Sirisena as the President. As far as I can see these are the rudiments of the plan which was hatched by think tanks abroad since RW does not have the brains of a louse to govern or plan anything.

1. Former Colonizers wanted to get back their colonies, especially India which was the crown jewel during their heyday.

2. In order to get India, it was necessary to get Sri Lanka first. It had an added merit that we have one of the world’s deepest and best harbors in a strategic location on the shipping lanes from China to the West. Idea was to get Sri Lanka to replace Diego Garcia whose lease was expiring in 2020. Britain does not have a big enough Navy but they could lease it to the USA and get benefits from them.

3.Britain has no resources at all to survive as a nation. The only resource they have is their deep knowledge of their ex-colonies and how to benefit from this knowledge.

4. The plan called for an installation of a puppet government who will hand over the East and the North to the Tamils who have always been cooperative with the former Colonizers. This was achieved in the same manner as the Arab Spring in Tunisia, Libya etc., by use of Social Media to spew out lies about President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family. Once Sri Lanka is divided then U.K. will establish their links with the Tamils and displace the Sinhalese gradually. The rebellion in India in 1857 was brutally put down by the British and the British crown took over the governing from 1857. Tamils formed part of the British army, which fought against India.

5. India too has played a double game with Sri Lanka. We need to realize that they are our enemy. They have used the untouchables and other low caste people especially the Tamils as a group to infiltrate all the smaller neighbors and then take them over. They have done it in Sikkim and are now trying to do the same in Bhutan, Nepal and now Sri Lanka. The way I see it the Sinhalese have been subjected to genocide for 3000 years by Tamils and it is still going on. The last war was not against the Tamils but the Terrorist group funded and trained by India. These LTTE terrorists wiped out entire Sinhala villages in the East and all the Sinhalese and Muslims in the North were chased out or killed by LTTE. Is it not genocide also by Tamils of the Sinhalese? How about justice for them. There are 77 million Tamil Dalits only 12 miles away across the Palk straits and the Sinhalese are under constant threat from them. The Tamil Nadu politicians are constantly uttering anti-Sinhala rhetoric in India and trying to get India to invade Sri Lanka.

6. In order to install the puppet government, they had to first get rid of the Rajapaksa’s. What better way to do it than through the UNHRC by creating bogus war crimes charges against the Sri Lanka Army which fought so valiantly and with so much discipline. The Tamil diaspora provided the ammunition the West wanted to create war crimes charges with the most absurd numbers of Tamils killed. Even at the recent UNHRC hearing, there were two Tamil NGO’s who tossed out varying numbers with one person actually suggesting that 300,000 Tamils were killed by the Sri Lanka army.

7. Many Sinhalese have asked the TNA and other Tamil representatives to provide the names of those who were killed. No one has given any names at all. The UN, French and UK representatives were present at the final stages of the war and they all knew how the LTTE took 300,000 innocent civilians as a human shield who were rescued by Sri Lanka army personnel at a great cost their own selves. Why are these people so dishonest? The Sri Lanka Government representative Mangala Samaraweera co-sponsored the resolution brought by the USA without any question about the LTTE war crimes or the genocide of the Sinhalese by the Tamils.

8. The spineless puppets we have as a government is only interested in remaining in power with the backing of the West and India. They have no interest in the welfare of the country. They will gladly sell the country if it means that they can stay in power forever. Puppet governments have worked for the West in the past in many countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, Hong Kong, Argentina, etc. It is sad to see Sri Lanka being slowly destroyed by these parasites. These countries who are so concerned about war crimes in Sri Lanka are guilty of war crimes a thousand fold far worse. Yet no one questions them since the UN is funded by the West.

5 Responses to “Cerberus Says: On CB Bond scam and few pertinent queries?”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:


    Well said and Well Done!

  2. helaya Says:

    Excellent analysis. New generation who led the social media campaign to bring down MR have to pay for this.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Good one. But Neville, how can SL treat Endia as enemy when SL leaders say Endia is their RELATIVE? Blood is thicker than water. Now Endia and USA are THICK in bed!

    Sirisena is under pressure from USA NOT to remove Karunkaya.

    I don’t think USA will replace Diego Garcia with a base in SL. All US movements can be easily MONITORED in SL by China, Russia and Iran.

  4. NAK Says:

    Time is running out for the USA to find a replacement location for Diego Garcia.If the Eelam project succeeded then no problem peelam would hand over Trincomalee port and thousands of acres in Sampur with both hands.
    Since Peelam project is not going anywhere they have reverted to plan B. move to Delft until peelam is worked out some how.
    Meanwhile China made a very wise move in securing the Hambanthota port before it fell in to wrong hands. China will revert it back to a stable Sri Lankan government but we will have to bear the costs involved for the actions of an idiot of a PM.

    It is the responsibility of those who brought these scoundrels in to power get them out asap before more harm is brought on our country.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Cerberus has connected the relevant dots very well – thank you, Cerberus !

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