Mahinda discloses all about Siriliya Saviya Defender vehicle and SupremeSat Satellite
Posted on August 18th, 2017

(Translated by : A.A.M.NIZAM – MATARA)

Given below is a message issued by the former President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa on Pokice questioning of three members of his family and matters related to those allegations.

The unsuccessful attempt made to camouflage the infamy caused by the revelation of government’s corruptions.

During this week three members of my family – my wife Shiranthi Rajapaksa, and my sons Yoshitha and Rohitha – were summoned by the FCID and the CID and were interrogated.

What they asked my wife was why the colour of a jeep received by her Association, Siriliya Saviya Social Service Organization, in 2011from the Red Cross Society was changed?  This jeep had been used for activities related to the Presidential Secretariat office.  My wife has informed the CID she does not know anything about vehicles maintained and repaired by the Presidential Secretariat office.. Regarding this matter the CID got a statement recoded from my son Yoshitha also on Wednesday.  What they have asked him was whether he gave instructions to anyone to change the colour of this vehicle.  He has replied saying that vehicles of the Presidential Secretariat office are maintained and repaired by the Transport Division of the Presidential Secretariat office. In response to the question whether this vehicle was used by his security guards he has said vehicles for his security guards were provided by Presidential Security Division and not by him.

For the first time my youngest son Rohitha was summoned to the FCID and interrogated.  He has been asked whether he had direct or indirect shares in the company named SuperSat” which for the first time in Sri Lanka sent a communication sattelite to the space. He has said that he did not have direct or indirect shares in the SupremeSat Company and he was a paid employee of that company from the month of July 2012 to the month of July 2014 as the Technical Director of that company.  Another question they have asked had been whether he assisted the SupremeSat Company to obtain their license.  He has responded saying that when he joined the SupremeSat Company in 2012 they already had the license and he was introduced to that company by a Chinese businessman who came to South Hampton University in England to get young Engineers recruited for his Company.

South Hampton University in Englnd is the only University in Britain that conducts a Course in Space Engineering.  In the year 2012 seven persons graduated from this Course and one of them was my son Rohitha.  The satellite that was sent to space in the year 2012 under a co-partnership of SupremeSat Company belonged to the Chinese government. Out of the 36 Transponder Communication Network units of this satellite SupremeSat Company has obtained 6 units on a 12 year lease basis.  The objective of this Company is to provide communication services to clients in Sri Lanka.  I have come to understand that the chief investor of this company is a popular businessman in Singapore.

It was another episode of propaganda struggle being carried out by the Yamapalana gang against me, my family and the whole joint opposition that the people witnessed this week.  My family members are being issued with letters by various Police investigation Units summoning them for investigations.  After issuing such summons, the Police hints to the media that they are being so summoned for investigation on Tajudeen murder trial.

What is important for the Yamapalana gang is not the contents of the statements made by the members of my family but the reports appearing in the media saying that my family members are to be interrogated about Tajudeen. When my youngest son Rohitha was summoned by the FCID, the pro-Yamapalana websites reported that my government had spent hundreds of millions of rupees to send a satellite to the space. But the Sri Lanka government had no connection at all with this SupremeSat Company, which is a Satellite Technology Institution.  The FCID and the CID are in this media operation together with the government.  A few minutes after Yoshita made a statement to the CID a Yamapalana website published a report saying that was details of questions asked from him.

When large scale bribery and corrupti9n of the Yamapalaana government are getting vividly revealed, it is clear that the government is carrying out an operation to summon my family members by the CID and FCID and divert the attention of the people.

The extent of their distress is quite clear with the statements they make now saying that Special Courts will be established to hear the cases related to Rajapaksas. This proposal is against the basic constitutional provisions of equality of Law for everyone and innocence until it is proved guilty.

If such a special Court was established, what is the evidence that will be presented to this Court? The government has said that after this Yamapalana regime came to power they have confiscated properties worth more than Rs, 5,000 Million from my family members.  This is a blatant lie.  Neither the government nor any Court has confiscated any property belonged to my family members. What the government attempting to do is to label properties belonging to other people as properties belonging to our family members.  In this exercise they have extremely inconvenienced and hurt certain people.  No mobile or immobile property belonging to my family members of that the source of possession cannot be ascertainased has not been found all these years.  The whole country knows that such property belongs only to the Ministers and members of this government.  None of the governments that existed hitherto has troubled and inconvenienced the family members of their opponents as it is being done by this Yamapalaana government.

Mahinda Rajapaksa

The former President of Sri Lanka                                                                                                                                                                                    

Meanwhile, Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa addressing media personnel said that even if all the five of them in their family were imprisoned the determined struggle of the people of this country will go forward until this inept and treacherous government is sent home. As per the latest reports on a complaint made by the FCID at the Magistrate’s Court, Colombo alleging that Mr. Namal Rajapaksa threatened an FCID officer, the Additional Magistrate of Colombo has asked the Police to take action in this connection as per Police powers.  The Additional Magistrate has made this order rejecting the request made by the FCID to issue a Court injunction for Mr. Namal Rajapaksa to appear in the Courts. (njiz)

2 Responses to “Mahinda discloses all about Siriliya Saviya Defender vehicle and SupremeSat Satellite”

  1. Christie Says:

    “It was another episode of propaganda struggle being carried out by the Yamapalana gang against me, my family and the whole joint opposition that the people witnessed this week”

    Mahinda, All this is work of India. India installed you in 2005 instead of Ranil. But you did not follow directions of India and finally wiped out the Indian terrorist arm the LTTE.

    India will do what ever it can to destroy you and your family.

    The current government is a puppet of India and it will destroy the Sinhala nation and wipe out the Sinhalese as they have done in Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

    Sri Lanka is another Indian Colony of the Indian Empire.

  2. helaya Says:

    It is laughable that Yahapalnay idiot questioning about satellite sent to space, They think that it was waste of money. Stealing billions of Rupees from the CB is a proper thing. This whole thing is to divert people’s attention from CB scam. Bloody Sira and bloody RW.

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