ගාල්ල ආසියාවේ සංචාරක කේන්ද්‍රස්ථානයක් කරන බව රනිල් කියයි……….Galle to be the centre piece of tourist development in Asia 
Posted on August 28th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Many things to do,,,,,,,,,,,,

All visitors coming to Sri Lanka always try to visit Galle Fort where they get a feeling of walking around in old Mediterranean   town with many placed to have an evening tea/coffee or a good Sri Lankan meal .Residents of Galle try to keep the area safe and clean as they know that their livelihood depend on un interrupted arrival of tourists.

Other than visiting the Galle Fort, there is nothing much to do in Galle except visiting some 5 star hotels like Light House or visiting Unawatuna for the beach.

Integrated plan for Galle as a tourist attraction needs a detailed plan which should include many features.

Sri Lanka was planning to build an off shore break water between Roomassala and Fort, leaving two entrances from both ends with a view to expand the Galle bay as a mammoth marina. Proposal was processed by SLPA under Jaica funding and the wise people in the government did not take action claiming that cost is too high .Government should have built the Marina Bay instead of the white elephant in Mattawa .

Galle Harbour and the bay along Galle Matara road, within Galle MC limits the promenade is so undeveloped and used by fishermen selling daily catch which a very unholy sight, They should develop the beach with entertain facilities, café’s .bars, shopping facilities .They can still keep the fish market in a small scale built to high standard, Last government could have done this by using some funds to build extravagant mall in Independent square in Colombo. Other side of the road is also full of dirty looking boutiques and another fish market which is also an eyesore.

There are no other places where tourists can sit and enjoy evening sun of Galle Harbour.

Galle Harbour is also  in the  grandiose plan for a Marina and GMR –The Indian Company was trying to invest in developing it .Then Minister was quite keen and RW promised at the CECM that it can be given under Swiss Challenge scheme which never materialize.

At the eastern side of the  harbour close to Magalle  bridge and Galle Matara road ,was given to a company with Saudi Investment to build a Yacht Repair and building Yard which is in line with the Galle Master Development Plan .It went thru all the set procedures and approved by cabinet with 25 m$ investment .Sadly after spending much money investor pulled out after some incidents and also  losing confidence in Sri Lankan Politics .for years since approval was granted a n agreement was signed ,but successive ministers and Chairman’s have not shown any keen interest  in allowing to develop by a local blue chip company for no reason .This project in parallel with Offshore Breakwater would have enticed many Yacht owners to visit Sri Lanka.SLPA is now contemplating to give the whole harbour to an investor to develop as a Marina but nothing is moving. Southern Development Authority under a powerful minister seems very keen to develop as stated by PM but no concerted effort by Megapolis or Tourism Ministers to expedite development of the Marina.

Next to the proposed Yacht Marina private developer acquired a land  for mixed development project ,with entertainment ,gourmet restaurants and hotel rooms in a 26 storey building .UDA has approved the preliminary development proposal ,with much reluctance citing objections under UDA Zoning where such development was not allowed .Developer had to bring the case to the committee headed by OCCM where such projects are reviewed and convicted UDA to allow and change the Zoning Rules to suit marina development ,It is over a year where Zone changing process is being planned and nothi8ng done so far .Another issue has also prevented UDA giving permission ,because Tourist Board flatly refuse to allow building over 6 storeys citing a rule by the government not to allow any building facing a beach ( this land is not facing the beach!) to be built higher than the height of an average coconut tree!!) .It took few months to convince Tourist Board via OCCM conducted under guidance of PM’s office, that the land is not facing the beach but the harbour! Sad thing is the Director of STB has not even visited are before writing the refusal letter. Then Chairman of STB has shown much interest and now they have decided to allow a hotel.

There was an another announcement by PM that Navy southern command may be  shifted to Hambantota .How long will that take is a question and what will happen the Galle Fishery Harbour standing between Navy Camp and the Harbour?

There is a cement unloading plant for INSEE (ex-Holcim, Ambuja) generating much cement dust and what are the plans?

Beach front of Galle Bay where high access road starts from Rumassala to Closenburg is built up by traders polluting the beach, when you drive towards the harbour after exit from highway access road the road side scene is an eye sore. (May be government need GR to come and clear those unauthorised buildings and boutiques to make the Galle Marina Bay of international level?

Finally question is Galle is under Unesco as a world heritage site. Meetings held by office of the PM has met UNESCO o explain the plan, and UNESCO is not very keen a grandiose plan because it may destroy the ecology and also wrecks) in the bay? They are also not happy with large Cruise vessels coming to Galle?

It looks PM and the office is quite keen to develop Galle but Bureaucracy and may be some vested interest will be a stumbling block to achieve such grandiose plans by the government.

We have a southern development minister who is a close confidante of the PM  in charge of law enforcement and ministers brother as the Chairman of the Sri Lank Tourist Board .and the burly deputy minister of ports from Galle ,I cannot see why the government cannot fats track the develop of Galle as  Tourist Destination at the same speed like of Mahaweli Development ?? ( or even like Magampura Port?

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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  1. Ratanapala Says:

    Don’t worry Ponil is saying so many things. Buddhist Sangayanawa, Lichchavi Palanaya, Megapolis, a Million jobs, Volkswagon Car Plant, the list is endless. He is closing on insanity. Before soon he too will have his day before the Presidential Commission for being the mastermind of the Central Bank Bond Scam. He is the one who organized the money from Bank of Ceylon. The hurry to organize this scam within 50 days of coming to power is to finance the coming Parliamentary Elections in now clear. The procession of would be Yahapalana supporters to Singapore followed. Rightly all this too should come to light at the Presidential Commission.

    It is giving too much credit if we call him the mastermind of the Central Bank Bond Scam, for it looks all cut to measure and tailored by some Think Tanks in the US. He simply doesn’t have that much brain. He is simply following the script laid out to him by his handlers in New York!

  2. Senerath Says:

    This guy is a symbol of failure of Sinhala nation. Why is he in power ?

    In early 2000s he said ” I will give gold chains, ear rings to dear nangi malli” ,after killing a lot of them at Batalanda. Now he wants to make Galle a Gold Coast.

    Battaramulla Parasites.

    Namal came to Gold Coast to bring Commonweath Games to Hambantota and did a jogi dance here spent fortunes and went.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Mega Thief Pol Pot R@nil wickramaSinhalakiller is
    only good at:
    mass murder (Sinhalese only)
    Mega robberies (Central Banks speciality)
    Robbing pensioners
    breaking up Mother Lanka
    Mega lies
    mega treacheries
    champion katin bathala kola hitaweema etc. etc.
    Never done a good thing for the country, Sinhalese or Buddhism in 40 years!

    Batalande Wadakaya is in Sinhala modayas’ paradise. Pathetic low life can’t remember the lie he said by next
    day. Luckily for the serial killer of Sinhala modayas, they can’t remember either! Wadakaya said, what more
    you can ask for?

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