CD.S with text books for students  news item …….
Posted on September 2nd, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

May be Minister can give them to MP’s first .?

The Ministry of Education is to issue Compact Discs (CD), long with selected text books, to schoolchildren at the beginning of next year.Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam, when contacted, told Ceylon Today, video CDs will be……produced as a form of support for the school syllabus.

Recently we have seen a news item about  MP’s  to  be given Lap Tops  .With various people complaining about education of Law Makers ( MP’s) leading to conclusion that most of the MP’s are not properly educated .This is a good chance to give copies of the CD’s to relevant MP’s ( public call them ata pass nathi” ( not passed even 8th Standard)  so that they  get some external training or pass at least O level l and A level and give them an external course leading to a degree of Political Science ?

See news item in UK..

Election 2017: More than half of MPs educated at comprehensive schools, ”


(No Body Guards despite ISIS threat!)

The data found 86 per cent of MPs to be university graduates, with 23 per cent attending Oxford or Cambridge. This report shows that educational background is still a strong determinant of opportunity to become an MP,” the authors wrote.”

In Singapore Health Minister  ,Justice Minister .Foreign Minister etc are of higher education .If Sri Lankan leaders keep bragging about next few years of development, in par with Singapore .it is high time that our Administrators are given a higher education .If they do not pass they can be deprived of any pension or some perks .

Next amendment to the Constitution should carry a proposal that ticket to contest can only be given to people with higher education ,which means to people with a degree in any field including Criminology !

Dr Sarath Obeytsekera


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