Sil Redi verdict an indictment to Sri Lanka’s 1.4m Government Servants
Posted on September 8th, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

While one wrong does not make another wrong right, only those who have not & does not sin can cast the first stone. That leaves not many with a moral right to hold any stone! Those taking files certainly have soiled hands which have not been investigated to determine their own guilt. In legal parlance the unclean hands doctrine is also applicable. Nonetheless, the verdict has certainly shaken the 1.4million Public Sector. Today, everyone claims to be champions against corruption but how many of them are guilty themselves! The Public Sector, Government servants and in particular the civil servants need to now seriously address their role and future resolve. Yet, is there greater agendas behind the indictment given that by its own appeasing actions pressure is on the present government to prune the public sector while privatizing state assets leaving Sri Lanka with no hold over state resources in time to come.

It is without a doubt that the spine of the public servants and civil servants was broken during the reign of the UNP regime – judiciary was influenced and those that did not consent had their houses stoned, the culture of worshipping the politicians came into being turning the much respected public service into an appeasing bunch of secretaries and those that appeased more got the plum jobs.

Abuse of state property – media, vehicles, officials, offices for elections is nothing new and political influencing surged following 1978 where rigging/ballot box stuffing became a new feature alongside intimidation of candidates and even voters and not to mention the birth of the mafia and underworld gangs. All these evolved during the reign of the UNP and unpalatable as it is to accept it became the new norm of governance followed by all other parties as well. Every political party has been indulging in the very allegations that they charge others of. This resulted in a gradual decline of the state apparatus where previously astute officials like N Q Dias, M D R S S Gunawardena were found no more and in their place a bunch of ‘yes’ men evolved. The prestige of the public sector and civil servants had been degraded by the politicians and they need to get their respect back by earning that respect through a new policy of actions which all secretaries and public sector must now mutually consent to.

While it is agreed that no political party should abuse state property or influence state officials the fact that every political party in power does so, goes without question. In 2016 Anura Kumara Disanayake accused Kabir Hashim and Harin Fernando of renovating their official residence for a cost of Rs.600 lakhs each, plenty more renovated houses have been re-renovated because the spouse of the Minister did not like the colour of the walls or furniture! Luxury vehicles have been dished out to MPs do these not qualify as misappropriation of funds when the country is cash-strapped and debt ridden? However, Wimal Weerawanse ends up in jail for misuse of 40 state vehicles. When both UNP and SLFP rallies and conventions have seen state buses plying party supporters to their venues. While Nalaka Godahewa was also arrested and put into prison for financial fraud when the first bond scam took place in 2015 and before the COPE report was released Parliament was dissolved to prevent it from being tabled and that file is now missing! So where is the unbiased justice? We having Ministers raping forests, felling trees, creating ethno-ghettos, bringing narcotics into the country while the Minister associated with the Bond Scam who was forced to resign has landed himself a cabinet appointment & is presently functioning from Temple Trees doing rural development. So where does the buck stop? Is the norm and principle that only Opposition Members and their Secretaries are to be filed charges and sent to prison? That insider trading and bond scam has resulted in various ministers being dished out new homes, funding of wedding for ministers daughter, buying of electronic media and print outlets and many more irregularities all of which if put to investigation would end up taking years to complete with a heavy burden of expense on the State (tax payer).

A government that complained about cronyism and nepotism is today committing worse offences. The scale of irregularities and illegalities are too long to list but the manner that by gazette notifications bodies had been brought under the PM and the high handed manner governance is taking place should leave any to wonder what is this good governance the government is actually preaching. The Australian government is even investigating bribe scandals involving the highest in office. We have recently heard of the spouse of a cabinet minister signing 30 letters of appointment while the fact that Sri Lanka has become 95 in the corruption index where previously Sri Lanka was placed 83 in 2015 goes to show the present government is corrupt and that indirectly means that secretaries of ministries would also be held accountable for violations of state property and illegalities where they have placed their signature. This is extremely poignant for all public servants to take note of as the spoon of justice is often served unfairly. 

A minister pleaded guilty recently to 2 charges of corruption but was only fined Rs.2000. Another former deputy minister pleaded guilty for 3 acts of corruption and he too was fined Rs.3000. Mr. Weeratunga has got 3 years rigorous imprisonment and has to pay Rs.52million not for taking any money but for his signature! While the foreigner that indulged in insider-trading leading to 2 bond scams remains a free man still enjoying state privileges!

The verdict will mean state sector will now be mortally scared and petrified to sign any order by politicians knowing their own fate! Can a state run in this manner where public servants will now be working in fear?

On the logic of clean hands – whose hands are unsoiled to be casting the first stone? Politicians are not the only culprits of corruption. The bribe giver and bribe taker are both guilty. How many companies influence politicians for their benefit? How many lobbying groups also use a variety of similar influences? How many of those bragging about corruption don’t even pay their taxes? How many others undervalue their shipments to avoid paying taxes? The scale of the bribe does not matter – a bribe is a bribe. How many others are guilty of even giving a small handout just to get ahead of the queue, to pass a file in the municipality, to ‘donate’ to get one’s child to a school. Is there a country that no corruption exists?

However, we do need self-regulation and regulatory authorities that are tasked to be independent and by independence it does not mean that they should be from NGOs or funded by foreign governments for most of these representatives earning dollars and pounds are paid to disturb and destabilize the country. None of them have shown themselves to be squeaky clean either. Public sector, private sector, media and even NGOs are all guilty of some malpractice or the other. Can they be then pointing fingers?

Retributive justice would mean going back in time to unearth all the dirty garbage. If relevant to the state apparatus it would mean who signed papers that gave arms to the LTTE, how many others have benefitted by LTTE money, who signed approvals for treacherous agreements and MOUs that placed a terrorist group on par with a national army thereby giving legitimacy to a non-state actor. Who signed approval papers that enabled LTTE to get sophisticated telecommunication equipment and even vehicles for which the GOSL had paid Customs duty, surcharge, and excise duty, PAL, VAT & BTT? Will all these secretaries end up in prison too?

How much can a country spend on eliminating corruption. Do we have the resources and money to spend and more importantly let’s not forget that the government now in power is a result of a regime change! Today, more statements on the internal affairs of Sri Lanka are being issued by the US envoy than from the country’s leaders. It is in this context that the speech delivered by Ms. Tamara Kunanayagam is poignant and food for thought for all. and this must be read in context with this article USAID invasion of civil society in Sri Lanka. Preaching democracy and promoting anticorruption looks to be part of a bigger gameplan meant to obviously get rid off and replace with stooges into every important governance position and turn Sri Lanka into another South Korea or Philippines.  

However, no external entity can interfere or take over governance if the People are united and the People are able to read the writings on the wall.

As a starter the startled Public Sector must now determine its own future by refusing to succumb to any illegal instructions of any politician. The next problem arises in the reality that the politicians end up appointing their own family or friends into positions where through them the illegalities take place and mechanisms must be in place to report at least tabulate these irregularities. However, with the recent indictment it is very clear that while politicians will scratch their own backs for survival they will not come to the aid of any public servant who has been held accountable for follies committed by politicians.

It is a tragic reality that all public sector and secretaries in particular need to come to terms with. However, it cannot be ONLY two public officials who should take the fall as other secretaries still living have committed far greater treasonous sins using their signature and these need to be pursued and punished if unbiased justice is the name of the game.

Shenali D Waduge

18 Responses to “Sil Redi verdict an indictment to Sri Lanka’s 1.4m Government Servants”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    BURMA 2012, SRI LANKA 2020!

    This is how all the violence in Burma started straight out from the mosque!!

    Please share and inform people. Rohingya TERRORISTS are spreading lies.

    Tamils in the north are WISE. They will NEVER face this threat. “itha onda gaani” Singhalaya will pay for their COMPASSION very soon.

    My blood boils when I see this because I’m a TAMIL. I know it is NOT the case for COMPASSIONATE Singhalese. Call me a RACIST but this is the TRUTH. It is better to survive with the RACIST label than DIE IN GENERATIONS labelled a compassionate FOOL.

    Christians, Jews, Hindus, etc. can SURVIVE in SL ONLY as long as SL remains a BUDDHIST majority country. The day it becomes HINDU or MUSLIM controlled, all others will have to LEAVE or go to HELL. This is the bitter truth.


  2. Lorenzo Says:

    IF DONATING “sil” clothes from PUBLIC FUNDS is a meritorious act, I want to strip a CTB bus, sell its parts and donate all that money to buy “sil” clothes.

    My understanding of Buddhism has been seriously challenged!! I need to learn more.

    I will also ROB $1,000,000 from HOUSEMAIDS and donate to PALESTINE.

    VATICAN, JEWISH WAILING WALL and THIRUPATHY will also get donations.

    I will be in heaven. SL will be in hell.

    (MEANWHILE Sira’s brother is also robbing TELECOM.)

  3. Senerath Says:

    They have carried out MR’s orders. They have told the commision so, yet how come they should go to jail ? Which man on this earth is not scared for their life ?

  4. Nimal Says:

    Our politicians seem to get into politics just to make money but not to serve the people and country.They should all be investigated brought to justice and money stolen recovered.They get convicted and spend time in hospitals not in Jail.This should be investigated.

  5. Christie Says:

    “However, no external entity can interfere or take over governance if the People are united and the People are able to read the writings on the wall. ”

    Yes the “people” are united. The problem is it is not the majority. The majority is divided and the Indian Colonial Parasite minority is united. They run the country,

    Look at this case. Sinhala Buddhists are the majority and the money in question is spent on providing clothing for a Buddhist religious purpose.

    The Hinduthwa does not like it.

    This is the first steps in getting administrators (public servants). Take my word Gota was a Public servant that India hates.

  6. Christie Says:

    “However, no external entity can interfere or take over governance if the People are united and the People are able to read the writings on the wall. ”

    Yes the “people” are united. The problem is it is not the majority. The majority is divided and the Indian Colonial Parasite minority is united. They run the country,

    Look at this case. Sinhala Buddhists are the majority and the money in question is spent on providing clothing for a Buddhist religious purpose.

    The Hinduthwa does not like it.

    This is the first steps in getting administrators (public servants).

    Take my word Gota was a Public servant that India hates.

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    It is not surprising to see these things when traitor catholic-run UNPatriotic party ruling Sri lanka. Grade 8 gama
    rala the maru sira has no say while the anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lankan traitor catholic run UNPatriotic party on the rampage to deliver every blow to decimate Buddhism from Sri Lanka. Of course, giving sil redi is a major crime in their eyes! It can promote Buddhism and it can not be allowed under any circumstances! Buddhist Sri Lanka? On paper of course! These traitors are trying to destroy the only true religion, Buddhism, in the world.
    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution destroyed the creator god myth. But people still follow this never seen
    only heard of god. These god based religions don’t regard sins as sins, since lying, thieving, killing etc. etc.
    are accepted as sins by all the honest people! If those aren’t sins, then they are religions of conveniences or what?
    You do the maths! Only honest guys please.

    Today Sri Lanka is ruled by the biggest traitor ever die hard catholic token Buddhist Baygal Karaya, Mega Thief
    Batalande Wadakaya Pol Pot R@nil WickramaSinhalakiller. Being the champion of the C brigade he gets away
    with murder every time. Serial killer of Sinhalese, Mega Thief (Rs 5585 billion with his catholic buddy maha
    horandran still commissions only. Files going to disappear before long, Mega Thief cleared just like the Batalande
    Commission! Simply put, the traitor cancer is above the law in Sinhala modayas’ paradise! So the C brigade knows this is the best time to deliver the killer blow!

    During jaathihdhrohee vemins party aka jvp insurgency, Batalande Wadakaya and his catholic police top brass
    got rid of 60,000+ Sinhalese while catholic tigers of tamil drealam were encouraged to carve out a separate
    country for them! Even gave half the country to his catholic buddy hitler mala paharan. Even their defence sec.
    tinass fdo went to see his catholic buddy ‘foreign minister’ tamilsellan with apples and grapes. Under traitor catholic
    run UNPatriotic party Buddhist jvpers burnt in tyres. 60,000+ gone. A Sinhalese cull!

    Contrast this with the catholic tigers of tamil drealam. They were given half the
    country by traitor cancer Batalande Wadakaya Pol Pot R@nil WickramaSinhalakiller. He even sent millennium
    city intelligent officers to the catholic tigers of tamil drealam bullet to expedite the cause. Meanwhile the traitor
    cancer UNPatriotic party kept sacrificing, mainly Sinhalese, army, navy, air force, police+ civilians saying the
    terrorists were too strong. Got rid of 100,000+ Sinhalese! Another Sinhalese cull! Catholic tigers killed pilgrims at
    Sri Maha Bodhi and Sri Dalada Maligawa, Aranthalawa Bikku massacre, still no action. Wonder why? Any clues
    Sinhala modayas?

    Thanks to MR Sri Lanka is still in one piece. Now catholic west wants to punish him for stopping
    the creation of a catholic country by using its cat’s paw UNHCR. The traitor cancer UNPatriotics want to break
    it up to please the catholic west before the end of this parilament. Crafty cancer Batalande Wadakaya is hell bent on
    getting the job done. Meanwhile a lot of traitor Sinhala modayas low lives still support this anti Buddhist, anti
    Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka catholic run UNPatriotic party! Grade 8 graduate traitor maru sira you are a curse on
    Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism to turn a blind eye while destruction of Buddhism, Sinhalese race and
    Sri Lanka going at break neck speed. Beg on the street is more noble than being a puppet on this YAMA PAALANYA!
    YOU GOING TO BE NOTED AS THE WORST EVER SINHALESE BORN! There is only one worst than you. That’s
    Batalande Wadakaya. But you still will be the record holder since Wadakaya (a portugues!) isn’t Sinhalese.

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Mega Thief Bay Gal Karaya Wolf in Sheep’s clothing Batalande
    Wadakaya Pol Pot R@nil WickramaSinhalakiller’s anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lankan ‘Colourful
    Treacheries CV’. Some traitor Sinhala modayas low lives still support the serial killer (Sinhalese Buddhists
    only please)!

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sil redi from public funds is pretty innocent compared with Ranil led UNP leading the Yahap program to ‘CRASH & SELL” the country through TWO Central Bank SCAMS !!!

    All the ongoing Nadagang & Harrassment from Yahap against lead members of the previous govt & War Heroes are mainly a cover up for the TWO MASSIVE CENTRAL BANK SCAMS !

    How low can Yahap go on, guided by UNPATRIOTIC persons who appear to obey crazy commands from outside ?
    Lead previous govt PATRIOTS are being harrassed – why ? for defending the Country against Terrorism, against all odds ?

    Is this to justify the New Constitution which will ensure the division of Sri Lanka ?
    Is this done to DISTRACT the masses to push through the New Constitution ?
    Is this Democracy ? NO !

    All PATRIOTS must keep their FOCUS on the push through attempted on the New Constitution and STOP IT before Sri Lanka is divided forever.

    The FOCUS must be on STOPPING the push through of the New Constitution, not innocent sil redi distribution.
    In any case, most Dayakayas want to RETURN the sil redi to save the two lead members of the previous govt.

    How low can Yahap govt go …. chee !

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thank you very much for this article, Shenali.
    Thank you for bringing our attention to events that matter.


    Actually, distributing Sil Redi is not a bad idea at all. Such an act was done to encourage the rural Buddhists to do some Meditation, which is a great thing to do. Perhaps it was also to say a small “Thank You” to the rural folk for greatly helping Lanka in her hour of need re the war, and their untold patience and goodwill during the long scourge of LTTE terrorism.

    Perhaps the next time a Lanka PATRIOTIC GOVT wants to distribute Sil Redi, it ought to be done through the Ministry for the Buddha Sasana.

    It is time to acknowledge RURAL SRI LANKA and bring them forward in every way and out of the shadows of the past.

  11. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    PRIMING MINI STAIRE IMPORTS A BRIGANDIER SING A POOREAN TO ROB ROB ROBSON THE CENTRAAL BANK. THE PRESIDING DENT TURNS HIK MEEYA“`hik hik hik, Allows his brother to rob telecomic~~~hik hik hik. THE ata nathi Generaal also turns Hik Meeya~~hik huk hik. All these buckers are walking in the moonlight. WHAAT A GUD GUVERNANSE ? HIK HIK HIK. WE ARE ARL GOING MAAD.

  12. Senerath Says:

    Now in a temple somewhere MR is saying as a Lion he is the one gave orders. He could have become the No1. witness for the accused and save them. I am sure he can do this at the appeal hearing even now. Tow innocent people will have to saty in the hospital until then.
    He says “sil Redi distribution” is a part of the constitutional protection to Buddhism and planned in 2014 and not a Chanda Gundu. Court will decide whether it is right. How about the huge bill to be paid for hiring CTB busses ? Is that also protecting Buddhism ?

  13. Cerberus Says:

    Dear Shenali,
    Thank you for defending a very Honorable gentleman like Mr. Lalith Weeratunge. He is one of the very few found in Sri Lanka today, who did their duty honorably and with decency. People like Ranil are not fit to even wipe the feet of the likes of Mr. Lalith Weeratunge. President Mahinda Rajapaksa has already made a statement that it was he who gave the order to distribute Sil Redi thereby absolving Mr. Weeratunge of the action he has been charged for. This is a great credit to President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The miserable coward Ranil will not come forward to defend Arjun Mahendran even though it was Ranil who brought him into the country and appointed him as Governor of Central Bank and supposedly got him to commit the grievous crime of the massive bond scam. It is high time someone investigated Ranil’s crimes committed against the country. Please see attached.

  14. Dilrook Says:

    There is a huge difference in Mahinda accepting that he gave orders in a court room and outside. Why didn’t he say that during the court case and save them? Outside the court, this (or any crime) can be turned into an act of heroism to a limited gallery.

    I’m afraid this will be the result of a war crimes trial as well. He will say he gave the orders outside the court but the opposite inside the court. War heroes must learn from this case and guard themselves. As can be seen, each man for himself inside the trial room. What happens outside is of no relevance.

    The best Mahinda can do is not to worsen the situation and promise to punish all crooks of this regime who have robbed far more money from public coffers.

    The argument that most of the 600 million went to people makes no sense. Most of the bond fraud money went to Bank of Ceylon as repayment for the loan obtained to buy bonds. Does that reduce the fraud in anyway?

    Rs. 600 million (over $4 million) would have bought ‘sil redi’ (and a blue wall clock with the face of a politician) for at least 500,000 voters and that is 500,000 more ‘grateful’ votes. If not, Mahinda’s votes would have been 5.3 million (44%)instead of 5.8 million. Sirisena would have won 6.7 million votes (55%) instead of 6.2 million.

  15. Cerberus Says:

    I am not sure of the details. However, to my simple mind, it appears the judges knew that Mr. Weeratunge was acting on orders. So why did they not call President Mahinda Rajapaksa to make a statement or give evidence? I am sure if so MR would have said that he gave the order which would have been the end of the matter. Also why such a huge fine. Are they going to impose a similar fine on Arjun Mahendran and Arjun Aloysius in proportion to the amount stolen in which case they would have to pay a staggering fine?

  16. Senerath Says:

    Dilrook’s estimate is highly theoritical. People are not fools to vote after recieving Sil Redi. They would have taken it and voted to the opposite candidate. Unconditionally ‘grateful’ people may be fools but people are ‘grateful’ for those who lost life making the country safe not for recieving a SIL REDDA plus the clock face.

  17. Dilrook Says:

    There is no “knowing” by judges in a court of law. All must be presented in evidence by both parties. Judgement must be solely based on presented evidence not on the opinion of judges. Lalith and Anusha took on the responsibility themselves. If they had told in court that Mahnda ordered them to do so, Mahinda would be in prison hospital today. There are limits of presidential immunity.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    If there are high monetary penalities for Sil Redi distributors, then there ought to be propotional fines imposed on those people who gave Muslim women free headcovers at govt cost, and also those who in the Yahap govt put up a Very Expensive Tallest X’mas Tree on Galle Face Green last X’mas – that would be just and fair under the Law then, isn’t it ?

    I am sure there are an endless number of smaller Santhosams given by numerous govts then and now – then all must be imposed fines for such past ‘crimes’ ??

    We think Sil Redi distribution is a good idea – should be made legal with an Amendment to the existing Constitution to encourage people to take to Meditation, which is a proven way to good mental & physical health, in addition to leading to Self Realisation/God Realisation, which is what we are born to do ?

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