We thank that birds have small brains…….Lesson to humans and rulers …….
Posted on September 21st, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

Analogue is as follows.

Either this bird was a reincarnation of an human who had done much sins and at the death bed last thought came into his mind may have been the reason why he was re born as a bird .


I am compelled to quote Dharmasoka

Concern for animals is attested back to the beginnings of Buddhist history. The first Buddhist monarch of India, Ashoka, includes in his Edicts an expression of concern for the number of animals that had been killed for his meals, and expresses an intention to put an end to this killing. He also includes animals with humans as the beneficiaries of his programs for obtaining medicinal plants, planting trees and digging wells. In his fifth Pillar Edict, Ashoka decrees the protection of a large number of animals that were not in common use as livestock; protects from slaughter young animals and mother animals still milking their young; protects forests from being burned, expressly to protect the animals living in them; and bans a number of other practices hurtful to animals. In this Ashoka was carrying out the advice to the Cakravartin king given in the Cakkavattisīhanāda-sutta (DN.26) that a good king should extend his protection not merely to different classes of people equally, but also to beasts and birds.”

One Saudi visitor who was travelling with me noted crows all over the country ,and asked me why we do not annihilate them like in Saudi Arabia .They ordered the citizens to kill all crows either by poisoning or by shooting .In Maldives they killed all the birds one time as their droppings was making rain water un usable .

What we should not do as humans is stop killing

This crow shown in the video may have been a intelligent Saudi who killed many crows ?

That concludes that many Mulsims who slaughter goats may be reborn as goats?

Dr Sarath Obeysekera

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