Sri Lanka probes ‘longest saree’ wedding for using child labour
Posted on September 22nd, 2017

ASri Lankan couple is under investigation for deploying hundreds of school children to carry the train of the bride’s saree during a wedding ceremony, authorities said Friday.

About 250 students of a state-owned school carried the train of the two-mile long saree worn by the bride as she and the groom walked down a main road in the central district of Kandy on Thursday, local media reported.

Another 100 students served as flower girls at the wedding.

The students were from a school named after Central Province Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayaka who was a special guest at the wedding, according to media reports, which said the saree was the longest ever worn by a bride in Sri Lanka.

The National Child Protection Authority (NCPA) said it was probing the incident. “We have started an investigation,” NCPA Chairman Marini de Livera said.

“We are going all out because we don’t want this to become a trend.”

De Livera said deploying students for such ceremonies during school hours was against the law, with violators facing up to 10 years in prison.

“What they (the wedding party) did is a violation of child rights,” de Livera said. “Depriving children of education, risking their security and harming their dignity are criminal offences.”

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  1. Nimal Says:

    I am angry that our friend the CM had organized this.What a waste and it blocked the road from kandy to Colombo where we had a further delay with a business appointment.
    No body seems to care about us the taxpayers and we are desperate to survive and today our rubbish collector want a bribe to take the rubbish and the country is now beyond repair and yesterday my foreign born wife’s joint NRFC was nor reneived as they have asked for absurd documents which we can’t provide in a short time and every year our funds are taken away by the government as we are not in the country to do any transactions and they ignore the fact that these accounts were created by people living abroad and they are in the government is trying to steal our money from the NRFC.
    I want to hand over my investments to my son but stupid rules are preventing it,almost impossible to meet their absurd requirements.This goes for building homes or businesses in Kandy with absurd regulations for likes of us but the politicians and their cronies have no such restriction and the people are fed up with the politicians who don’t seem to care.Two months in the country can’t get an appointment to meet our local MP as his his interest is elsewhere but not on the constituents who put him there.People are so fed up they want to get elect an MP that doesn’t belong to a party and who will fight the corruption of the politicians,which ever party they are from.we need another 1815 to save our country from our selves and the crooks.We will appeal for foreign help and our ancestors in 1815 is right and looks like history is repeating it self and this so in every third world country.If you don’t publish this then good bye to you all…

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