CIABOC moved against PM, Speaker, AG et al over putting off PC polls
Posted on October 4th, 2017

Courtesy The Island

Close on the heels of former Chief Justice Sarath Nanda Silva moving Supreme Court against yahapalana government causing the postponement of Provincial Council elections by the recent passage of the Provincial Councils Elections (Amendment) Act, attorney-at-law Nagananda Kodituwakku has complained to the Bribery and Corruption Commission against the Attorney General, Speaker, Prime Minister, Provincial Councils and Local Government Minister and those who had voted for that particular Bill.

Kodituwakku has handed over the complaint to the Secretary to the Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery or Corruption (CIABOC) yesterday.

The public litigation activist said that in accordance with Section 4 of the CIABOC Act No 19 of 1994, the independent commission was duty-bound to inquire into the accusation. Kodituwakku said so when The Island inquired about the rationale behind charging members of parliament and Attorney General at the CIABOC in respect of a political decision.

The process adopted by those who had suspended the elections clearly undermined the authority of the judiciary, violated the rule of law thereby fell within the offence of corruption as defined in the Section 70 of the Bribery Act, Koditiwakku said.

The lawyer lambasted so called genuine Opposition in the parliament for not really pursuing the matter. Kodituwakku called celebration of 70 years of parliamentary democracy a joke in a country where elections weren’t held since the change of government in January 2015.

In an affidavit, submitted to the CIABOC, Kodituwakku has explained the circumstances under which Speaker Karu Jayasuriya allowed government members to manipulate the entire process to achieve political objectives of the ruling coalition. Their objective was to put off PC polls as they were fearful of facing the electorate for obvious reasons, Kodituwakku told The Island (SF)

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