Three branches of govt. should coexist to achieve prosperity – Prez – By Saman Indrajith The Island
Posted on October 4th, 2017

Dr Sarath Obeysekera 

October 3, 2017, 11:11 pm

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday said that in order to achieve prosperity and development there should be no conflicts among the three main branches of governance the executive, legislature and judiciary.


Statement made above by HE The President needs an amendment ,Thre tree of government should surely have three branches with leaves representing  the Lawmakers representing Ligsilature ,President and his team representing Executive. And Judges and State Law enforcement representing Judiciary .

Government to last long sustainable years require a good foundation .representing the roots of democracy by Good Governance .

In today’s context the branch of Judiciary is dying due the inability to maintain law and order due to corruption and in efficiency and bureaucracy. Legislature does not perform due to non-cooperation of the members to take country forward as some of the ruling and opposition party members act with self interest .Executive is not effective citing need to maintain democracy and allowing some sections of the society to behave to rabid dogs .

The root -Good governance – seems ailing and failing .Stories we hear daily indicates that corruption is rampant ,an transparency is getting oblique .State apparatchik  is inefficient and non caring due to fear of being persecution .Development project are stalling and getting more and more expensive due to delays .

If we need to achieve prosperity, we need to provide fertiliser to the root-good governance by opening up a dialogue among all parties and discuss and agree how to take the country forward considering the plights of all sectors of the society .

Today Executive is unable to perform because of fear of making some decisions in changing some bureaucratic laws with the help of legislature ,with blessing s from Judiciary .Everyday we hear some parties and individuals initiating court action against any action proposed by the Legislature and the Executive .

Only solution we have is to prop the Executive using the powers vested and issue executive decrees pertaining to changes and development project which are needed to develop the country .

What I mean is in addition to strong roots ,we need a Benevolent Dictator .

Dr Sarath Obeysekera


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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    We DON’T NEED a NEW CONSTITUTION crafted by TRAITORS, SEPARATIST MINORITIES and Westerners plying their Global Geopolitics of Containing China!

    We NEED a PATRIOTIC GOVERNMENT that will REPEAL the 13th Amendment, DISSOLVE the unnecessarily ONEROUS REDUNDANT GOVERNMENTAL BAGGAGE of the Provincials Councils!

    The EXECUTIVE Presidential form of Government should be RETAINED, and the post of PRIME MINISTER should be ELIMINATED. This would ENSURE that Sri Lanka CONTINUES to have the MOST STABLE FORM of GOVERNMENT to DEFEND, PRESERVE and DEVELOP it.

    The 19th Amendment limiting the number of Presidential Terms should be REPEALED! Let the PEOPLE decide through Presidential Elections every 5 years, whether they want to keep their President or replace him with another candidate!

    There are SIMPLY TOO MANY DESHAPALUAS at National and Palath Sabha Levels on the Government DOLE harrassing and burdening the people!

    Therefore, ELIMINATE & REPLACE the Provincial Councils with DISTRICTS administered by DISTRICT GOVERNORS appointed by the National Government. The SMALLER DISTRICTS will pose LESS of a threat to the National Government than the current SEPARATISM-PRONE Provinces. DECLARE it ILLEGAL to set up ETHNIC COMMUNITIES that exclude and prevent the free settlement of people of ALL COMMUNITIES throut the country.

    We don’t need OTHER LAYERS of ELECTED GOVERNMENT in ADDITION to the National Parliament in our TINY Nation.


    CREATE a second chamber of the Parliament called the SENATE, with ONE SENATOR ELECTED from EACH DISTRICT! This will give more representation to less populated Districts than MPs elected to the House of Commons allows.

    DECLARE Buddhism to be the National Religion, with freedom of worship guaranteed to all CITIZENS.

    DECLARE Sinhala to be the ONLY OFFICIAL & COMPULSORY LANGUAGE, with administrative use of Tamil throughout the country. DECLARE English to be a COMPULSORY INTERNATIONAL Link LANGUAGE!

    DEVELOP ONE LAW for marriage between ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN. OUTLAW all other forms of marriage.

    DECLARE appealing to and collaborating with FOREIGN Nations and Organizations to interfere in the governance of the country and to invade and overturn its elected legitimate government to be TREASON Punishable COMPULSORILY by DEATH.

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