Posted on October 18th, 2017


Muhammad Shabbir was once an innocent common man. He unfortunately became a tool in the hands of the RAW and is now counting down his remaining days of life as he has been ‘awarded’ death penalty by the honorable Session Court and by the Qazi Court of Mirpur Azad Jammu Kashmir. He was not a criminal by birth but the RAW pushed him to a world of no-return.

This RAW agent is an Indian national and belongs to Sakan Topo, Tehsil Maindar District Poonch of Indian Occupied Kashmir. Somewhere in 1987 he got an opportunity of sneaking into Azad Jammu Kashmir after crossing the Line of Control. With the help of his facilitators in the IOK he became a frequent boarder crosser. During this activity, he started doing some business of fruits and vegetables also.

One day an officer of the Indian Border Security force caught him red-handed while crossing the border. He was taken to a police station where he was threatened that he would be stamped as an agent of Pakistan’s Intelligence Agencies if he did not promise to work for the Indian intelligence agencies in IOK. To save his life and the life of his family and no doubt for the expected perks and privileges, he agreed to work with them.

The first assignment given to him was to carry out a bomb blast in Islamgarh; a town near Mirpur 140km south of state capital Muzaffarabad. On 17 Dec 1999 he succeeded in fixing a bomb in a passenger-filled bus ready to leave from Islamgarh. Nine innocent passengers died on the spot and more than thirty got seriously injured.

As a result of a very quick and rapid action of the law-enforcement agencies, he was arrested a few hours after the tragic incident from Islamgarh. After thorough investigations, a case was registered against him and the matter was sent to the court for further action. Since Mohammad Shabbir was an Indian involved in anti-Pakistan terrorist activities and there were chances that India would exploit his case to malign and disrepute Pakistan, he was provided all possible legal assistance and support by the government but he could not prove him innocent.

In short under 337-A/1 to 6, 3/EXPA, 302/427 AND 324/APC he was awarded death sentence. His appeal is pending in Supreme Court/ Shriat Court AJK Mirpur Bench since 2015. During all this period, no one from the Indian side came forward to help him out but after the arrest of the Indian Intelligence Officer Kalboshan Jhadev, and after getting a temporary green signal from the International Court of Justice, the issue of Mohammad Shabbir also started coming to surface.

According to different news sources, India has recently asked for its consular access to Mohammad Shabbir. God knows better how this demand would be treated by Pakistan but as far as moral values and our own national interests are concerned, a terrorist involved in murder of 09 innocent passengers does not deserve any sympathy or kindness.

Kindness with spies, courtesy with murderers and gentleness with terrorists simply opens new doors of courage and support for more spies, more murderers and more terrorists.

Unfortunately we had been very kind on another Indian spy too in the past; Kashmir Singh. He was released from jail by the government of Pakistan and sent back to India just to convey a gesture of friendliness and cordiality but the government of India gave no importance and value to this gesture.

Moreover when release of Kashmir Singh was under process, Kashmir Singh started telling the world media that Pakistani authorities had been very kind on him during all his jail-years but as he crossed the boundary and stepped into the Indian land, he started barking against Pakistan.

Learning a lesson from it, Pakistan showed no softness in case of Kalboshan Jhadev; same must be the behavior now in case of Mohammad Shabbir.

Sometimes to save the diplomatic relationship even with the countries hostile to Pakistan and sometimes to convey a soft image of our country to the world around we had been very kind and forgiving in our approach towards the disguised terrorists but now we will have to be very much clear and strict.

By showering kindness on terrorists and by treating killers and murderers as human beings we stand in the queue of sinners. Be it the Indian Naval Commander Kalboshan Jhadev or the agent of RAW Mohammad Shabbir; we must not shower any kindness on any terrorist.

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