The Treacherous Conspiracy facing Sri Lanka – Part VII
Posted on October 28th, 2017

By : A.A.M.NIZAM – MATARA                     

It has become very clear that the separatist Tamils who coud not manipulate the constitutions of Madam Sirivo Bandaranaike (1972) and J.R,Jayawaedene (1978) have got the best ever opportunity to manipulate the formulation of the proposed constitution through this Tamil slavish government with the backing and coercion of the western powers, hegemonic India and rhe Tamil diaspora.  The government seems to be totally unmoved by the mounting opposition to the constitution by the Maha Sangha, religious leaders, professionals, academics, artistes and the patriotic masses. Although it is surprising to note that many foul mouthed loquacious (original or conveniently turned) UNPers in the government including Rajitha, Pacha Ranawaka Kabir Hahim,Etc, keep silent on making comments in favour or to defend this despicable constitution it seems that the party has restricted to speak about it only to a few individuals including the accidently born Sinhala Ranil Wickremasinghe. Jayampathi and Mangala clan.

Under these circumstances many organizations have emerged determined to obstruct and defeat the constitution formulating process.  Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa’s Eliya” is one such organization.  Mr. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has said that the Eliya’s mission is to gather patriotic forces and national organizations to educate people about the danger of allowing a new Constitution to be introduced by the present rulers. He has said that after defeating 30 years of terrorism that scourged our country, we cannot allow our victory to be betrayed through the Constitution or Parliament, and that’s why, the members of the Maha Sangha, academics and professionals from numerous fields decided to organize the  Eliya movement to educate the public the danger of the proposed constitution. He has said that Eliya is an organization determined to do everything necessary to prevent this move for a new Constitution.

The former Defence Secretary has pointed out that it is the same international organizations and foreign governments who opposed the military efforts against terrorism that are trying to bring in a new Constitution aiming to meet the needs of the Tamil separatist politicians.

Ven. Medagoda Abhayatissa, Ven. Induragare Dhammaratana, Fr. Vimal Tirimanna, Tamara Kunanyakam, Dr. Prasanna Gunasena, Dr. Seetha Arambepola, Rear Admiral Dr. Sarath Weerasekera, Major General Kamal Gunaratne, President’s Counsel Manohara de Silva, Attorney-at-law Rushdhie Habeeb, Ajith Nivard Cabraal, C.A. Chandraprema, Sriyantha Mendis and Neela Wickremasinghe were among the mix of professionals, academics and artistes who attended the launch of this vital national movement.

The Eliya movement without confining to holding its seminars to Cilombo should hold regular seminars in outstations to muster the outstation people to get into the streets and hold protest demonstratins against the proposed constitutions.

Similar to the opposition of the Maha Sangha outlined in Part V of this Article series, Parliametarians in the joint opposition have also expressed their firm opposition to this loathsome and unwanted constitutional process.

The lader of the National Freedom Front Parliamentarian Wimal Weerawansa in one of his numerous anti Constituition speeches said that we should face the first encounter against this despicable constitution.  That is not to allow it to go for a referendum and defeat it in the Parlament itself.  He said that all effots should be made to deny it a 2/3 majority in the Parliament.  He ponted out that as a first step of this move a people’s uprising or people’s resentment should be created throughout the country to force those who contested elections under the symbol of the Betel Leaf and entered Parliament by winnng or through the illegal National List and chewing bones at the UNP kitchen to vote against the constitution.  He said that this is the central struggle facing the people of the country today. He said that the atmosphere should be created for making it impossible for these Parliamentarians to go to their eelectorates if they do not join the people’s uprising against the proposed constitution. He also called upon the student community to take up this struggle into their hands and pointed out that if the separatists win this struggle they will dig the graves of the free education and there will be 8 separate educational systems under each 8 federal administrations.  He said that the uniform educational system will be buried for ever.

In another discurse Mr. Weerswansa also stated that if the Parliament approves the Constitution by a two-thirds majority leading to the division of the country regardless of the mounting opposition throught the country there is no need for this moribund parliament and it should be bombed from the air.  The constitution merchants and NGO vultures who want somehow to get the new constitution approved have expressed stern opposition to this statement making Mr. Weerawansa as a punching bag to vent their eternal ideological resentment against him while many erudite personalities including Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero and some SLFP Ministers in the government have concurred with his statement and have said that the statement should not be taken on its superficial meaning but on the fact of Parliament becoming obsolete even in respect of matters affecting the very existence of this country.

The veteran journalist Dr. Tilak S.Fernando in his latest article, Ceylon today of 28th October, which is relevnt to the above rreferenced subject points out that politics in  Sri Lanka  at present has stooped to gutter level with corruption spearheading like a contagious disease while many Sri Lankan politicians entered the political arena in the past out of sheer patriotism and the yearning to work for the people besides, many of them were icons of wealthy families who died after spending all their fortunes in trying to serve the country. He says that most present-day Parliamentarians tend to display a certain amount of vulgarity and they arrive at the Diyawannawa camp, ‘purely to enjoy the subsidized, sumptuous ‘Parliamentary canteen meal’, some are seen falling asleep in their chairs while debates are in progress and some do not bother to attend, even after receiving a payment of Rs.100,000 as a special allowance.  He asks whether the government politicians take the intelligent voters to be utter nincompoops?

Another stern critique of this obnoxious constitution is Attorney at Law Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila who has in many of his discourses explained the imminent dangers of the new constitution in simple legal terms capable of understanding even by an ordinary person. He says that at the very beginning of the steering committee report it starts with a lie similar to the adage Eaten by the devil while offering worships” (Pudanakotama Kaapi Yaka) by saying in the very first page of the steering committee report it says the word ‘Unitary Staate’ is not suitable for use in the case of Sri Lanka. The reason givem is that the Northern Ireland and Scotland have conditions at present to separate from the United Kingdom.  This is a malicious lie.

He explains that the Unitary Status of the Unitted Kingdom is more powerful than the Unitary Status of Sri Lanka.  In Sri Lanka, he points out that a 2/3 majority in the parliament is required to remove the powers of the Provincial Councils and to annul the Provincial Councils.  In the United Kingdom this can be done by a simple majority in the Parliament and with a simple majority it could not only rrevise any legislation approved by the Irish Parliament but also can completely abolish the Irish Parliament. It is because there is a strong Unitary State in the United Kingdom this government is trying to remove the phrase Unitary Status.  The reason is that if it remains a Unitary State it will become a hindrance to their Federal Conspiracy.  Therefore they have removed the phrase Unitary Status by uttering a blatant lie in the very first page of the proposals.  They have dephrased the Unitary Status.  Not only the Supreme Courts of Englad, India and Australia but even in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka cases are heard in the English language. Therefore in all these places verdicts of court cases have been based on the phrase Unitary Status.  There is no history for the term Unitary Status. When the 1972 consitution draft was being translated into Sinhala from English the phrase ‘Aekeeya Raajya’ was used first.  The meaning of the ‘Aekeeya Raajya’ is one country.  When you say a ‘federal state’ it means several governments in a single country.  Therefore the use of ‘Unitary State’ is more important for us than the phrase ‘Aekeeya Raajya’. The Sinhala meaning of the Unitary State is one country and not one governmet.  Jayampathi Wickremaratne told in a TV debate rrecently that the Tamil word Ottraiarchchi” was removed because it means one governmet and since it does not tally with the word ‘Aekeeya Raajya’. The proposals have scrupulously used the Tamil word Orumitta Naadu” with federal mening when there is the best meaning for the Unitary Status Ottraiarchchi” is available.

In another discourse Mr. Gammanpia states the Mahanayake Thero of the Malwatte Chapter has said that because he reposes trust on the President and the Prime Minister there will be no harm for Buddhism from the new constitution.  He points out that the Mahanayake Theros assertin is contradictory to the teachings of the Lord Buddha.  He points that in the Kaalaama Sutra” Lord Buddha has taught don’t believe simply because something is said by your father or mother, don’t believe in something just because it is taught to you by your teachers, even don’t believe in something just because it is said by me, the Buddha. Believe in anything only after properly analysing it and realising the reality”.  He said that if the Lord Buddha is alive today he would have certainly changed the Kaalaama Sutra” inserting the phrase don’t believe just because it is said by the President and Prime Minister and analyze it” From whom the President is asking whether the constitution is harmful to Buddhism or not? It is from Jayampathi Wickremaratne who is an agnostic and who firmly believes that religion should be separated from the government.  It is something placing cats to safeguard the milk.  He said that he requests Mr. Jayampathi to read the explanation given by Dr. Clvin Silva in formulating the 1972 constitution, why Buddhism should be given the prominent place.

Also presented in this article are views expressed by the prominent Buddhist mnk Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thero as to why the MPs shouldn’t support the steering committee report.

Ven, Elle Gunawansa Thero

Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thera asked the government not to deceive the people with regard to the Steering Committee report and urged the MPs to avoid supporting it when presented in Parliament. The Ven. Thero addressing a media conference organised by the ‘Yuthukama’ Forum said that MPs especially those from the two factions of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) should not support the interim report.

He said that by all means, the MPs can keep the vehicles and all privileges they enjoy but should not support this enormouss sin. He warned that he will visit constituencies represented by these MPs and make the people aware of the dangers if this report is approved.

The Ven. Thero said that he has no faith in any political party and said politics had dragged the country to an abyss and it was clergy and the laity who were maintaining this country.

He said neither the Prime Minister nor anyone else has the right to question the statement made by the Karaka Sangha Sabha.

With regard to the proposal to abolish the executive presidency, the Ven. Thero said the 13th Amendment forcibly imposed to the Constitution should be abolished before pruning the powers of the presidency.

As it has been urged by the Ven.Thero for the MPs not to support the envisaged constitution, people throught the country should make every effort to prevent or forcibly obstruct or even abduct their relevant MPs and thereby prevent them gointg to vote for the constitution. The security personnel detailed for MPs should assist in this measuee as it is a crucal turning point for the future of this country.  It can also be expected that the bias Speaker of Parliament will make every effort to delay the voting untl the arrival of the MPs as he did in respect of the Provincial Council Amendment Bill voting.

(To be continued)

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  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    USS Nimitz, arguably the world’s most powerful Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier, leading an immensely strong battle-group with a strong contingent of US Marines, attack and troop-carrying helicopters on board, is STANDING OFFSHORE Colombo Port, Sri Lanka …. even as I write this comment …. and WILL BE HERE during the DEBATE and VOTE in Parliament on the NEW TRAITORS CONSTITUTION!

    The last time a Western Carrier group visited Sri Lanka was DECADES ago!

    Why NOW, and Why when a Bill crafted by and Supported by the USA is being DEBATED in Parliament?? This DOES NOT SEEM like a COINCIDENCE!


    Is this a PLANNED PLOT by the Yamapalanaya TRAITORS in COLLUSION with a Foreign Country to FORCE the NEW TRAITORS CONSTITUTION down Sri Lanka’s THROAT?? Is this ANOTHER CHILLING ASPECT of the Yamapalana TREACHERY to DEPRIVE the Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka the RIGHT TO DEMONSTRATE & PROTEST to the MAXIMUM on the eve of HIGH TREASON?

    Be WARNED Patriots of Sri Lanka!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    Should Sinhala Buddhists stage MASS DEMONSTRATIONS against the NEW TRAITORS CONSTITUTION, BEFORE it is DEBATED, or AFTER if it is APPROVED by a 2/3 VOTE in Parliament, the Yamapalanaya MAY NOT BE CONFIDENT of the support of the Police Force and the Armed Forces, largely manned by Sinhala Buddhists to ACT AGAINST Sinhala Buddhists!

    In such an event, they would APPEAL to foreign countries for EMERGENCY MILITARY ASSISTANCE to QUELL public protests by Sinhaala Buddhists.

    Is that why the US Naval Task Force is NOW offshore Colombo, and the Indian Navy has just concluded a joint Military Exercise with the Sri Lankan Navy, Maithripala Sirisena recently promoted and set-aside the Tamil head of the Navy, and appointed another Navy chief and MR went abroad to India to escape the potential violence?

    Is it to PREPARE for the use Foreign Forces to PROTECT the Yamapalanaya against Sinhala Buddhist PROTESTERS? FOOD for THOUGHT! The next FEW DAYS will REVEAL the TRUTH!

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    U.S. Nimitz Carrier Strike Group with aircraft carrier USS Nimitz arrives in Sri Lanka
    Sat, Oct 28, 2017, 07:15 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 28, Colombo: The United States Navy Nimitz Carrier Strike Group including the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz arrived in Sri Lanka’s Colombo Port today on a goodwill mission.

    The Sri Lankan Navy welcomed the Carrier Strike Group ships which include the USS Nimitz, the cruiser USS Princeton, and destroyers USS Howard, USS Shoup, USS Pinckney, and USS Kidd according to naval traditions.

    Reflecting the growing relationship between the U.S. and Sri Lankan navies, this is the first time an aircraft carrier has visited Sri Lanka since 1985, and follows the recent completion of the inaugural bilateral Cooperation Afloat Readiness and Training (CARAT) naval exercise.

    An invited group including State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene, Commander of the Sri Lanka Navy Vice Admiral Sirimevan Ranasinghe, U. S. Ambassador Atul Keshap and a state television crew visited the aircraft carrier yesterday while it was 150 nm off Colombo.

    “Building our maritime partnership in step with Sri Lanka�s own progress on reconciliation and human rights advances our shared national goals of fostering security and stability,” U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka and Maldives Atul Keshap said.

    It is estimated that the carrier strike group will add approximately 1.54 billion rupees ($10 million USD) to the Sri Lankan economy as the ships purchase supplies and thousands of U.S. sailors come ashore and support local businesses. During the visit, sailors will have opportunities to explore the local community and meet with their counterparts in the Sri Lankan Navy. While in port, sailors will also work with local non-profit organizations to support community service events at a local hospital, an orphanage, and other sites.

    The ships are scheduled to depart Colombo on October 31, 2017.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Kurdish leader Barzani resigns after independence vote backfires

    By Raya Jalabi and Maher Chmaytelli
    Reuters•October 29, 2017

    ERBIL/BAGHDAD Iraq (Reuters) – Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani said he would give up his position as president on Nov. 1, after an independence referendum he championed backfired and triggered a regional crisis.
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    Iraq KurdishCatalonia Independence Vote

    There was high drama at the Kurdish parliament, which was stormed by armed protesters as it met to approve the veteran leader’s resignation as Kurdish president. Some MPs were barricaded in their offices on Sunday evening.

    In a televised address, his first since Iraqi forces launched a surprise offensive to recapture Kurdish-held territory on Oct. 16, Barzani confirmed that he would not extend his presidential term after Nov. 1 “under any conditions”.

    “I am the same Masoud Barzani, I am a Peshmerga (Kurdish fighter) and will continue to help my people in their struggle for independence,” said Barzani, who has campaigned for Kurdish self-determination for nearly four decades.

    The address followed a letter he sent to parliament in which he asked members to take measures to fill the resulting power vacuum.

    The region’s parliament met in the Kurdish capital Erbil on Sunday to discuss the letter. A majority of 70 Kurdish MPs voted to accept Barzani’s request and 23 opposed it, Kurdish TV channels Rudaw and Kurdistan 24 said.

    Demonstrators, some carrying clubs and guns, stormed the parliament building as the session was in progress.

    Gunshots were heard. Some protesters outside the building said they wanted to “punish” MPs who they said had “insulted” Barzani. Some attacked journalists at the scene.

    A Kurdish official had told Reuters on Saturday that Barzani had decided to hand over the presidency without waiting for elections that had been set for Nov. 1 but which have now been delayed by eight months.

    The region, which had enjoyed unprecedented autonomy for years, has been in turmoil since the independence referendum a month ago prompted military and economic retaliation from Iraq’s central government in Baghdad.

    In his address, Barzani vigorously defended his decision to hold the Sept. 25 referendum, the results of which “can never be erased”, he said. The vote was overwhelmingly for independence and triggered the military action by the Baghdad government and threats from neighboring Turkey and Iran.

    He added that the Iraqi attack on Kirkuk and other Kurdish held territory vindicated his position that Baghdad no longer believed in federalism and instead wanted to curtail Kurdish rights.


    Barzani condemned the United States for failing to back the Kurds. “We tried to stop bloodshed but the Iraqi forces and Popular Mobilization Front (Shi’ite militias) kept advancing, using U.S. weapons,” he said.

    “Our people should now question, whether the U.S. was aware of Iraq’s attack and why they did not prevent it.”

    Barzani has been criticized by Kurdish opponents for the loss of the city of Kirkuk, oil-rich and considered by many Kurds to be their spiritual home.

    His resignation could help facilitate a reconciliation between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Iraq’s central government, whose retaliatory measures since the referendum have transformed the balance of power in the north.

    Barzani has led the KRG since it was established in 2005. His second term expired in 2013 but was extended without elections being held as Islamic State militants swept across vast swathes of territory in Iraq and Syria.

    U.S.-backed Iraqi government forces, Iranian-backed paramilitaries and Kurdish fighters fought alongside each other to defeat Islamic State but the alliance has faltered since the militants were largely defeated in the country.

    After the Kurdish vote, Iraqi troops were ordered by the country’s prime minister Haider al-Abadi to take control of areas claimed by both Baghdad and the KRG.

    Abadi also wants to take control of the border crossings between the Kurdish region and Turkey, Iran and Syria, including one through which an oil export pipeline crosses into Turkey, carrying Iraqi and Kurdish crude oil.

    The fall of Kirkuk – a multi-ethnic city which lies outside the KRG’s official boundaries – to Iraqi forces on Oct. 16 was a major symbolic and financial blow to the Kurds’ independence drive because it halved the region’s oil export revenue.

    Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga started a second round of talks on Sunday to resolve a conflict over control of the Kurdistan region’s border crossings, Iraqi state TV said.

    A first round was held on Friday and Saturday, with Abadi ordering a 24-hour suspension on Friday of military operations against Kurdish forces.

    He demanded on Thursday that the Kurds declare their referendum void, rejecting the KRG offer to suspend its independence push to resolve a crisis through talks, saying in a statement: “We won’t accept anything but its cancellation and the respect of the constitution.”

    (Reporting by Maher Chmaytelli and Raya Jalabi; Editing by Andrew Roche)

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    First round of debate on interim constitution reform report tomorrow
    Sun, Oct 29, 2017, 10:30 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 29, Colombo: The first round of debates on the Interim Report of the Steering Committee on constitutional reforms in the Constitutional Assembly of Sri Lanka is due to commence tomorrow at 10.30 a.m. in the chamber of Parliament.

    The debate will take place for three consecutive days on the 30th and 31st of October and 1st of November 2017.

    The draft Interim Report of the Steering Committee was tabled in the Constitutional Assembly on the 21st of September 2017 by the Prime Minister as Chairman of the Steering Committee.

    The proceedings of the Constitutional Assembly are open to the public.

    The Interim Report of the Steering Committee and other information on the constitutional reforms process can be accessed/ downloaded at Constitutional Assembly of Sri Lanka.

  6. Dilrook Says:


    That is a definite possibility. A good observation.

    I borrowed your USS Nimitz case in a private email thread. Gunboat diplomacy part-2? Remember 13A was also forced upon our constitution illegally through gunboat diplomacy 30 years ago.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Ananda & Dilrook mention ‘gunboat diplomacy’ (apt words there !) on both occasions of Constitutional crises.

    What does this mean ?
    Is it that Lanka will never be free State till the world comes together in lasting Peace with no more Cold Wars ?
    Due to Lanka’s strategic location & Ports, it is surely Cold War type politics that will prevail for Lanka till such times of true World Peace ?

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    To safeguard Sri Lanka, REMOVE THE DEVOLUTION FACTOR.

    The Unitary status of Lanka will be automatically guarded if the DEVOLUTION factor is permanently REMOVED.

    Also, remove the ILLEGAL 13-A.

    Prognosis : Unless our Politicos get truly PATRIOTIC and use Democratic norms to take care of the Unitary status of Lanka, then the foreign ‘gunboat dipomacy’ will prevail, and Lanka will be split up.

    We say again : Take a Lesson from Catalonia (Spain), about breakaway areas.

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