‘Robbery palanaya’ has been elected into power – Wimal (English)
Posted on November 19th, 2017

‘Robbery palanaya’ has been elected into power – Wimal (English)

3 Responses to “‘Robbery palanaya’ has been elected into power – Wimal (English)”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    An excellent speech by Wimal. President Sirisena was present in parliament when he made this speech.

  2. Vaisrawana Says:

    I too watched the video of Wimal’s speech in parliament. It was excellent as Dilrook says. The prez was also there. If he doesn’t respond to this and do something to change course in some way, then ….. the future will be too dreadful to imagine for the people of my country. However, Wimal’s speech was entertaining as well.

  3. Senerath Says:

    Finally someone at least said what we have to say. We are in debt to Wimal on this regardless of all opinios. Thank you Sir.
    My only disgareement is his final statement regarding monks. There is no Sangha in Sir Lanka with the qualities which desreve no critisizm. When they behave exactly the same way as the Gihiyos WE DO HAVE RIGHT TO CRITISIZE those individuals and it is our DUTY. People should personally meet those monks and question before making public alegations.

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