Island in Dire Peril
Posted on November 20th, 2017

IMRC Iriyagolle


We cannot allow India, any other country or any other force to dictate to us.  The country must develop a strategy to destroy the enemies within first,  the corrupt, destructive, selfish and sadistic politicians who have become ‘pawn brokers’ to remain in power by any means.   The nation should consider rejecting demagogues as well.

Our ancient rich Buddhist cultural heritage, an ancient superior civilisation cannot be, should not be destroyed by hostile forces from within or without.  The Sinhalese have portrayed self destructive  traits.  JVP launched an insurgency to kill the Sinhalese to combat this the United National Party(UNP) government unleashed forces to ‘kill the brutes’ as JR Jayawardena gave the orders to exterminate the JVP, all Sinhalese.   The Buddhist Cultural Heritage was ignored.

Torture of the victims became an industry during this period (1987-1990) of UNP initiated savagery,  Ranil Wickremasinghe one of the main perpetrators of this savagery has been rewarded, being appointed as the Prime Minister of this great island.   The UNP and Ranil Wickremasinghe has not been held accountable for the atrocities committed.   The UNP with the blessings of the Sinhalese majority is guilty of treason and continues to commit acts of treason without any hindrance from anybody in the practical sense.

The island is ‘pawned’, stripped of its Sovereignty, armed forces betrayed and the UNP carries on relentlessly to destroy the Sinhalese and the Buddhist Cultural Heritage.  In the past  there were punishers, snipers, armed forces, law enforcement agencies, and patriots to eliminate the enemy.  Many politicians perceived to be traitors were assassinated.  Today traitors thrive as the whole island is in their grip with the support and blessings of all communities.

The nation and  the island is gifted to traitors, mass murderes, rapists, fraudsters and drug traffickers.   The inertia, the inaction in the practical sense and the complacency of the Sinhalese is deplorable.

If there were strong, great, honourable, dynamic, visionary Sinhalese statesmen, political leaders as in the past no one, no country or the UN would dare to act against Sri Lanka.   Recent history has shown how some Sinhalese jealous and selfish in the different spheres themselves rise up against the good and the great Sinhalese to destroy them.   Whether in the political arena. social, religious or educational spheres society should punish and shun the destructors not reward them for there betrayal and treachery.  Then there would be a chance for the survival of the Sinhalese, the sacred Buddhist Cultural Heritage and our sacred island.

Theruwan Saranai

IMRC Iriyagolle

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  1. aloy Says:

    Thank you for this article.
    We have to first identify who our enemy is. UNP was a patriotic party at the beginning. But our enemy has been successful in making its leader their tool (or a puppet) and using him to do all kind of traitorous acts such as selling the birth rights of the Sinhala people and destroy the economy within a short time after coming to power. My thinking is that west is not our enemy. If it was them, giving Hambanthota to Chinese wouldn’t have happened. They seem to be confident that our country can be destroyed within the next couple of years or so. The happenings at the CoI is a good indication. Looking at the number of traitors in the parliament, it can very well happen.
    Tomorrow they will be taking the puppet to see their emperor according to what we read in the papers. Our country is already some kind of Nadu.

  2. Senerath Says:

    I spoke to Mr. Aloysius in November 2016, at my office at Temple Trees. He informed me that he wished to discuss the Central Bank inquiry into his Company. I told him that I had no powers with regard to same, and that he should make representations in writing. He subsequently forwarded written representations to me, which I forwarded to the present Governor of the Central Bank, since he is the authority on the matter.

    Here, we can clearly see who is our enemy.


    Even the Prime Minister has become the postman for the THIEF. Postman for the THIEF is LOWER than the thief obviously. Why should he give a meeting to a wheeler dealer ? I am sure he carried a briefcase full of US$ to be handedover to the postman.

  3. Nimal Says:

    The country have been going down the pan since mid 60s and now it will get critical. Shameless politicians are only interested in making money just as in Zimbabwe where one rouge will be replaced by another.
    Only option is to disconnect the main religion that is been exploited by the politicians to hoodwink the public and the people are too stupid to demand high standards that was inculcated by the last colonials.
    To put things right we must get the colonial types back and use personal of the struggling companies in the country that bravely struggling to stay alive to advise the future cabinet. They are truly brave to survive in the jungle of stupidity and corruption in the country.
    Sorry I am to busy to go on,so fed up of SL to do any thing.

  4. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you, Ms. Iriyagolla. You are a true daughter of Mr. IMRA Iriyagolla former Minister for Education and Cultural Affairs. Agree with you about Ranil. Unfortunately, the UNP was from the beginning earmarked as the party for the West since they are members of the International Democratic Union.

    Ranil’s activities see:

  5. Nimal Says:

    We have little chance devoloping the country and it’s economy thus giving a fair chance for it’s citizens to live comfortably.People themselves have to wake up to the reality of world out side their country and change their ways that would keep aq check on our leaders that are wasting and squandering our hard earned taxes.Politicans are giving only a lip service to people’s concerns.One only have to visit a government hospital to observe the p;oor standards and the suffering people and in many cases the innocent poor5v have to pay a big amout to retain a carerer to look after the sick,which is unacceptable.
    there’s a gleanmer of hope if the government work along side tthe hard working private sector to improve the country.there’s complete lawlessness in the country and non caring way the people drive on the roads tell much about our stupidity and our leaders,authorities,especially our cops set a bad example to all of us.they seems to be above the law.
    People in the country seem find it difficult to figure out the right from wrong in many aspect lof their lives.standards are lower than expected in a devoloped country.

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