Posted on November 27th, 2017


During past several days and weeks, the Prez. Maithreepala made frantic efforts to stich a no-contest deal with the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna.  Instead of rejecting outright any discussions, Prez Mahinda Rajapakse appointed Committees to negotiate with the SLFP. 

Unbeknown to political pundits, this time Prez Mahinda Rajapakse played the cards very close to his heart.    Whilst the discussions are still in progress with the SLFP by the Committee appointed by SLPP, the SLPP made all preparations to finalise its candidates and get ready for the deposits  at major centre.

This has stunned the SLFP group, the determination of Prez Mahinda Rajapakse to provide leadership in  a crisis situation must be applauded.   The rest of the country can now continue to march forward under the leadership of SLPP.

If SLPP wins majority Local Governments, it will tarnish the authority of Prez. Maithreepala to a great extent.  Such a scenario will also provide sufficient ground work for the UNP to undermine the powers of the President Maithreepala.   The President will be marginalized, his power will be eroded and he will further be isolated.

On the Local Government Election platform, SLPP should explore all avenues to defeat the proposed Constitution plans and turn the election into a virtual referendum on it.  


  1. Senerath Says:

    No need to jump to conclusions. Let us see who are the heroes ( of wining votes).

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    I think MR WILL HELP to reconstitute the SLFP, because BOTH MR and MS KNOW that to do OTHERWISE is tantamount to ensuring a UNP victory, albeit by a narrow margin, and leaving a fractured moribund SLFP in its wake.

    BUT, MR will DO SO ONLY after RECEIVING significant concessions from MS, maximally the PM post in a NEW Govt with a NEW Cabinet, or minimally the post of Leader of the SLFP for now. MR WILL NOT give his support to the MS-SLFP Faction for MERE CRUMBS, but for SUBSTANTIAL CONECESSIONS that will ENSURE that the Patritic MR-FACTION will ULTIMATELY TRIUMPH and form a New Govt under his leadership.

    The SENTIMENT among Sinhala Buddhists in Sri Lanka is HEAVILY against the Yamapalanaya and is in favor of the Patriotic Opposition. They will SWEEP the Local Govt elections, no matter whether they are in or out of Govt.

    The UNP will use all of its thuggery and its propaganda machinery to confuse the issues, but THEY WILL FAIL ABYSMALLY, only AGGRAVATING the anger of the majority community. II WILL BE TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE, and the best laid plans of its DESHAD-DROHI leaders will fall to pieces!

    The only other method to protect Sri Lanka in the short term is to create a BROAD Coalition between the JO, the NFF, the SLPP and ALL other Patriotic Forces and contest as an ENTIRELY NEW Political Party.

    The Sinhala Buddhist Community will support that effort instead of the MS-SLFP faction, but nevertheless the result will be a UNP victory, albeit with a MUCH STRENGTHENED Patriotic Front that can compete and WIN the General Elections in 2020.

    The result could also be that in the INTERIM, the UNP, DESPERATE to WIN in 2020 and save its leaders from PRISON and/or permanent residence abroad, will COMPLETELY CONTROL and HASTEN the creation of a New Constitution and other LEGAL SAFEGUARDS for themselves at the expense of the Nation, IMPRISON all of its opponents, and will EMPOWER EVERY Minority community to the fullest.

    VIOLENCE in the STREETS will be the order of the day, and the blood of Patriots will FLOW profusely in good cause.

    Nevertheless, in the end, the PATRIOTIC FORCES will TRIUMPH, and the current PARA-GATHI Yamapalanaya leaders will fly out of the country to safe havens ALREADY in place in foreign countries and survive on their ill-gotten gains sequestered abroad. Now you know another reason why ROBBING the Central Bank and leaving the ROBBERS FREE to deploy the funds both within and outside Sri Lanka was the HIGHEST PRIORITY of the Yamapalanaya. That FUNDED the PARACHUTE that enabled their leaders to take the necessary criminal risks in the future.

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