Response to your statement in Parliament on the Tamil separatist issue
Posted on December 7th, 2017

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1

2 December 2017

Garnett Genuis, MP
Conservative MP for Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan

Cc. Matt DeCourcey, Liberal MP
Parliamentary Secretary to Minister of Foreign Affairs

Dear Garnett Genuis:

Re: Your Statement in Parliament  on Sri Lanka’s Tamil Community In Canada, on Nov.20th, 2017.

I read it and I told myself, Oh, no! Here we go again.  There were some moments of sincerity on your part, but there were much backgrounder substance that I thought were lacking in your understanding on this Tamil separatist issue, or else your question would have been authored differently.

Having been involved in this issue from August 4, 1983, until August 4, 2013, when I decided to retire on this file after 30 years, I am in a position to put ourselves in a Classroom situation, I the lecturer and you the undergraduate student studying –

Class 101 : Canadian-Tamils and why they  are still  flying out of the Koha’s nest from Sri Lanka since July 1983, searching for greener pastures complaining that they have been discriminated and persecuted by the majority Sinhalese in Sri Lanka.

But before I embark on this exercise to help you understand more clearly about the Sri Lanka’s Tamil mono-ethnic, racist, separatist movement to create their own

separate state, Eelam, carved out of 33% of that island’s real estate, bordered by 66% of the coastline for 12.6% of the population, let me introduce myself to you.

Unlike you, I am not academically trained as a Political-scientist.  I am a  Geologist,

Paleontologist and Museologist.  Unlike you who went to Carleton University and London School of Economics, I am an alumni of the University of London,  University of Wales (Swansea) and Memorial University of Newfoundland.

I have sent out over 1,200 letters and articles during that 30 years of involvement to Canadian parliamentarians, Newspapers, Political journals and Political organizations like AI, and given public talks.  Around 550 of my letters to Editors of newspapers and political journals, have been published right across Canada and abroad, and I have been interviewed on the issue on Canadian radio and TV.  So I am no Johnny come lately on the issue.

I came to Canada on October 16, 1970 during the October Crisis, having been Head-

Hunted by the National Museums Corporation in Ottawa, and having found me, a liberal-scientist in London, England, and invited  me to accept the appointment as Head of Thematic Research of the Design and Display Division for the renovation programme of the Victoria Memorial Museum, which I am sure you have visited during your Carleton University days.  I was involved in creating 15 brand new Exhibition Halls and was the senior researcher for the Dinosaur Hall.  I am a published, award winning poet with 19 Collections of poetry, among several awards for poetry, I was awarded the Appreciation Award for Arts and Culture by the Mayor of the City of Ottawa in 2003.

You may wonder with such a background, why the heck did I get involved in Sri Lanka’s Tamil issue in Canada?  The answer is simple.  There was so much distortion and lies by the Tamils who arrived as Convention refugees talking ill of my Motherland, Sri Lanka, kicking, stabbing and spitting at her, who nurtured me for my first 19 years of  my life.  It hurt me, and I was not going to let the Tamils crap all over Sri Lanka anymore.  Enough was enough.  So I decided to sing my own National Anthem –

O Sri Lanka, my home and native land/ I will stand on guard for thee in Canada’s land/ And catch every Tamil bullet  shot at you with my teeth/ to save you my Mother ever more/ and I will stand on guard for thee in the Canadian sun or snow.”

So here I am trying to tell you and provide you some Tamil Facts of the issue now that you have acted having been told the Tamil Fairy Tales. I swear that what I tell you is the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth, so help me God!”

And now to the Classroom situation and please read what I say diligently and if there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call  me on 613-747-2272.

  1. Genesis of the Tamil Crisis:

The minority Tamils (12.6%)  have been wanting to rule over the majority Sinhalese (74%) ever since the 1940s, or may be many more years prior to that.

They tried every shenanigan under the sun to achieve that,  The most glaring incident was when Ceylon (Sri Lanka) was in the mode of pre-Independence negotiations with the British in 1944 the 10% Tamil minority demanded 50-50 % sharing of legislative and executive powers entrenched in the new Constitution with the 70% majority Sinhalese..  That is when not a single Tamil had been hurt by the Sinhalese, nor a Sinhalese by a Tamil.

Garnett, no Tamil is going to tell you this Tamil FACT,  here  it is, about the Tamil cunning.  On the eve of Independence (1948) the All Ceylon Tamil Congress led by lawyer G.G.Ponnambalam, put forward to the Soulbury Commission a scheme of representation in the proposed Legislature of Independent Ceylon (Sri Lanka), which he with his obvious macabre sense of humour dubbed it as balanced representation”.  This scheme was that the island should be divided into 100 territorial constituencies for an assembly of 100 members.  That of these constituencies 50 should be demarcated to 50 general seats  while the remaining 50 to be allocated to the members of the minorities (vide Paragraph 254 of the Soulbury Report).

Lo behold, it was only when the Lord Soulbury Commissioners put on their thinking-caps and  pointed out the obvious that if 50 seats were assured to the minorities but the remainder left open to anyone to contest, the Sinhalese  who had always been and still are the majority group, might by loss of one of these seats be converted  into a minority.”

This cunning fox G.G. Ponnambalam then magnanimously amended his proposal to one for 50 seats for the Sinhalese and 50 seats for the minorities.  But the catch was that any one ethnic community should only have less than 50% of the seats in the Cabinet.  Translating this into numbers meant that the the Sinhalese who were 70% of the population could only have 4 seats in a Cabinet of 10. So the bottom line was they still wanted to undermine the majority Sinhalese  so that they can empower themselves to rule over the majority Sinhalese.  So what they couldn’t achieve with cunning they wanted to achieve with guns, bullets, claymore mines, land mines and suicide bombers for 27 blooding years and they failed finally on the 19th May 2009 when the terrorist leader  Velupillai Prabhakaran was shot dead on the Nandikadal lagoon sands.  Hallelujah!, I say.

No”, said the Soulbury Commission on Ponnambalam’s proposals and this rascally Tamil lawyer, who was cunning as a fox had to give up his smart-alec ideas to find a way to rule the majority Sinhalese.  Did you know that Garnett?  And they are still trying with gunny-bags filled with lies to take you and other parliamentarians down the garden path.  And I give them credit as they have succeeded doing just that hundreds of times teasing you all with their ballots. Most of the Liberals, Conservatives and NDPiers  were suckers to their ploys. Ummmm….too bad. They sold their souls to get the Tamil votes to find a seat in Canada Parliament’s chambers by dividing Sri Lanka.  That is a No..No, Garnett.  Don’t even go there

  1. Who are these Tamils?:

Dravidian invaders and mercenaries were the first Tamils who arrived on the island from South India, their Motherland, just 18 salt-water miles away in the Palk Straits.

Since the 3rd century BC there had been 17 invasions of the Tamil-speaking Dravidians to the island when Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa were the capitals of

Sinhalese kingdoms.  These invasions were violent and when the  Dravidians were defeated and chased back to India some stayed back and settled in the Jaffna peninsula.

The question that may be going through your mind is, were their Sinhala people in the Jaffna peninsula before the Tamil invasions,  Yes, says historians

H.W.Codrington (British), Fr. S.G. Perera (Sinhalese) and Mudaliyar C. Rasanayagam (Tamil). They clearly say that the Jaffna peninsula was peopled by the Sinhalese people before the 6th century which have been confirmed by archaeological evidence.

  1. If so, how come the Jaffna Peninsula is now peopled by the Tamils, almost entirely? Were there ethnic cleansing?

That is easy to answer. The Tamils of the Jaffna peninsula were maestros of ethnic cleansing.  Between 1971 and 1981, they terrorized and chased away 27,000 Sinhalese people who lived in the peninsula for generations.  They were the bakers, masons and carpenters, and so forth.

In August 1977, 400 Sinhalese lecturers and undergraduates at the Jaffna University campus were stoned and chased out by the Tamil separatists.  They were bused south escorted by the army and police, lying on the floors to dodge the hail of rocks and stones.  And that was ethnic cleansing of the Sinhalese by the separatist Tamils to purify the Jaffna University to make it an all Tamil University campus.  And mind you Tamil students walked the portals of the Universities in the South unharassed by the Sinhalese.  Did you know that Garnett?  Ce la vie!

In October 1990, 100,000 Muslims were given 48 hours to get out of the north  by the Tamil Tiger terrorists leaving all their valuables and gold at the nearest mosque, making Idi Amin of Uganda look like an angel who gave three months for the Ugandan-Indians to leave Uganda.  That was ethnic cleansing of the Muslims by the Tamil separatists.  This act was brutal.

You know what Garnett, would you allow visitors to your home, after enjoying yours and your wife’s hospitality demand that you all get out of your house claiming that it is owned by the visitors from now on.  Would you leave your home without a fight?  I wouldn’t.  I would kick arse and ask them to bugger-off.  That is exactly what happened to the Sinhalese living in the North of Sri Lanka.  These Tamils who are demanding their mono-ethnic, racist, separate, Tamil state, Eelam, should be asked to get back to where they came from. In their case Tamil Nadu, their Motherland where 71 million of their kith and kin live , if they have difficulty to live in harmony with the Sinhalese and Muslims.  Did you know that 54% of the Tamil population live in the South right now in harmony with the majority Sinhalese without bellyaching that they are been persecuted and discriminated by the Sinhalese.  Strange, isn’t it!.

4, The riots in Colombo on 24 July 1983, opened the floodgates around the world to accommodate the Tamils  who were practically flying and sailing in rickety boats to the west seeking refuge and greener pastures bypassing their Motherland, India.

Well Garnett, this incident happened four years before you were born, when the Tamils got the brunt of it.  Did any Tamil explain to you what really happened?  Did any Tamil tell you that the riots was a God’s send for them as 90 percents of the Tamils who landed their feet on Canadian soil saying that they were Convention refugees running away from persecution and discrimination by the Sinhalese, wouldn’t have had a snowball’s  chance in hell, if they had tried to immigrate to Canada on the point system.  That was the rub Garnett,  By then I was working for the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans at 200 Kent Street in his Communications Directorate setting up mini-Fisheries Museums, Interpretation Centers and travelling exhibitions across Canada to promote  Canadian Fisheries and fish.

Here’s the story.

In the 1970s and 80s the Northern Sri Lankans, Tamils as well as the

Sinhalese were sitting on a powder keg, which was waiting to blow up any time because of the harassment, terrorizing, killings and ethnic cleansing by the Tamil Tiger separatist terrorists who perfected the suicide bombers body pack.  It was a matter of time and this ominous day approached on Saturday, 23rd July of 1983.  Jaffna was quiet that evening and it was another day of alertness at the Army camp at Gurunagar keeping an eye on the Tamil Tigers movements and where the next ambush of the military would happen and the next bomb would be detonated by the Tamil Tigers targeting the Army soldiers.

That evening Brigadier Balthazar directed Major De Silva to activate the commandos and special troops who were to lay in ambush to get Sellakili of the Tamil Tigers.  As the laid out plan a convoy left Gurunagar at one minute past midnight.  The Code name for this patrol was Four-Four-Charlie.

In the meantime Tamil Tiger Sellakili had sworn to avenge the death of another Tamil Tiger, Seelan, by the Army, and had done a careful study of the movements of the army patrols.  He found that the maximum intensity of such patrols were between 10:00 in the evening and 2:00 in the early mornings.

On 23rd July night Sellakili deployed 25 terrorists in battle fatigues at Tinnaveli on the Palali-Jaffna Road, where the road had been dug to install some telecommunication equipment.  Four mines were placed in one such excavation.  The plunger stolen from the Kankesanthurai Cement Factory was placed on the balcony of a house nearby.  The wiring was connected.  Machine gun nests were placed near the exploder.  The Tamil Tiger killer squad were placed on both sides of the road and Sellakili was present.  Every Tamil Tiger was armed with SMGs and repeat shot guns, Chinese assault rifles and a SLR of Indian manufacture and homemade hand grenades.  This armoury did not fall from heaven onto their laps.

They were bought with monies collected by the Tamil  Diaspora mainly by extortion of their own people.  This went on in Canada  quite a lot.

Two million dollars were collected each month for 13 years  in Canada during Jean Chretien and Paul Martin’s Liberal administration to stuff the Tamil Tiger war chest for this very purpose.  So Canada stands guilty for aiding and abetting that nasty Tamil separatist war in Sri Lanka,   No ifs or buts.

The Army convoy had a Jeep bearing Number AY 4889 and a Tata Benz half truck with the number plate 26 Sri 3193.  Within five minutes of the convoy leaving Urumpirai the Jeep slowed down near Tinnaveli because of the obstruction on the road due to the Telecommunication equipment.  While it passed the excavation the exploder set off with a loud BANG, with a thunderous explosion, The Army convoy fought back, killing Sellakili but 13 of the brave Army soldiers died in this attack -and thus exploded the powder keg  they were sitting on.

Garnett, I have gone to an extensive explanation to tell you that the Sinhalese didn’t go berserk and rioted in Colombo to get at the Tamils without a good reason.   This was the result of the natural Law of Cause and Effect of that well planned ambush. Would I blame them? Of course not.  Enough was enough for the Sinhalese, and they were not going to take such gruesome killings of their people anymore.  Don’t expect the Sinhalese to be Saints as they are not as they are human being just like the Tamils wanting to wake up the next morning to see the sun rise and smell the jasmines and roses in their gardens.  And have a good cup of the best Ceylon Orange Pekoe tea in the morning to begin their day.

When the 13 bodies of the soldiers were brought to Colombo for burial, the families of the dead wanted the Army to hand the bodies to take them to their homes in the remote villages for burial. They were not given that privilege to honour their brave sons and brothers who died to save their country from the Tamil terrorist armed forces,  And it was a double whammy and it was then that riots broke out going after the Tamils and their shops letting out their anger and frustration.

So let us Canadians cut out from our conscience to be bleeding-hearts and paint the Tamil separatists lily-white, as if they were innocent Babes in the Woods.  These Tamil Tigers were not backyard school boy fighters warring with stones and catapults, but were well trained armed fighters with sophisticated armouries aided and abetted by foreign country parliamentarians who were after the Tamil votes in  their countries, especially in the west, like Canada, where the Tamils took refuge saying they  were persecuted and discriminated by the Sinhalese.  Garnett, that it a load of codswallop.

  1. Were the Tamils really persecuted and discriminated by the Sinhalese for them to come on their knees to Canada seeking refuge with their eyes dripping crocodile tears.

Well Garnett, let me give you the FACTS and you better be judge and jury on these vile Tamil Fairy Tales that you hear from the Tamil refugees and their lawyers.

As far as I am concerned, I say to these Tamils, What? You being persecuted and discriminated by my people—-my foot, you are a bunch of liars.

Here are some FACTS and there are oodles more.

 The minority Tamils were the ‘privileged’  community for 131 years of British rule and several years after independence, and the majority Sinhalese were the ‘wronged’ community for all those years.  And every Tamil refugee knows it.

The day of the riots on 24 July 1983, the Inspector General of Police of Sri Lanka was Mr. Rudra Rajasingham, a Tamil;  the Attorney General of Sri Lanka was  Mr Siva Pasupathy, a Jaffna  Tamil; and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka was Mr. S. Sharvananda also a Jaffna Tamil.  In my vocabulary all these appointments do not translate into that Tamils were being persecuted and discriminated.  What about you Garnett?  I call it Hogwash!

On the day of the riots several Sri Lankan diplomats were Tamils and the High Commissioner  for the United Kingdom was Mr. Murti, a Tamil. Go figure out whether these diplomatic appointments  were construed as persecution and discrimination of the Tamils.   What a bunch of stinking baloney!

So the Tamils say that they were running away from discrimination and persecution.  What a bunch of Humbugs, especially, when the 1983 July riots happened in Colombo, the predominantly Tamil Jaffna District had 555 government schools for a Tamil student population of 207,524, and the capital city Colombo had only 251 such schools for 231,690 multi-ethnic students. And more over 41% of these Jaffna Districts Tamil schools had government approved science laboratories compared to an island average of 19.6%.

So who are the Tamil Diaspora trying to hoodwink? They certainly succeeded with the Kenny’s, the Obhrai’s, the Karygiannis’s, the Martin’s, the Harper’s, the Layton’s, the Minna’s, the Sgro’s, the Oliphant’s the Lee’s, the Cannon’s, the Dewar’s, the Brown’s and many more Conservative, Liberal and NDP bleeding-hearts.  Certainly not me Garnett.  I was a card carrying Conservative from Preston Manning’s Reform days, but not anymore. Gave it up when Stephen Harper had his hissy-fit and boycotted the Commonwealth Conference in Colombo, and sent Deepak Obhrai to represent Canada, who acted like a High School bully when he laid a wreath for the Tamil Tigers who lost their lives in the war at Elephant Pass.  He was asked not to lay the wreath by a Sri Lankan official, but he did it anyway, bullying his way like an arrogant Canadian.  And when challenged, he had the audacity to say that it was a neutral spot, to lay the wreath. What a Dodo!  He certainly did not do good for the image of an honest Canadian parliamentarian.  That incident stank to high heaven!

Garnett, Elephant Pass had three major battles where the Sri Lankan Army got a whipping during the second battle.

The First Elephant Pass Battle was in July 1991 (Code named ‘Operation Balawegaya’).  The Tamil Tigers made a tactical withdrawal on August 9.

The Second Elephant Pass Battle (Code  named ‘Operation Unceasing Waves III) of April 22, 2000, was when 758 Government soldiers were killed, 2,368 had been wounded and 349 went missing and Elephant Pass fell to the Tamil Tigers.

During the Third Elephant Pass Battle, the Sri Lanka Armed forces recaptured Elephant Pass from the Tamil Tigers on January 9, 2009.

That’s how disingenuous the Conservatives were to support the Tamil separatists cause for the want of their votes. I was sick with anger and Stephen Harper’s hissy-fit to boycott the Commonwealth Conference held in Colombo was one of the reasons why I gave up on the Conservatives and pledged to give up being a card carrying and a sustaining donor of the Conservative Party and not ever touch you all even with a barge pole, nor drop my vote for the Conservatives into a ballot box even while holding my nose closed.   Never again!   My mentor all through those years was Art Hanger, the MP from Alberta.  He will  tell you my passion for my Motherland and that I was an honest and truthful activist on this file and will damn the lying Tamil Diaspora and the Canadian parliamentarians who supported the Tamil separatist cause, notwithstanding who they are.

  1. Year 1987

This year, the year you were born was a momentous year for Sri Lanka on the Eelam separatist war.  This is the year that saw  Sri Lanka’s friendly neighbour India’s Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi meddling in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs and playing Godfather to Tamil terrorism to appease the Tamil Nadu Government for the want of their support and to further their Monroe Doctrine”  in the Indian Ocean.

India is a giant looking down on the teardrop island Sri Lanka, and Sri Lanka shakes in her boots every time India coughs at her, and acts wimpish to this bully boy, and still says India is our friend”.  I am very suspicious of this ‘good’ neighbour for geopolitical reasons.  They are a no good cunning lot.

On June 2nd, 1987, Rajiv Gandhi sent a flotilla of boats by sea with supplies to sustain the Tamils in the Jaffna peninsula which were not requested by the Sri Lanka Government..   Quite rightly the Government of Sri Lanka turned the boats back mid-sea..

So the friendly bully boy, India, on June 4th transgressed the Sri Lanka’s sovereign airspace and flew 5 Indian Air Force Antonov-32 Transport planes escorted by 5 screaming low flying Mirage 2000s, armed with 2 Matra Magic AAMs and 3 drop tanks from Bangalore airport to drop 30 tons of ‘relief’ supplies’ to feed 800,000 Tamils in the Jaffna peninsula.  This operation was preceded by a farcical naval operation and a virtual orgy of hand-wringing and lamentation by the Indian authorities, led by Rajiv Gandhi himself, who charged Sri Lanka of deliberate starvation and genocide of Jaffna residents.  They were upto a lot of mischief and they were a bunch of no good liars, Rajiv Gandhi and all.

On 21 May, 1991, a Tamil Tigress Dhanu got him in Sriperumbudur near Chennai by detonating her body pack while garlanding him during an election husting.  They couldn’t trust him.

Prior to 1987, Rajiv Gandhi’s mother Indira Gandhi brought over the barefooted and some in flip-flops,Tamil guerillas from North Sri Lanka in late 1983 and 84 who couldn’t shoot straight, to be trained in 32 military camps in Tamil Nadu in South India and some  up at the foothills of the Himalayas to destabilize Sri Lanka to continue its stronghold of the region as a superpower”.  The military training camps were located in places like Parangimali, Kokimalai, Kanjipuram, Sangalpattu Presawakkam, Valachchari, Thanikramam, Uttar Pradesh close to the foothills of the Himalayas and Green Park in New Delhi The largest Tamil Tiger camp was located at Kumbarapatti in the Salem District.

India graduated these guerillas as an armed fighting force  with military and intelligence gathering training and sent them back to the Jaffna Peninsula with money stashed in their pockets, in military fatigues and jackboots, cradling AK47s like babies in their arms, and festoons of live bullets around their necks.  A total of 3179 male guerillas and 184 females out of a cadre of 3363 were trained in these camps by Indira Gandhi’s India under the supervision of RAW (Research and Analysis Wing).

These incidents were the precursor for the next aggression of signing the Indo-Lanka Accord which took place on 29 July 1987,  drafted by India’s Foreign Ministry to suit India’s interests and not that of Tamil Nadu which had 55 million Tamils, the kith and kin of the Sri Lankan Tamils who were fighting for their mono-ethnic, racist, separate state, Eelam.  To intimidate Sri Lanka, Rajiv Gandhi had an Indian War ship parked out in the international waters opposite Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, during the period of the signing of the Indo-Lanka Accord.

It was on 24 June,1987,  when the Tamil separatists in Ottawa threatened to blow up the 15 storey building, the Centennial Towers at 200 Kent Street, because I had been hired to work for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.  It was a major Security concern for the Ottawa Police and other groups involved in national security and I was asked to attend a security meeting by my Director General of the Department’s’ Communications Directorate.

If the Ottawa’s separatist-Tamils thought that they could shut me up with  such intimidation and I would put on my roller skates and roll down Kent Street to search for a place to hide, or hide under a Department’s desk, it didn’t happen. And all I could tell  these stupid Tamils was Boooo… You got the wrong Asoka Weerasinghe to intimidate”.

  1. Human Rights in Sri Lanka

Your statement to Parliament on November 20th, 2017 said – The Liberals promised to support justice and reconciliation, to address the terrible crimes committed at the end of the civil war.”

For God’s sake Garnett, if terrible crimes (were) committed at the end of the war”, then the Canadian Liberals stand guilty for aiding and abetting that war.  Letting the Tamil Diaspora collect 2 million dollars every month, sometimes more for 13 years to stuff the Tamil Tiger war-chest to buy sophisticated weapons to fight that war and kill innocent civilians, Sinhalese, Muslims as well as their own Tamil people;

When on May 6, 2000 two cabinet Ministers, Paul Martin (Finance) and Maria Minna (CIDA) and 11 backbenchers patronized a $60-a- plate fund raising dinner organized by FACT in Toronto to fund the Tamil separatist war;

While every western country patted Sri Lanka on her back and said, Good show, way to go for getting rid of terrorism and the most ruthless terrorists in the world at that”,  but Canada didn’t and Lawrence Cannon, the Foreign Minister put out the most feeble and pathetic Press Release from the Foreign Ministry not even acknowledging  the risk taking valour of the Sri Lankan soldiers who lost thousands of their comrades to the Tamil Tiger bombs and bullets to give back the right-to-life to 21 million  Sri Lankans that was hijacked by the Tamil Tigers for 27 years.

Garnett, do you know why that pathetic Press Release? The Foreign Affairs Ministry were worried that if Canada had patted Sri Lanka’s back for getting rid of the Tamil Tiger terrorists, the Liberal Government would have had to cope with 20,000 Tamils descending on Sussex Drive the following day under a red sky of Tamil Tiger flags, and closing the road to the Governor General and the Lester Pearson Building.  And they would have had to cope with the Major Hill Park, the Underground Parking space at the National Art Center, and the National Art Gallery, and every nook and corner of the Byward Market and along Sussex Drive  been converted into toilets and urinals, and the City of Ottawa would have had to spend another unbudgeted $90,000 to clean the area, and pay overtime for security and Ottawa’s Transport Driver’s, et cetera, as they had to in early months of 2009.  Remember!  That is why Garnett.  In such a situation the Tamil Diaspora and Tamil refugees rule the roost being Kings and Queens of the day.  No Ifs and Buts.  And that is how the cookie crumbles being stupid for trying to be good samaritans with bleeding hearts and opening the floodgates for these Tamil economic refugees who said that they were running away from discrimination and persecution back home. So give me a break, Garnett!

Ummm…Garnett,  your statement in parliament was a heavy dose of hear say, and you seem to be hard on the Sri Lanka Government and the soldiers, the only country in the world that annihilated terrorism  militarily single handed. And now the world is telling the Sri Lankan soldiers you shouldn’t have done it.  It was criminal and we are going to punish you all for that by hauling you lot to the International Criminal Court.  You all should have let the Tamil Tigers go on killing innocent people and maiming for life thousands of others.  You have crippled the military weapons black-market industry by ending this war. That is a tough call to deal with.

Garnett, since this Lesson 101 is getting lengthy, let me finish it by discussing the Human Rights concerns that you have about Sri Lanka’s government in this war.  Let me deal this subject in point form, honestly and to the best of my ability.

  1. This Tamil Tiger terrorist war was not fought by either party according to the Manual for Dummies – How to win a war without killing a single person.  Such a  Manual was not in existence as a guide then, and nor is there now;
  2. At a luncheon meeting with Ottawa’s Amnesty International Director at the Sri

Lanka High Commissioner’s (H.C.Walter Rupesinghe) residence on Range  Road where I was invited to join them,  the AI representative tells us,We don’t like the Sri Lankan Government using excessive force on the  Tamil Tigers”.

What,  you must be kidding”, I retorted.. Listen, this is not a Christian war when you are expected to turn the other cheek when you are slapped.  When the Tamil Tiger is pointing the barrel of his Kalashnikov at the heart of my  soldier, I don’t expect him to point his gun at the kneecap of the Tamil Tiger.  I tell my soldier,   shoot the bastard before he gets you.”  The High Commissioner was kicking me under the table to stop going after this AI fool.

This luncheon meeting took place in the summer of 1991.

  1. It is a pity that UN’s Council on Human Rights had decided to concentrate  on the last five months of the 27 year long war.  I almost begin to wonder whether  they were  covering the behinds of the worst human rights violators,  the Tamil Tiger Terrorists, who killed, massacred, chopped with machetes as in a butcher’s shop chopping innocent unarmed fisher and farmer families sleeping in their adobe huts (Dollar & Kent Farms in Vavuniya, 30.11 1984);

like plucking infants from their mother’s breasts  and  flinging them onto  hard charnockite rocks and cracking their skulls and enjoying watching the infant’s  ketchup blood oozing out of the little skulls; Like 6 Madhu pilgrims  abducted by Tamil Tigers and executed by the Tamil Tigers (20.12. 1985);

Like Tamil Tiger armed terrorists entering the village in Aranthalawa,  Amparai, and slashing the necks of 28 villagers (7.2.1987);  Like stopping a bus taking 32 novice Buddhist monks on a pilgrimage, pulling them out and    shooting 30 of them dead  and hacking the chief monk with machetes in  Aranthalawa, Amparai, ( 2.6. 1987); Like opening fire at Muslims who were praying in Jumma and Hissainia Mosques, in Kathankudy and killing 103 and wounding 70 others  (3.8.1990).

So would you say that focusing on the last 5 months of the war by the  human rights bleeding-hearts was to try and nail the Sri Lankan army who won the war against the the Tamil Terrorists on 19 May 2009, and   go soft of the most violent human rights violators  in recent history?

This I say was a conspiracy against Sri Lanka in the first order.    I say POX to  all who want to haul the Sri Lankan soldiers who won the war for    21 million Sri Lankans and gave them back their primary human right,  their right-to-life which was hijacked by the Tamil Tiger terrorists for 27    bloodying years.

The Sri Lankan soldiers who were  angels and life savours of 295,873  Tamil civilians who were rescued by them from the clutches of the  Tamil Tigers who used them as a human shield for 30 months during the  final days of the war, who were herded like unwashed cattle from the west coast to the east coast under the scorching Kilinochchi-Jaffna   sun.

No Human Rights advocates talk about it nor does the Canadian Parliamentarians.  Would you be the honest one and bell the cat.

And let them also know that it would have been easy for these soldiers to shoot them, but they didn’t. These Sri Lankan soldiers also were part of the massive team who   prepared a million meals a day – hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners   to feed these 295,873 rescued Tamils who were housed in temporary  refugee tent villages.  No one wants to talk of these amazing   humanitarian efforts by the Sri Lankan soldiers.   Why?  I damn these  disingenuous  nasty conspirators  who paint black on these heroic  soldiers who happen to be my heroes too.

Will you be the one to take that honour and announce these humanitarian  acts during the parliamentary debates when there will be much lyingdribble spoken of Sri Lanka and her soldiers to buy the Tamil votes.  As you know Garnett, all political parties depend on the bloc Tamil votes innine ridings in the Greater Toronto Area, and the political candidates   become suckers to the Tamil mono-ethnic, racist, separatist Eelam cause.

And they sell their souls to hurt my Motherland with whom I am still   romancing with after being out of that island for 61 years,

Do it,Garnett, and I will be the first Sri Lankan-Canadian who would be at  your door step to garland you with affection for being an honourable politician who is honest and give me back the trust in our politicians.

Politicians like Stephen Harper, Jason Kenney, Jim Karygiannis, Paul Martin, Maria Minna, Jack Layton, Paul Dewar, Deepak Obhrai, Rathika Sitsabaiesan killed it for me.

  1. So these Human Rights bleeding-hearts keep pulling numbers from  the air and are having fun which varies from 7,000 to 100,000 swearing      had been killed by the Sri Lankan armed forces from January 1st to May 19th of 2009.  This is insane.  I am not sure who kept count and    whether they did it with an abacus or on a battery operated calculator     or was it on their 10 fingers.?

This bizarre numbers game prompted me to ask in a letter from the  British MP Siobhain McDonagh for Mitcham and Morden in Surrey  what she had smoked when she woke up that eventful day inSeptember 2011, when she told the British House of Commons that100,000 Tamil Tigers and civilians had perished between January and May of 2009, by the hands of the Sri Lanka  Armed Forces.  Not a word from her.  Was she oonstruck, crack-brained or gone barmy   that morning.  But what I do know is that she has hundreds of Tamils  in her constituency and she desperately want their votes.

Garnett, if you are going to play Russian roulette with the dignity of the Sri Lankan soldiers, you may want to ask from those who throw the numbers of Tamils who died alleged to be at the hands of theSri Lankan Armed soldiers:

  1. e. Who is it that did the counting of the the numbers that seems to beaccepted as real.  Then ask them Show me the bodies, show me   the skeletons”;

f,  40,000 bodies is slightly more than Alberta’s small Town of Spruce rove’s population (36,125 in 2016 census), the home of Carla

MacLeod, the member of the 2010 Canada’s Women’s Ice Hockey Team. Let’ be real, Garnett.  Where the heck can you hide all the  people of Spruce Grove, that easily in  five months.  You tell me as I  would  love to know.

  1. If we arrive at the conclusion that the Army commanders who got  the Tamil Tigers running for their lives during the last five months   before they were annihilated on 19th May 2009, had no magic wands  that would with one swish across the dead bodies with the words ABRACADABRA make them disappear through the thin veil of  red kabook dust, then what are the next possibilities to get rid of 40,000 dead bodies in a jiffy;
  1.  h.   Was it then that the 40,000 bodies were buried along the road toVictory, but here is the downer. No one complained of the stench of the       decaying bodies, nor by the Tamils on the retreat  saying that they   were forced by the Sri Lankan soldiers  to claw the kabook earth to dig          deep  holes to bury the bodies.  Nor did AI or Human Rights Watch  publish photos for the world showing 10 backhoes digging deep holes    to bury the bodies, neither did Ban -Ki Moon or Navi Pillai of UNHRC  in Geneva mention it.  We want evidence, you want evidence and so    do I of this horrendous story of this abuse of human rights. Let’s ask   Ban Ki-Moon’s panelists Marzuki Darusman, Steven Ratner or Jasmin Sooka of the Darusman Report fame.  They should know it Well then, what would have been the next possibility to get rid of  the 40,000 dead bodies in a short time! Would it have been that they  were incinerated in pyres of tyres and trunks of coconut palms.  But  we were not shown by the enthusiastic film makers, like Chanel 4 of   plumes of black smoke snaking high into the sky and AI and Human  Rights  Watch or the UN agents complaining of the stench and showed  us photos of them wearing masks to keep the stench  streaming into their nostrils and into the lungs and getting sick.

Nor did  Ban Ki-Moon’s expert panel that produced the Darusman Report –  Marzurki Darusman, Steven Ratner or Yasmin Sooka weigh   in on it.  So what’s next, Garnett?

  1.   I can only think of one more possibility, and let me put it to you.

Were the 40,000 dead Tamil bodies transported in fast moving   fiberglass boats in relays and dumped into the deep waters of the Bay of Bengal dead at night,There is one hitch on that theory, though plausible.   Days, weeks and months  after the Eelam War IV ended, not a single body hadbeen washed ashore along  the Eastern border of India along the Bay of  Bengal like Chennai, Kumbakonam, Pondicherry,  Cudalloe,    et cetera.  Nor along the west coast of Myanmar like Myaungmya,  Gwo, Sandoway, and Rameel.

If you ever solve this heinous mystery, do let me know without   parroting what others say without satisfying yourself with substantial   evidence.  The bottom line is to tell them, Show me the bodies or   their skeletons  or any other forensic evidence, then I will believe You!”


  1.  This whole exercise based on the Darusman Report which is   used as the Bible to nail Sri Lanka’s armed forces, the only national   army in the world that whipped the most ruthless terrorists in the  world, the Tamil Tigers,  says that their credible sources are    protected by the UN confidentiality Clause until 2031.  And here   lies the  gutless, spineless HUMBUGS.  Why, what is their problem?

When 2031 comes around Ban Ki-Moon who appointed the panel  of experts will be 87 years old, Marzuki Darusman will be 86,     Steven R, Ratner, and Yasmin Sooka,  hopefully are young enough to be still around in 2031 .

The chances are that the Sri Lankan Army personnel whose dignity was assaulted by the UNHRC will get a chance to challenge them      in court to prove that the UNs panel of experts had done a con job,   a botched up job on them which hauled them to an International   Criminal Court of Law to charge them on Human Rights violations.

That will be when the fireworks start, if it did happen, Garnett.

Stay tuned as UKs Lord Naseby’s well researched assertion that   the Vanni death toll maximum is 7.000 to 8,000 and not 40,000 as   reported in the Darusman Report by Ban Ki-Moon’s Panel of Experts – the Three Musketeers, Darusman- Ratner-Sooka. It will  be hard for the UN to dismiss his unchallengeable position as his revelations are based on sound diplomatic dispatches sent from Colombo by the then British military attache  Lt. Colonel Anton Gash to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Stay tuned Garnett, it is going to be interesting as there will be a lot of rotten eggs slapped on so many embarrased lobster-red faces.

I hope my Lesson 101 on Sri Lanka’s Eelam War IV gave you      some FACTS to think about, and I hope you will be an honest

Judge and Jury on the issue.

Being December, Garnett,  I wish you a Happy Holiday Season and may Christmas Memories that are rich and deep, be yours to

savour and to keep.

And may 2018 bless you with wisdom to make you a rare honest  young politician in Canada.  Believe me, we need them.



Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr)

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    Well said Asoka!

  2. Vijendra Says:

    Asoka, thank you very much for educating the “bleeding hearted” but misguided Canadian politicians, though some of them cunningly exploit the situation to increase their vote base. Politicians must speak only on matters after careful and unbiased examination of all facts and not just because someone has stated something. Veracity of such statements must be checked before any pronouncement is made in the Parliament. Shame on these politicians who have no self-respect or integrity whatsoever!


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