Who birthed LTTE & Tamil Militancy & who later adopted it?
Posted on December 11th, 2017

Shenali D Waduge

The world is demanding to know how and who killed the LTTE. Based on this same logic shouldn’t we have the right to know who created, who funded, who armed, who financially supported, who provided logistics & material support, who promoted & campaigned on behalf of the LTTE? The beginning of the story should matter more than the end. A new government must hold a Commission of Inquiry into how LTTE terrorism started and all the stake holders involved.

What is curious is that the Tamil New Tigers (TNT) was launched on 22 May 1972 the same day as the Republican Constitution of Sri Lanka by V. Prabakaran who was barely 18 years at the time. It was on 17 September 1972 that the TNT bombed a carnival held at the preset Duraiappah Stadium. Where did Prabakaran get the bombs? Is it a coincidence that Prabakaran traveled to India before forming TNT? Coincidentally TNT also stands for explosives! Why did Prabakaran spend two years in India and returned only in 1974?

Within months of returning Prabakaran’s first victim became the Mayor of Jaffna – Alfred Duraiappah in July 1975. The killing of M Canagaratnam TULF MP who joined UNP in Colombo in January 1978 became LTTE’s 1st attack outside North East Sri Lanka. In April LTTE murdered 9 Tamil policemen including Inspector Bastianpillai when they raided a LTTE training camp. In May 1978 the JR Government proscribed LTTE and Prabakaran was included into a list of 38 wanted men. That didn’t stop LTTE from blasting the Air Ceylon aircraft the very day JR Government introduced its new constitution on 7 September 1978.

Tamil New Tigers became rechristened LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) on 5 May 1976 same time as the Vaddukoddai Resolution. Note timing of the formation of the TNT on the same day as the Republican Constitution and the formation of LTTE & Vaddukoddai Resolution just before a major shift in Sri Lanka’s political system with the 1977 elections & another constitution in 1978 barely 6 years after its first constitution.

LTTE was not the only militant outfit – EROS Eelam Revolutionary Organisation of Students or Eelam Revolutionary Organisers was formed in London in 1975 by Eliyathamby Ratnasabapathy and its student wing-the General Union of Eelam Students (GUES) was subsequently formed in Madras. EROS and GUES split and formed EPRLF – K. Padmanabha was its leader.

How and who helped them link up with the Palestinian Liberation Organization as PLO provided EROS and LTTE training in Lebanon.

What is interesting is that Tamils in both India & Sri Lanka have been peddling pseudo-historical interpretations to justify a homeland & self-determination. Can the same race evolve in two separate countries demanding homelands using the same criteria? In India Tamil angst was against Hindi domination while in Sri Lanka it was against Sinhalese majority. India dealt with separatism through 16th amendment while Sri Lanka brought the 6th amendment.

What needs to be reiterated is that India’s discussions on the Tamil issue with the Sri Lankan counterparts came ONLY AFTER Tamil militants emerged from training in India and after creating a path to use Tamil Nadu as a logistics hub & support base. India obviously found a great means to exert diplomatic pressure upon a geopolitically vulnerable neighbor.

There are reasons to claim India had a role in the creation of Tamil militancy.

JN Dixit, Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka’s interview in 1985 claims India decided to stop training & assistance to Sri Lankan Tamil Groups – it confirmed India had been both training & providing assistance to Tamil groups. www.rediff.com

Dixit’s memoirs also speak of arming Sri Lankan Tamil youth claiming it a policy blunder of PM Indira. these boys who were trained by us from 1977” (Dixit, Assignment Colombo) Though India claimed to have stopped material support by Wikileaks cable of 5 April 1988 quotes Dixit agreeing to pay LTTE Rs.5m per month from July 1987 onwards. LTTE also got Rs.110m from MGR Ramachandran Tamil Nadu Chief Minister according to Mark Salter, author of ‘To end a civil war, Norway’s Peace Engagement in Sri Lanka”. www.ceylontoday.lk and explains why JRJ labelled LTTE as ‘the private army of MG Ramachandran’. LTTE too confirms exchange of money MGR gave us Rs.6 crore’ expressindia.indianexpress.com

That India did not trust Prabakaran completely is established in the manner RAW chief Gauri Shankar Bajpai admitted Col Kittu (Sathasivam Krishnakumar) was used as an Indian mole inside the LTTE. This was confirmed by RAW chief Gauri Shankar Bajpai in his affidavit to the Jain Commission. He was not India’s only mole – Mahaththaya, Prabakaran’s deputy was also kept to secure India’s interests. timesofindia.indiatimes.com

Karunanidhi in his affidavit to the Jain Commission says It is a well-known fact that the LTTE and other Sri Lankan Militant camps were established in India ever since 1982 in tune with the policy of the Central Government at that time. The Tamil militants were given military training and allowed to have their own training camps in India”.

The affidavit of Shri K Mohandas Director General Police (Para 13 Jain Commission) is noteworthy ….The issue had become very sensitive, and meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s advisors were working overtime, giving facilities to the militants, particularly the TELO (Tamil Ealam Liberation Organisation) to be trained in the use of modern arms in the camps organised in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi and elsewhere. The idea was that after the training, they would be supplied with arms and sent to Northern Sri Lanka to engage the Sri Lankan troops in guerrilla action. It was supposed to be a top secret operation without even the knowledge of the State Government and its Intelligence agency. (at least as far as Tamil Nadu was concerned.”

The Jain Commission report gives lists of where Tamils were trained & by whom. India stands guilty.

Is this not state sponsored terrorism?

India’s former Union Law Minister Ram Jethmalani is also on record to say PM Indira created LTTE to protect Indian interests at a time China & Pakistan were establishing power in Sri Lanka.

Was it not on this backdrop that the Indo-Lanka Accord was forced upon Sri Lanka after threatening Sri Lanka when it cornered Prabakaran in Vadamarachchi in May 1987? Had Prabakaran been caught by the Sri Lankan Troops we would not have had to endure murders & mayhem from 1987 to 2009.

Having thus placed men in arms in the Jaffna peninsula with the insinuation that Sinhalese in particular the military was not welcome it is important to note that it was the Indo-Lanka Accord that officially peddled the notion of North East being traditional homeland of Tamil speaking people. Baffling is why UNP Govt and key advisors agreed to accept such a false & mythical notion as it is was on this false basis that the N-E was merged though in reality we know that the merger came because Trinco harbor that India wanted was in the East of Sri Lanka and the subtle way to merge territory was by claiming a false territory. The 13th amendment and its clauses in particular land & police are all Indian-drafted and these are all in India’s interests by using Tamils & Tamil politicians to demand its full implementation as a proxy. Who stands to gain from full implementation of 13a – Tamils or India. The answer is clear.

India therefore stands guilty of not only helping nurture armed militancy but officially endorsing a false homeland concept that was purely made for India’s geopolitical advantage. If India had wanted to create a Bangladesh out of Sri Lanka’s northern or eastern territory it would have done so but in the case of Tamils & Sikhs we see the Indian Centre adopting a different strategy & tactic.

Nevertheless, militants and militancy is not easy to handle. The orphans created don’t necessarily remain with their adopted mother. History has many examples of how monsters have changed hands. Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, Hosni Mubarak and Gaddafi were all CIA assets later gone astray. Similarly, it is important to capture the timeline of LTTE and Prabakaran being 100% in control of India and thereafter straying to other foster parents.

When did LTTE move hands from being 100% controlled by India to being controlled by West & the Church?

Not very many terrorists are lucky to have their leaders funerals held in Norway and their diplomats sobbing before the coffin! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHqC9DmDWhA Not many foreign envoys shed tears and give emotional interviews bemoaning they did not spend much time with Prabakaran http://www.thesundayleader.lk/2017/08/20/i-regret-we-could-not-spend-more-time-with-prabhakaran-says-erick-solheim/

You don’t see Church Fathers/Sisters taking part in LTTE demonstrations, keeping orphaned children to be handed as child soldiers when needed, even placing their names on petitions against a sovereign government or using their NGOs to help LTTE advance their agendas while they themselves carry out their conversion & destroying of Eastern cultures agendas. If this allegation is not true why has the Vatican not taken action against those in robes that have been openly promoting the LTTE. The Vatican has not even investigated their links to terror.



Pictures speak a thousand words http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2016/09/26/ltte-terrorism-church-links-can-someone-explain-these-photos/

In determining when LTTE moved away from India to become the orphan of the West the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi is important. Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination continues to be plagued in controversy. It came close on the heels of the Bofors scam. While every unexpected murder is shrouded in controversy and conspiracy theories Rajiv’s death is no different & also points to Church & NIS links to LTTE contract. http://postcard.news/untold-story-insider-plotted-rajiv-gandhis-murder/ When nothing is in black and white these versions should not be brushed aside. Rajiv’s wife a staunch Catholic eventually went on to lead Congress though Subramaniam Swamy has made allegations against her for linking with LTTE to smuggle Indian artefacts out of India & sold in Italy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oYZJeXZOuE

It is curious to note the many Christian/Catholic NGOs operating in the North throughout the period LTTE ran its defacto rule. It was always the Church heads who were at the forefront of demands made by LTTE when in reality 90% of the Tamil populace were Hindus. There were no Hindu religious leaders coming forward on behalf of Tamils. All of the LTTE fronts that emerged after the elimination of the LTTE leader in 2009 were all domiciled overseas most holding foreign passports and openly advocating a separate state. Even after proscribing 16 entities as LTTE fronts in 2014 no foreign government chose to investigate their links to terrorism and providing material support. A handful of arrests over the years have all that has been done. The Australian woman who trained children and women to become suicide bombers & commit suicide when caught remains happily in the UK.

The West has shown no sincerity to their own claimed ‘war on terror’ and most of these LTTE front heads are seen regularly visiting and striking relationships with not only UN officials but foreign MPs as well. With the power of their illegal and illicit international network covering money laundering, credit card scams, human smuggling, narcotics etc they have been able to virtually purchase these foreign players to speak on behalf of them – the coterie of such includes foreign MPs, UN officials, authors, media etc and these are all part of a bigger nexus that has nothing to do with giving people self-determination or a homeland. People and issues are simply a means of advancing and camouflaging bigger objectives and motives. All LTTE fronts are operating from Western countries whose intelligence are well aware of what they are up to.

If India used Tamils and Tamil grievances to arm twist Sri Lanka to sign the Indo-Lanka Accord, change constitution and introduce 13th amendment, pushed bogus homeland theories to justify merging two provinces which had Trinco harbor and is now pushing for ETCA for Indians to legally invade Sri Lanka and attempting to take Mattala, Sampur and other strategic assets it is no different to how the West and India combined to push the Cease Fire Agreement that placed terrorists on par with a national army and virtually gave territory to terrorists officially.

Therefore, it is interesting to not only know how and why Tamil militancy emerged but whether its setting up by India had a foreign connection or link to it initially. We cannot omit to take stock of the fact that South India launched its self-determination bid far before it started in Sri Lanka. That connectivity in palming off India’s headache to Sri Lanka cannot be ruled out. There is little doubt that India stands guilty of fostering terrorism and India is no amateur at it either as Sri Lanka was not its first case of arming insurgents. The other important question is exactly when did LTTE get re-adopted and aligned to Western & Church objectives and without LTTE leader and key ground force leaders, what role or clout India has and was it because India was losing control that it indirectly wanted LTTE eliminated because by that time India had made the necessary moves to politically and economically entrap Sri Lanka.

Let’s not forget that if, even within LTTE there had been moles and agents as had been in the case of other Tamil militant groups, even governments also have moles and paid agents therefore even a national policy is likely to get hijacked and waylaid by these politicians on foreign payroll and agent advisors & consultants.

Be that as it may only a Commission of Inquiry with a mandate to investigate how Terrorism started, who started it, who helped indirectly & directly will spill the beans on every individual, organization, politician, military personnel, state officials, foreigners, NGOs, INGOs, UN, foreign MPs, foreign governments that had been involved. That such an inquiry was proposed immediately after the military defeat of LTTE in May 2009 and stopped by most-likely paid agents & advisors goes to show that while we fervently want to know the truth, those who claim to want to know the truth do their utmost to hide the truth because they have played a role in it. Such are the hypocrisies that prevail.

Nevertheless, we can confidently assume that India, the West, Foreign Governments, the Church, nexus of illegal international players have all been involved and had played a role in Tamil militancy and the existence of these high profile players explains why no action was ever taken against LTTE other than cosmetic bans confined to paper only.

Shenali D Waduge

15 Responses to “Who birthed LTTE & Tamil Militancy & who later adopted it?”

  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks Shenali. You have given factual evidence how India is looked after its Indian (Tamil) terrorist arm in our country. The roots of Indian involvement and actions of taking over the island goes back much further in fact more than a century, Indians in the island bringing in socialists ideas from UK to the island and forming Socialists parties by Indian parasites and locals. One of the most significant events was the Mohandas Karamchand’s (Mahatma Gandhi) visit in 1917 at the invitation of Socialists in the island and in India. Indian parasites form Indian colonies studying in Britain congressed to form associations to look after their interests in the Indians in the colonies where they came from. The roots of LTTE in UK goes back to the fifties and Eelam Revolution Organization of Students (EROS) is a notable one. All such organizations had the backing of Socialists of West including Britain.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Thanks very much to Shenali for this valuable article.


    Main problems for Lanka from outside :

    * The 3,000 yr old CASTE SYSTEM from Tamil Nadu/INDIA. This means low CASTE people in Tamil Nadu, INDIA, will always seek to leave those areas where CASTE is stated on their birth certificates as well as Census done with a CASTE base. In Lanka, Tamil low CASTE folk have been used to attempt to carve out Tamil Eelam.

    * PURE CAPITALISM (as opposed to Capitalism mixed in with Socialism), from other foreign countries.
    * Muslim exodus to Lanka from the Maldives and some other SE Asian countries.

    Foreign countries will use internal weaknesses of other countries, espcially in Asia, if allowed to do so, to the detriment of the Asian countries. In a Globalised Economy, the leaders in Economic ideas that spread all over the world through Empires, aggresssive religions, etc. will win, and the rest kept down.

    Where is Lanka’s position right now in all this ?
    I am looking at extreme possibilities in this present day global confusion in human values.

    #1 : It appears that via RW’s ‘Crash & Sell’ program, after two massive Central Bank Scams, Lanka is neck deep in debt and RW is now ready to sell off Lanka State held Assets to foreigners to settle debts.
    This may also install some type of neo-Colonisation of Lanka.

    #2 : Neo-Colonisation may bring neo-slavery, as pure Capitalism >> purely profit motives may be installed too ?
    When masses protest, will RW resort to earlier practices as in the Batalanda tragedy ?

    #3 : Then, whither Buddhism in Lanka, as people protest, mass killing of rural folk may happen, yet again ?

    All this will result in the loss of the entire country, both to INDIA & the other foreign countries.

    To counter all this :

    * Best to have strong Co-op Movements all over the rural areas.
    * Have many Free Trade Zones everywhere too.

    Other ideas welcome.

    Or else, for Lanka, it is Democracy Lost ? !!

  3. Senerath Says:

    Even now it is not too late for a huge “Commission of Inquiry” (than a Re-con-silly commision which was completely useless). There are living Tigers, Hakhim,Sambandam, Sumanthiran, Wiggi and State witnesses such as Karuna and many other valuable witnesses.
    Followed by this , war crime charges shall be laid on these perpetrators as well as criminals such a Seeman. Rajiv’s living advisors in Inida.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Who advised the government on May 21, 2009, May 23, 2009 and May 27, 2009 to allow the UN to look into IHL and IHRL application to Sri Lanka?

    This is where everything fell apart. We surrendered our rights to the UNSG. Now we cannot go back and change it.

    I have a very strong suspicion that these were done by the 1987 midwife of the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord, 13A and Perumal. If so, this is an addition to India’s long list of anti-Sri Lanka moves. By this move, India cleverly and cleanly covered its tracks and the tracks of its agents (including terrorists) in Sri Lanka. All this happened when patriots were intoxicated by the war victory and political henchmen ran the show.

    This explains everything – why no action was taken against the UN overstepping its mandate (it did not as we agreed), LLRC, 13A, visits by all prominent anti-Sri Lanka elements and dictating us their terms, why we cannot investigate Indian, LTTE, TNA, Tamil diaspora, NGO, western abetting of war crimes and why silly street dramas were enacted to fool the gullible public. These include a senior government minister launching a ‘hunger strike’ at the UN compound and another minister proposing to marry Navi Pillai! These dramas gave the impression the UN and the UNHRC were up against the Sri Lankan government. However, no formal action was contemplated.

    People are divided into political camps worshipping politicians. They cannot see reality. Under this cover, politicians and Indian agents sell-off the country. If anyone tries to point out facts, they are silenced.

    However, the average floating voter somehow seems to sense all this despite not having all facts and figures. Sadly, they are a minority.

  5. Senerath Says:

    Excellent argument dy Dilrook.
    “1987 midwife of the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord, 13A and Perumal. ” – yes, I don’t suspect, I strongly believe.

    Permit me to repeat in bold.
    People are divided into political camps worshipping politicians. They cannot see reality. Under this cover, politicians and Indian agents sell-off the country. If anyone tries to point out facts, they are silenced.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Fran Diaz
    Tamil Nadu, INDIA, will always seek to leave those areas- Fully agreed
    but I do not understand Those people who leave why will they ask Tamil Eelam in Mother Lanka if you argument is correct than they simple live in Ilankai with out open their mouth & learn dica dica sinhala to get job in South .
    Also Your argument not valid enough because 150,000 Tamil Mother Lankan living in TN camps not willing to come yet even today after May 2009 .

    Please hard feeling please explain , Thanks

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    *No hard feelings

  8. Fran Diaz Says:


    Your Tamil leaders have misled Tamils of Lanka.

    After Tamil folk ran away from Tamil Nadu and came to Lanka, they must have had high expectations after ‘no more CASTE in their birth certs and also no more CASTE based Census, as done in TN & INDIA’.
    What really happened ?
    They are stuck in their 3,000 yr old CASTE mode, even though they left TN.
    Some broke out of this mode by changing their religion. They also got a western eduction and went about life without the CASTE complexes.
    And the then Tamil Leaders, instead of encouraging the others who were stuck to step out of it, have pointed to the govt of Lanka (composed mostly of Sinhala people) and said ‘form Eelam even through violence, and you will find happiness’ (V’koddai Resolution, 1976).
    To get out of the CASTE mode, Tamils of Lanka who have remained with the Hindu religion will have to learn Raj Yoga. The Yogas are free of CASTE. The rewards of Self Realisation are many. Raj Yoga is akin to the Teachings of the Buddha.

    As for the Tamils in TN Camps : Many hundreds have returned to Lanka. Many may still feel safer in TN. It was the LTTE that made life miserable for them in the N&E. I know personally of Tamils in the South who fled to TN during the troubled times, but have now returned.
    Kumar, some Questions to you : Can Tamil people feel safe to return if their leaders still demand forms of Seperatism in Lanka ? Tamil people will belong in Lanka only if the Tamil Leaders make them feel so and go for the Unitary/United Lanka.
    If not, are Tamil Leaders working for Lanka or some ‘divide & rule’ folk & Cold War players ?

    It is up to the Tamil Leaders to sincerely lead the Tamils of Lanka and join the country toward Peace & Prosperity.
    We are waiting.

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    Can Tamil people feel safe to return if their leaders still demand forms of Seperatism in Lanka ?NO

    are Tamil Leaders working for Lanka or some ‘divide & rule’ folk & Cold War players ? Correct

    Tamil Leaders to sincerely lead the Tamils of Lanka and join the country toward Peace & Prosperity.We are waiting- I have not seen any one at present or past hope & pray for future .

    Tamils of Lanka who have remained with the Hindu religion will have to learn Raj Yoga- I fully agreed with you I tried many I personaly happy with Yoga than going to temple .
    here come problem for Our Tamil society they have stacked with Temple (scared to come out but they do not accept)

  10. NAK Says:

    Do you have any idea what they found on 21,23 and 27th May 2009 on violations of IHL and IHRL?
    Aren’t Subsequent allegations,mind you not charges,are all based on so called made up “credible allegations” by the diaspora and nothing found on the ground.
    The misfortune is that no one really utilized the fact that UN was allowed to look in to physically on the ground but nothing was found.

  11. NAK Says:

    Back then Northern Tamil militancy was feared by India for the fact that it could easily be picked up in Tamil Nadu.
    In order to have the controlling levers of the militancy India supported them,undercover of course.
    Meanwhile another cold war project was making use of the situation and that was the US interest in breaking India up. LTTE was their partner.
    83 riots were carried out by the then UNP in support of the USA’s project which indeed achieved its goals beyond expectations.
    It provided much needed cadres and created a diaspora for continued funding.The UNP had no other reason to involve in such a heinous crime such as the 83 riots other than just comply with their masters.
    That was why India vehemently objected to a VOA station installed in Sri Lanka, in which India failed.
    Then India intervened in Sri Lanka big way in 1987 peace accord got Sri Lanka to accede to their demand that Trincomalee shall not be given to a third party and that is also why the LTTE never acceded to the INDO-SL accord.
    That was the story during the cold war era when China was not considered a threat to any one.

    Now that China is being considered a threat to both USA and India they have teamed up to sacrifice Sri Lanka.
    USA desperately need a base n Trinco and India is doing its utmost to get it for them.
    Now that the cold was is over USA’s interests towards India has changed and India too has different priorities.Now the Indians are meekly trying to hide behind the US for protection from China.

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    Some facts to note:

    * INDIA’s largest trading partner at present is China, and second largest trading partner is the USA.

    * WW I&II came out of Europe.

    * Trinco was a British Naval Base in WWII.

    * At present, Lanka Army Chief Advisor is a British Army subject.
    * Lanka Navy works with the US Navy & the INDIAN Navy to contain Piracy in the Indian Ocean.

    * Lord Naseby’s truthful account of numbers of Tamil civilian (plus LTTE cadre in civilian clothing) deaths at 7,000 – 8,000 in the last war with the LTTE instead of 40,000, has been treated as ‘not in accordance with British policy’ by the British HC in Lanka. The UNHRC appears to have ignored the correct numbers too. Why ?

    * The UN was formed after WWII by 51 countries to : “Maintain international peace & security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and Human Rights”. Both INDIA & Sri Lanka are member countries of the UN.

    What has the UN done re Lanka problems on :

    – ILLEGAL MIGRANTS from Tamil Nadu and some other places to Lanka ?
    – When INDIA forced the illegal 13-A on the JRJ govt and also trained the LTTE in Tamil Nadu ?
    – When the trumped up 1983 Riots happened to enable the Tamil exodus of nearly a million to the west ? (No other way to enter the west).
    – When the LTTE went on slaughtering hapless Lanka villagers for nearly 30 yrs together with destruction of public property, loss of funds to the GoSL, reputation abroad etc ?
    – When the war with the LTTE went on, what action did the UN take to help the GoSL eradicate LTTE terrorism in Lanka ?
    – After the war with the LTTE ended, what action has the UN taken to ensure that Tamil terrorism will not recur in Lanka ?
    – Why is the UN via the UNHRC, harrassing Lanka over War Crimes charges – seems to have gone ‘beyond the pale’ to trap Lanka over War Crimes that did not happen, and also accused Lanka of killing over 40,000 Tamil Civilians without any proof of such numbers, and going against the proof that actual the numbers are 7,000 – 8,000 ?
    – What action did the UN take to prevent GoSL two conflicts with the JVP in the early 1970 & the late 1980s ?

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Who birthed LTTE & Tamil Militancy & who later adopted it than killed with out blood in their hand !!!

    Have Modadaya & Sakkiliya learned anything last 2,500 Years or more & will learn any thing next 3,000 years or more

    so why this kavadi kolaveri ????

    actual the numbers Mother Lankan are killed ONLY 7,000 – 8,000 ?

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Tamil folk from Tamil Nadu flee TN due to CASTE/poverty matters.
    They are led to believe it is best for them in Lanka, to lose CASTE, get citizenship & jobs, free Education & Health Care, even demand Eelam, as they led to so believe by Tamil leaders.
    They also think that Lanka is the best stepping stone to lay blame on if things go wrong, and the best place to hop on to the west as ‘discrimination happens’ in Lanka.

    Other Lankans already in Lanka think Tamils are coming in from TN only to work as cheap labor, as in British times.
    But Tamil leaders have Separatist Plans in mind, and to use them for Separatism !

    Therein lies the fault lines, now becoming increasingly clear.

    RECOGNISE that only One Lanka, Unitary & United will work out well for everyone.
    MOVE forward as One Nation.

    Time to wake up, for all concerned parties.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    Simple truth is that Lanka does NOT have the huge areas and the Resources to host vast numbers of migrants from Tamil Nadu and other areas.

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