Sirisena is a Worse Indian Agent than Ranil
Posted on December 17th, 2017

Dilrook Kannangara

Amidst confusing political signals, there emerges a clear signal of who is the worst Indian agent in the island nation. It is Sirisena. Certainly not Ranil. In fact, Ranil may fall to the third place behind another national leader who is desperate to win Modi’s heart and mind. A careful look at his statements show he is extremely critical of selling Hambantota to China but very soft on selling Mattala to India. Sirisena has caused enormous damage to the national economy by supporting India. Yet, he escapes blame as the Opposition does not blame him fearing his wrath. TNA loves favouring India and JVP is neutral on the matter. The Join Opposition is trying hard to become India’s darling once again in a change of political fortunes. UNP is too frightened not to antagonize Sirisena and India.

When a low-quality petrol ship was turned down, powerful politicians influenced the petroleum minister to release it. Though he was challenged to reveal the name of those powerful hidden hands, he refused. Had Arjuna revealed the name, he would no longer be a minister but countrymen would know who the real wheeler-dealer is behind the chaos.

Having a very depleted air force with just one flying jet, the Cabinet divided to buy Pakistani-Chinese JF-17 jets from Pakistan. Sirisena struck it down. The purchase of a needless Indian warship was initiated by Sirisena. India cleverly split Fonseka and Mahinda in 2009 and Mahinda fell for the Indian bogus ‘intel’ that Fonseka was planning a military takeover. He never planned such a move. It was India that forced Mahinda on May 21, 2009 to agree to fully implement 13A and take a pro-Indian course of action regarding war crimes investigations. On May 23, 2009 in a Joint Statement between Sri Lanka’s president and the UN Secretary General, Sri Lanka relinquished the right to investigate war crimes of all parties to the war. This was done under threats by India’s defence secretary Narayanan and security advisor Menon. They cleverly shut out IPKF horror war crimes in Jaffna. Accordingly, the PoE report and LLRC report discounted IPKF war crimes and India’s role in terrorism in Sri Lanka. In 2011 Mahinda almost signed CEPA with India until local businessmen protested and forced the government hand in the last moment.

Sirisena distanced himself from the sale of the Hambantota port to China. Ranil was bold enough to put his future on the line in the China deal. It must be remembered that it was Ranil, not Mahinda who brought China to Hambantota in 2003.

Sri Lanka’s politics of hate and love shuts out most people from seeing the reality.

However, this doesn’t mean Ranil is anyway better than the rest. It only means Ranil has far more courage than others when it comes to dealing with India. Ranil, just like his uncle, is a slave of the West. In a twisted way, it helps Sri Lanka mitigate Indian pressure as the West is in total control of India. Although Sirisena is strongly pro-India, the West has doubts about his political vision (if any) which was strongly moulded by Marxist leanings. Mahinda is not anti-West but the West is anti-Mahinda.

On a scale from lowest to highest, the most Indian servitude is shown by – Ranil, Mahinda and Sirisena. On the same scale trust of the West has been won by – Mahinda, Sirisena and Ranil. When added, Sirisena comes on top of the relatively highest pro-Indian and pro-American. Despite showing he knows nothing, Sirisena sure knows how to play his cards well, using the love-hate political thinking of Sri Lankans, to get ahead. Behind his veil of innocence and unassuming smile is a well-seasoned and shrewd politician who will not spare anything to get ahead. He uses West’s dislike of Mahinda and India’s dislike of Ranil (relatively) to forge ahead. If people wake up to reality, his game will end. However, people have set-in-stone conclusions about their favourite politicians which is inconsistent with reality. This is all Sirisena needs to survive.

The January 2015 understanding between India and the West was to have a government of both pro-Indian and pro-Western agents. This is why Sirisena-Ranil regime survived for so long. However, now India wants it all since the West did nothing to stop Hambantota sale to China. The SLFP-JO merger attempt is due to this. Opposed to this are traditional pro-Western camps (UNP) and the new pro-Western camp of American citizens.

Politicians use various nonsensical excuses for political marriages but in reality these have been already decided in New Delhi and Washington DC. Though India and USA are on the same side, they do have their differences. This is what is reflected in Lankan political feuds. If India gets its way this time, USA will amass its agents for a takeover in 2019. Since 1972, Sri Lanka like a pendulum swings between USA and India. The only exception was from November 19, 2005 to May 19, 2009. This 3 and a half years changed Lanka’s history for good. A parallel can be found in the 1951 to 1956 regime. But both USA and India (world’s leading democracies and election manipulators) ensured they ended.

4 Responses to “Sirisena is a Worse Indian Agent than Ranil”

  1. Christie Says:

    Thanks Dilrook: Sirisena is the best Indian puppet of India.

    West is no longer in control of India but the opposite. Look at all the Indian vermin in the West who are in key political and administrative positions.

    Indian parasites know how to control us as well as others including the Wests.

  2. Hiranthe Says:


    “Since 1972, Sri Lanka like a pendulum swings between USA and India. The only exception was from November 19, 2005 to May 19, 2009. This 3 and a half years changed Lanka’s history for good.”

    I totally agree. I also agree that Mahinda is pro-India and the CEPA thing proves this.

    Does that mean it was Gota and Fonseka who was behind the good period we had during 2005 and May 2009, in which we could crush the LTTE without listening to India,? Then, to please India, MR used Basil to go to India and do the damage control.

    That is why MR does not want to get rid of 13A / PC system… to please India although Gota and WW were totally opposing it.

    What does this tell us?? Even if MR comes to power, we will be still enslaved by India? MR and Sira together will make it easier to India. However, Runil is all out to implement ICTA with India and also to build the Hanuman Bridge. Are these two projects then belongs to Maru Sira but on the surface, going to implement by Runil??
    It is a sad situation. God Bless Mother Lanka… that’s all I can say.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    The only exception was from November 19, 2005 to May 19, 2009.- Wrong MR made them to believe until 19 May 2009 ( eg: 13 plus promise etc….)

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Mahinda is pro-India- NO one Mother Lankans are Pro-Indian Include Our Thesiya Thalivar VP, MS ,RW & CB but We do not have alternative act as Pro-Indian but when right time WE kick them out like What We-Thamil Pulikal done to IPKF !

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