President’s determination to save the country
Posted on December 27th, 2017

Gallege Punyawardana Head, Swarna Hansa Foundation

President is determined to save the country, as reported in The Island of Dec. 24, and is sure to be welcome not by lakhs of people but by several millions of people, who were longing for it impatiently for quite a long time.

However the people are wondering if the President can do it in the way he thinks he could do it. President says the way to save the country from the scourge of bribery and corruption was to strengthen his SLFP which he describes as the only clean political force that could save the country at this time its history.

But it is hardly believable that the SLFP is a clean political force that people could depend upon, as its history is not so clean. Anybody interested in the history of political forces and parties in this country knows, quite well those parliamentarians who got caught for bribery for the first time in the history of parliament are from the SLFP, under the leadership of Prime Minister Bandaranayaka. President Sirisena could say that it is a different SLFP and his SLFP today is quite different. But it is a fact that none of the SLFP parliamentarians who are presently with President Sirisena have been exonerated from alleged corruptions.

Accordingly saving the country from bribery and corruption could only be done by The President himself, doing it alone, with the support of millions of people who will be strongly with him. In this respect The President needs not wait till the local government elections are over, because it will be a miscalculation of public opinion. Actually the local government election is greatly not by the people but needed by the parliamentarians, as the only way to halt probing bribery and corruption allegations against them. Therefore it is suggested that all parliamentarians ought to be made invalids well, before the President resorts to his political bravery this time.

Gallege Punyawardana

Head, Swarna Hansa Foundation

3 Responses to “President’s determination to save the country”

  1. janakic Says:

    Once again this is one of Mr. Sirisena’s strategies for the local govt. election. Mr. Sirisena had three years to get rid of bribery and corruption as the Executive President, at least to demonstrate his intent. Getting rid of bribery and corruption was his main commitment to the electorate. Unfortunately, Mr. Sirisena is part of the problem. In fact he encouraged corruption in many ways. Some of these include the appointment of defeated candidates through the national list and making them ministers; appointment of a Prime Minister from a minor party when there was a Prime Minister in office; sacking the Chief Justice without adhering to set procedures; joining the UNP in a coalition govt withhold foreshadowing this intent in the lead up to the presidential election; appointment of his kith and kin to key positions; dissolution of parliament before the first COPE Committee was tabled; setting up the Office of Missing Persons despite his assurance to armed forces on war crimes etc. clearly demonstrates his modus operandi.

  2. Christie Says:

    The worst is a man who becomes president picked and supported by India.

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Rubber stamp vairapala sorry sena should take a break after working so hard during the last few years.
    Country is finished
    Buddhism is finished
    Sinhales race is finished
    Bank thieves, mega thieves running for their lives; corruption is less than zero
    Rana viruwan imprisoned
    federal constitution almost ready to break up the country
    vairapala’s henchmen, traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Mega thief Mega Thakkadiaya Bay Gal Karaya
    lajja baya nathi aga matta Batalande Wadakaya pol pot [email protected] wickrama Sinhala killer’s henchmen all got very very
    fat close to bursting
    motorways everywhere in the country (managed to extend the network by <0 inches)
    sold assets to China, india very very cheap to balance the books
    shan hindiyawa at its best, Sinhalaya is a door mat while foreigners are the masters
    Buddhist monks in prisons, while mussie, tamil deshapaluwan can do what they like (shan hindiyawa at its best)
    Wilpattu destruction expedited to make room for fast multiplying mussie xxxx
    ancient dagabas, Buddhist temples bulldozed to make room for mussie new breeds
    Sri Pada area, tea estates also made available for the mussie new breeds
    Buddha statues in the north and the east vandalised, removed etc. inc. some places in Colombo

    List of treacheries is endless. While vairapala sorry sena has been a curse to Mother Lanka, Sinhalese race and
    Sri Lanka, still there are some Sinhalese who sings his praises for lining up their pockets/fill their stomachs! But
    they are Sinhalese and in Sri Lanka. We aren't surprised!

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