Treasury Bonds: Shouldn’t Prime Minister resign?
Posted on January 4th, 2018


According to media reports, when the name of Arjuna Mahendran came up to the Cabinet of Ministers as a nominee for the post of Governor of the Central Bank, several cabinet members had apparently objected to his being considered for the post, but the Prime Minister (PM) had insisted that Mahendran be appointed highlighting his merits and saying that he would take the full responsibility for the appointment.

Now that the misdeeds of Mahendran, as the Governor, have been revealed resulting in the loss of over eleven billion rupees to the government, the best the PM could do at this stage, as a gentleman to honour his word, is to tender his resignation from the position of Prime Minister. More than the loss of money, the loss of reputation of the Central Bank and the highly respected position it had both locally and internationally is a greater loss to the country.

When the Employees’ Provident Fund scheme was established many decades ago to grant retirement benefits to employees in the private sector who were not entitled to a pension, instead of establishing a separate body to manage it, its management was entrusted to the Central Bank on the presumption that the hard-earned money of the people would be in safe hands. But, now it was proved to be otherwise, breaching the trust the employees and the government had in the Bank.

In the President’s statement telecast over electronic media on the 3rd, reference was made to several recommendations made by the Commission to prevent recurring of such losses in the future, including amending existing laws and bringing in new laws. However, it is very doubtful whether such damage control measures could erase the damage already inflicted and restore the Bank’s reputation, which like a girl’s virginity once lost is lost forever.

It may be recalled that the PM on several occasions, both within and outside the Parliament, made attempts to cover up Mahendran’s misdeeds. He first appointed a committee of three attorneys handpicked up by him to report on the issue, who exonerated Mahendran fully. When the COPE report on the bond issue was submitted to Parliament, before the report was taken up for debate, it was conveneintly dissolved. Further, the PM defended Mahendran at every opportunity he got. Covering up a misdeed is equally an offence as doing the misdeed itself. The Commission did not want to take PM into task on this issue probably to avoid toppling the apple cart.

With all the damage done to the country and to its economy by Mahendran, the PM should not be allowed to go scot free for handing over the Central Bank to Mahendran, particularly when there was opposition at the Cabinet, as if the Bank was his inherited property. Though the Commission has not held the PM responsible explicitly for Mahendran’s misdeeds, unlike in the case of his buddy who was found guilty of lying to the Commission, the PM has no option other than to tender his resignation if he has even an iota of self-respect.

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  2. dhane Says:

    Ranil never had any respect in the past and he will never ever tender his resignation. Unless people revolt against PM. President is equally responsible for the loss over eleven billion rupees to the government without taking action before the 2nd robbery took place. President would have sack Mahendran as soon 1st robbery and prevent the loss. Therefore President also should resigned and go home. What ever it is many months ago Chief Priest of Bellanvilla Temple told to the face of President the present out come of this commission or carnival. Its another wastage of Govt money & peoples time looking up without any action.

  3. Hiranthe Says:

    My3 would have sacked Run-nil similar to the proverbial “Pinhami” who cut the tree branch while sitting on it, if he do not have the direction of RAW.

    Now whatever happens, they are all well planned actions of the Yahap team’s original pay masters who managed the Regime Change project.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    Ever since Ranil being appointed by Sirisena overlooking parliamentary protocols, all what he has done are to make Sri Lanka a failed state. This is the objective of the Western Christian nations. Only way to subjugate Sri Lanka and Sinhala Buddhists and to bring them under the suzerainty of the west is to make them paupers. This is what he started – denying the farmers their fertilizer denying them a correct price for their produce, stopping of all development activities, selling of state assets, bringing disrepute to Sri Lanka as a whole on all financial and monetary indices and making Sri Lanka again open to the LTTE terrorists and their sympathizers. The objective of bringing Jadapalanaya with a vain creature such as Sirisena in the guise of President of the country was to administer the agenda of the Christian West.

    Now even after getting caught with his pants down on the Bond Scam / Robbery the biggest in the history of Sri Lanka and perhaps in the whole of Asia, he does not have the decency to call it quits. If he was the “Mr Clean” as some idiots seem to believe or if he has an iota of self-respect he would have resigned on 27 Feb 2015 the day the Bond Scam saw daylight. From that day onwards all his actions were to exonerate the thieves – whose identities are no longer secret. Now that the idiotic daylight robbery is all exposed, he nor his fellow thieves do not even have fig leaves to hide behind.

    However, Ranil is still required by the Christian West and the Christians and other low lives in Colombo and their bootlickers in the rest of the country for their benefit alone. This is the reason he was entrenched in the UNP for the last nearly 3 decades, and this is the reason they will all rally behind to keep him in office.

    If Sirisena is not a spineless guttersnipe he should rise up to the occasion and fire Ranil from his post as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka. Today I listened to the media discussion when somebody tried to paint him as a lion for stammering out a statement after receiving the Commission of Inquiry Report. He is simply a stick in the mud that inclines in the direction it is pushed. He was pushed by the media and that is how the CoI came about. Now he is trying to get credit for it. He thinks he was voted in by a majority in Sri Lanka 6.2 Million. He should know that these votes are not all democratic votes, but rather minority racist and jihadist votes which are block votes of those inimical to the existence of Sri Lanka as we know her. He is simply a self-serving individual totally devoid of any self-respect willing to do the bidding of any who will subscribe to keep him in office as the President of Sri Lanka, a position he couldn’t even have dreamt of ever!

    What is most strange is the silence of the United Opposition except for little musings here and there. Bond Scam and the resulting impoverishment of the Sri Lankans is the main theme that they must take to the people of Sri Lanka at the Local Government elections.

    Twenty-Two Million Sri Lankans who are impoverished to the tune of Rs 30,000 each by the Bond Scam should be brought to the streets till Ranil Wikkamasinghe and his cohorts are expelled forever from the politics of Sri Lanka!

  5. NAK Says:

    Prime minister must resign. He gave an undertaking to the aprliament to take full responsibility for the appointment of Arjun Mahendran and now he himself has admitted that Mahendran was involved in malpractices.
    If he does not resign now taking responsibity for his actions his words of taking responsibilty will be just hollow words regadless he was involved in the robbery or not.
    It is also time for the academics and professionals all responsible to come out and agitate for the resignation of the Prime Minister.

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    It was just a show trial to please Sinhala booruwan who support this anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lankan, anti Sinhalese
    by traitor catholic run UNPatriotic party head traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Mega Thakkadiya
    Mega Thief Bay Gal Karaya Batalande Wadakaya Pol Pot [email protected] wickrama Sinhala killer. Knowing Sinhala modayas
    will never understand, Wadakaya first sacked his catholic buddy karunkaya since he was in xxxx up top its eye balls with luxury flats,
    money etc. etc. Sinhala modayas over the moon. Then thappulana livera came and gave a good show. Sinhala
    modayas again over the moon again. Now the joke commission report is out with the traitor rubber stamp vairapala
    soory sena, with his tail between legs, came and delivered. Nothing! Again, karunkaya is the culprit while main
    architect Cancer in Mother Lanka [email protected] the xxx got away scot free! Again! Remember, Batalande Commission? It was all Wadakaya and his catholic buddies murderous scheme. Was the cancer punished? No. It fell on One Eyed Bandit’s lap to take action. Bandit Queen didn’t want to hurt its catholic buddy. [email protected] the xxx was let off the hook.

    What this cancer don’t understand is, one
    day [email protected] the xxx will have to pay for all the treacheries. Hope it will be a public hanging. Until that, the low life will revel in destroying Sri Lanka, Sinhalese
    race and Buddhism to please his ardent supporters catholic west, tamils, mussies and catholics. Remember gadaffi,
    sad-dam, lk porisada alugosuwa (to Sinhalese only) etc etc? Traitor low life’s day will come! Hope it will be a very very painful, painful demise for the crimes/murders this Cancer in Mother Lanka done to Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and
    Buddhism! Blood soaked hands, pocket full of CB robbery money, head full of treachery towards Sri Lanka,
    Sinhalese race and Buddhism the cancer in Mother Lanka walks the streets freely. Still some traitor low lives Sinhalese donkeys monster revere it!

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Please click in the following links. You won’t see these in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka. Buddhist jvpers
    burnt in tyres, headless corpses in rivers while catholic tigers were given half the country by the catholic run
    UNPatriotic party. Wonder why? Any clues Sinhala modayas? Sri Maha Bodhi massacre, Sri Dalada Maligawa
    attack, Aranthalawa Bikku massacre. Stil no action. What action? Are you mad? It is our brethren fighting for a
    separate state you Sinhala modayas. So Sinhalese tri forces personnel, police, Buddhist monks, men, women and
    children’s lives were sacrificed and pretended to be fighting an invincible terrorists. MR came, so called invincibles
    were running for their dear lives.

    Sinhala modayas still support this anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lankan
    catholic run UNPatriotic party who takes orders from the catholic west and dance to their tune. If Sinhalese race,
    Sri Lanka (in one piece) and Buddhim are to survive you have to wipe out this anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti
    Sri Lankan catholic run UNPatriotic party thieves who are only good at robbery, murder (Sinhalese only please; it is
    so easy nobody utters a word, 60,000+ during BHEESHANA SAMAYA, 100,000+ by the catholic tigers, no UNHCR, not even red elephants utter a word against us), destroying Buddhism, Sri Lanka and Sinhalese race from Sri Lankan politics! See it is so easy to hoodwink Sinhala modayas. One Bay Gal, vote is ours!

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