Kaduwela-Fort light trains from 2018: Champika
Posted on January 10th, 2018

Dr Sarath Obeysekera



Fort bound Light Railway Service would be initiated from Kaduwela funded by the Japanese Government, Megapolis and Western Development Minister Champika Ranawaka said.He said the feasibility study for the project was being conducted and the Ministry was acquiring lands in the area for the purpose.Participating in an event to the Kaduwela Public Fair and the additional bus halt, the Minister said the construction of the light railway service would be initiated end of 2018.Apart from Colombo, he said the Kaduwela and Homagama areas had been identified economically valuable areas and would be populated more in the near future.Therefore, Minister Ranawaka said a proper city planning had been proposed by Ministry to the Government considering the commercial demand of the lands in the areaHe said it had been proposed to develop the areas surrounding Parliament to create office complex, including the Prime Minister Office and offices of various Independent Commissions.It is our vision to develop the Kaduwela – Battaramulla area as professionals’ city with many State institutions. The construction work of three large buildings for the purpose will commence soon,” he said.He said the area between Malabe and Homagama would be converted in to a tech city, including technical colleges and technology institutions.

He said 16 companies had already come forward in favour of the Ministry’s strategy

An election is at the door step .Rjagiriya fly over has been declared open.Traffic is still moving in a snarling speed ,Canal passenger Trans port plan was  given wide publicity .Water is flowing and no boats as yet. Completion of connection of Kaduwela Kerawapitiya from Airport highway to Souhern highway is still in the horizon .Improvement to Kelaniweli Rail Line  is still far behind .

It takes over 1 -1.5 hours to reach Colombo from Kaduwela.

Building  an elevated light railway will take at least three years in Sri Lanka.How can it be completed  in 1 year  .Officials and politicians are all talking in many forums ,professors from Universities giving lectures about the transport technology .But the poor people who use public transport keep cursing the rulers .

Why are we hoodwinked by the politicians?

How long can the people wait ?

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  1. Senerath Says:

    How can it be completed in 1 year ?

    Just add in an additional ‘rail peella’ to fit the light rail width or make the Light Rail Car to fit existing main railway. That is the only way it can be operated this year. It is running on the same line but still a LRT for the sake of it. Otherwise the design itself will take one year, even if I become the chief designer.

  2. aloy Says:

    For gods sake Megapolis, stop fooling people. LRT is not the solution to traffic problem in Colombo Metropolis. You are only blocking a valuable corridor with a thing that cannot handle the large number of people who want to travel on this route. Has any survey been done to find out where the people are travelling with these three wheelers and motorcycles?. Please start on a MRT like in Singapore. It might take 10 years to do Kadawata – Borella – Fort and to Port City. But still worth it. Yesterday it took me more than One hour to drive from Horton Place- Wijerama junction to Borella Sennayake junction. The flow was less than snail speed. This is after opening the Rajagiriya flyover. These ad-hoc solutions will not solve Colombo’s traffic problems. Please get some intelligent people with nationalistic mind-set to plan and execute these projects instead of party men; they will concentrate only on next election.

  3. NAK Says:

    80 kms of elevated highway, 20kms each on Galle road up to Moratuwa,High level Rd up to Kottawa, Low level road up to Kaduwela and Kandy road upto Kadawatha above the existing road will solve the road congestion at peak hours.

    Minimum of entry points and many exit points will ensure a smooth flow of traffic.

  4. Christie Says:

    10% from the local contractors, that is the minimum Mr 10%.

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