Multicultural victim: White Briton’s want their country back  
Posted on January 15th, 2018

Shenali D Waduge

 The term multiculturalism maybe new but the concept has existed for centuries. People of different ethnic, religious, traditions, cultures, customs etc have been living together for centuries. However, those that have reconceptualized multiculturalism have a preconceived plan to erase customary historical-cultural-religious non-Abrahamic ethos and replace it with a newly created culture or replace it completely with the new cultures that are being imported as a political ploy. Those plugging in these new concepts are generally people who have no sense of their own roots, no respect for a country’s heritage & history and no care for the people who want to protect and foster their traditional heritage without having it diluted, replaced or completely erased. To understand the situation clearly Britain is the best example to take – today a victim of its own policies.

Multiculturalism is a failure in the very countries promoting it. The Irish hate the English. The Scots hate the English & the Welsh hate the English so what are the Brits preaching to the rest of the world when they can’t even force reconciliation amongst their own?

However, the country that once ruled the world and divided the world’s people creating simmering conflicts that were never meant to be solved are now finding that the hen has come home to roost.

While we can empathize with the feelings of the white populace, we can only tell the Brits to tell their Governments to butt out of interfering in affairs of sovereign countries and get their house in order before the white British Government gets usurped without their own knowledge!

Declining white population

Britain’s population in 1950 was 50million (207people per square mile). Today it stands at 64million (268 people per square mile).

According to Policy Exchange Report only 25 % of white Britons identify themselves as British.

In 2014, some 27% of babies in Britain had foreign-born mothers, up from 26.5% in 2013. According to data released in July 2017, 28% of live births the UK are to foreign-born women – even though foreign-born people only make up 8% of the total population.

Census figures show almost a tenth of babies and toddlers in England and Wales are Muslim – nearly twice the proportion in the general population. Of 3.5 million children up to the age of four in England and Wales recorded in the 2011 census, 317,952 (or 9.1%) were Muslim. According to the census figures, 4.8% of the 56.1 million resident population of England and Wales in 2011 were Muslim.

Oxford Professor and population expert DAVID COLEMAN says white Britons could be in the minority by the 2060s – or sooner.

Confounding the issue is that fact that the White British are not marrying and opting to have fewer or no children. 3.6 million white Brits chose not to get married in 2013. 17.8 million people have chosen to remain single. At the same time the number of divorcees also jumped by a fifth to 4.5 million. Same-sex partnerships were 113,000 people in 2011 census.

Estimated number of migrants between 1800 and 1945

Migrant Group Migration 1800-1945 (145 years) Migration 1945-2010 (65 years)
Africans 10,000 1,000,000
Americans 70,000 250,000
Arabs 10,000 290,000
Belgians 240,000 40,000
Chinese 20,000 320,000
Cypriots 2,000 80,000
French People 40,000 100,000
Germans 100,000 300,000
Hungarians 2,000 38,000
Irish 1,500,000 700,000
Italians 40,000 160,000
Jews 220,000 80,000
Poles 5,000 500,000
South Asians 20,000 1,000,000
West Indians 10,000 400,000
Others 50,000 1,000,000
Total migration 2,339,000 6,231,000
Average migration per year 16,131 95,862


3.3 million immigrants came to the UK from 2001 to 2014.

Minority Ghettos

The UK (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland) population 64millon of which 52million are white British. Presently, there are 2.8m Muslims in the UK of which over 1m live in London (London consists of 8.17m people) In 2011, 2.71 million Muslims lived in England and Wales In 2001, the Muslim populace was only 1.5m.

According to BBC white Brits are now in a minority in London, making up just 45%. Cities like Birmingham, Leicester, Slough, Luton, Bradford and London have seen the white population reduce by 50%.

The guardian gives a breakdown of where Muslims live,

Coventry is the most dangerous city to live in the UK & according to census 20% of Coventry residents were born overseas. 7.5% residents were Muslims, 3.5% were Hindus and 5% were Sikhs.

Britain that is preaching inclusiveness, reconciliation & multiculturalism is struggling to deal with rising ethnic ghetto areas. Magnus Ranstorp of the Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland says

I think that home-grown terrorism is certainly being accelerated by the growing ‘ghettoification.’ Not just in Britain, but across Europe”

if so it is applicable to Sri Lanka & elsewhere as well.

David Owen a specialist at the University of Warwick says

a proportion of new immigrants belong to an Islamic sect that does not wish to mix with other faiths…. add to the rising ghetto population, as well as boosting high birth rates.”

In 2009, Researchers for the Department of Communities and Local Government asked white British what they felt about immigration. The report quotes a resident: He talks of a few incidents that have occurred over previous years, including a road sign in an area with a high Asian population, on which was sprayed the phrase ‘No Whites after 8.30’.

The response by Dr Mohammed Naseem, the chairman of Birmingham Central Mosque If the white working class in Birmingham do feel betrayed, then it is the fault of successive Governments, it has nothing to do with race or immigration or anything like that.”

Study by Professor Ted Cantle taking the census of 1991, 2001 and 2011 examined the movement of white population in the UK. His report names Slough, Birmingham, Leicester, Luton, Bradford and a series of London boroughs as ‘areas with increasingly dwindling white population’. He says that the proportion of minorities in some parts of Bradford was more than 97 per cent. Blackburn had 95% Asians!

His report further states White people are leaving urban areas in a disproportionate number”… Some made no bones about it — they are moving out because ‘they’ are moving in.”

In London, between 2001 and 2011, around 620,000 white British people left the city, most of whom moved to “whiter” areas.

Prof Cantle predicts the divide between minorities and the white majority will be even greater by the 2021 census. Professor Cantle, after the 2001 riots warned that populations in northern cities were living ‘parallel lives’, produced the report, Is Segregation Increasing In The UK?, with Professor Eric Kaufmann of Birkbeck College.

Prof. Cantle called upon the Government to stop ethnic ghettos – the same call must apply to Sri Lanka as well. It completely demolishes solutions for ethno-religious federalism.

The DalyStar in 2014 covered a story on homes being illegally advertised for rent to Muslims only”. This calls to mind several adverts by minorities in Sri Lanka doing the same.

Other adverts have been Room to let for £400 in Plumstead… ONLY FOR ASIAN FAMILY.”

Two Double Rooms…. MUSLIM FAMILY ONLY.”

There has been over 200 property adverts on websites such as Gumtree, specifying Muslims.

Can the whites complain? Remember the 1950s and 1960s they too had boards ‘whites only’!

Political correctness & segregation

Dame Louise Casey, the government’s community cohesion tsar’s blasted local councils for over worrying” about causing offence. This must be the ‘political correctness’ that most are preaching!

Her report reveals thousands of people from all-Muslim enclaves in northern cities such as Bradford, Dewsbury and Blackburn seldom, if ever, leave their areas and have almost no idea of life outside.”

In 2015 almost 4 million voters – about one in 10 of the entire electorate in England and Wales had been born overseas. Two seats – East Ham and Brent North became the first constituencies with a majority of the eligible electorate born abroad. Of this 615,000 were Indians and 118,000 were Sri Lankans. It showed the power of the ‘migrant vote’.

Since 1980s a large number of Asian & Black MPs have been entering UK’s parliament. At local government level too, the number of black and Asian elected councillors has swollen.

Another area that has white Brits angered is the manner non-whites are milking the social welfare benefits. We know too well how LTTE diaspora have mastered this!

Tory MP Peter Bone said the welfare state was being abused. He warned: It would appear that while most migrants come here to work, a disproportionate number are coming for benefits. More than 400,000 now handed payouts that cost taxpayers billions each year. Department for Work and Pensions under the Freedom of Information Act, show a total of 406,900 non-UK nationals were claiming work-related benefits such as jobseekers’ allowance, incapacity benefit and disability living allowance in the year to February 2012.


Nonwhites already make up over 25 percent of all school pupils in primary and secondary schools combined, and have increased their numbers by more than 10 percent in the last ten years. There are a total of 8.67 million pupils in all schools in England—which means that there are already in excess of 2.167 million nonwhite pupils.

A study by Manchester University finds that adults from ethnic minority backgrounds are more likely to be educated to degree level than their white British counterparts.

Overall, 26% of white British adults held a degree, compared with 40% of those described as Black African, 42% of Indians and 43% from Chinese backgrounds.

However, findings from a report by the government’s Social Mobility Commission reveals that British Asians are less likely to land top professional jobs despite having best school results.

A report released by the UK Government in 2017 gives some other shocking facts. Of Britain’s 65m populace 30m are employed of which 76% white British have a job. However, Pakistani or Bangladeshi heritage are the least likely to have a job. Police are far more likely to stop and search non-white Britons. Black people are six times more likely to be stopped and searched than white people. White Britons, who comprise 86 percent of the population, account for 94 percent of police officers. About 92 percent of teachers are white. Asian and black teachers account for just six percent. Just 21 percent of black African and 24 percent of Arab Britons are home-owners, compared with 68 percent of white Britons.

Asian countries have had a massive financial influence on the UK economy, and some of the wealthiest British Asians own some of the most powerful companies in the world. Of the 19 richest Asians in the UK topping the list is Gopichand and Srichand Hinduja (and family) — £19 billion.

Who owns London?

MailOnline asked a pertinent question in March 2017 Who owns London” it appears Qataris have 24m sq.feet of prime real estate in the capital. Qatari’s have invested £80billion in UK real estate since 2005 and they have invested in 5 main areas in London – Kensington, Knightsbridge, Mayfair, the City & Canary Wharf. Some of London’s tallest & most iconic buildings are now owned by foreign investors – Qatar has bought over four 5-start luxury hotels – Claridges, the Connaught, the Knightsbridge Berkeley & the Park Lane InterContinental. No wonder the British are annoyed. Qatari’s also own the former US Embassy in Grosvenor Square. Qatari’s own more of London than the Queen herself!

The idea of “Britishness” is often raised by conservative and far-right critics, who argue against multiculturalism. As they rally against immigration, they claim ethnic minorities do not contribute positively to society or ever see Britain as their first home.

The white Brits are a minority in its own capital no different to how Sinhalese are a minority in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo. Much of the Brexit sentiments of white Brits are certainly shared by the Sinhalese.

The white Brits are certainly sitting on a volcano… they may be numerically in the majority but the fact that their politicians are being increasingly influenced by non-whites into bringing legislations and policies that are pro-non-whites will certainly not be tolerated for too long. It is no surprise that violent entities ended up attacking half of all mosques in the UK after just 1 incident. However, there is no shortage to political approvals for mosques and other non-Christian religious centres inspite of UK clinging to its Anglican roots. As statistics have shown increasing number of non-used churches are now being turned into mosques!

Let’s not forget that the immigration crisis has emerged as a result of people fleeing from their countries due to West’s bombing sprees. If the West had not engaged in bombing countries based on lies and fabrications promoted through western-media people would not be fleeing their homes. Having said that, we can find fault with politicians not only in the West but even in Sri Lanka who have become victims of political correctness for their own personal gains against policies that are country-centric and in the national security interest of the country. Brexit sentiments expressed by the Brits are just as valid as the sentiments presented by the Sinhalese. While we may argue at the ‘Britishness’ of the Brits, Sri Lanka certainly has a proud history running to thousands of years to protect and foster and not have it replaced or usurped by foreign cultures and foreign rules.

However, YES, the white-Brits have every right to protect what they feel is their ‘Britishness’ if so the Sinhalese have every right to protect the Sinhala heritage & culture based on which the country was build. The contribution of others came far after.

No liberal concepts can suddenly come into the scene and replace a country’s history, heritage and culture just because those promoting it feels that their ideology should prevail over all others.

If birth controls are being applied all over the while why are Muslim nations omitted from this? What is the long term results when everyone else is having lower births while Muslim births keep increasing worldwide?

While the Christian ethos in most countries remain unchanged the same applies to majority Muslim countries. Vatican will never turn its state into a multicultural state nor will any majority Muslim countries. If so why only non-Abrahamic religions have to comply?

Brexit means Brits want their country back – the majority in Sri Lanka can understand and wish the same.

Shenali D Waduge


12 Responses to “Multicultural victim: White Briton’s want their country back  ”

  1. Nimal Says:

    There’s no doubt that UK will be multi ethnic and multi religious and we have nothing to worry as the people deep inside knows and proud of their colonial history and they have welcomed us during our hour of our need and they will continue with some sort of control. One will see the emergence of minorities in vital positions which they proudly do in the true interest of the host country.
    Today even the ultra nationalist UKIP berated and expelled a girlfriend of on of their leaders who spoke out of turn against the royal family which had an ethnic tone.Days of we the minority being victimized are gone as we have the best judiciary, the police etc.I would not have a better friend as the English who had been truly good to me.Today I have a funeral at my home in Kandy where the nearby temple objected to his body being brought to the nearby church and the nearby church too refused any facilities for him but we forcibly bought his body to my home. Hope Sudath will visit my home.
    Most threat to the world’s well being will come from the likes of Trump and the rightwing lunatic fringe in EU therefore I urge the writers not to give them any encouragement by allowing and tolerating human right violations in Burma,Yeamen and any other country as the likes of Trump wants to colonize the countries for them selves and there is a growing following for likes of him and UK is the last country to join his mad band wagon. So there’s no ethnic problems here in UK and our enforcement people is capable of dealing with them, provided they are given all the funding. Still a better place to live, the reason why so many want to come to live here, making our house prices to soar.

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    “the people deep inside knows and proud of their colonial history” Really Nimal..?

    They are so proud of colonialism that divided half of the world along ethnic and racial lines, especially in Asia and Africa, mainly by British colonials…? Not to mention the enormous atrocities and human right violations against millions of native inhabitants, while robing their colonies to build an empire.

    Please, just because you live in UK, don’t try to white wash the injustice done to Asians, Africans, and indigenous people in Canada, and Australia by the British white colonialists. Even today, many of the conflicts around the world are the results of the mess the British left behind in their former colonies – example: Sri Lanka, India & Pakistan, Myanmar, Palestine, Middle East, and many countries in Africa, to name few.

    You may be a proud citizen of multi-cultural (London) UK, but that doesn’t mean you can erase the dark side of the colonization and their heinous crimes and human right violations, while looting the colonies.

  3. Nimal Says:

    Please don’t blame the colonials for any dark side we had in our history that was clearly created by our tyrannical rulers.Our ancestors followed the culture of the colonials and the reason you have a anglozied surname and can you blame them?
    Why do most want to come to the countries(Us,AuZ,NZ etc) they are now settled, because they have developed the country to such extent it makes one comfortable and that’s nothing wrong.
    Our culture is at a gutter level and I have two people dead at the same time in Kandy today, churches and temples are playing petty politics with them and one particular person had helped so many people in life, haven’t got the money to go through the expensive ritual of a funeral and my son who is not born in sL is paying for his funeral while his utterly selfish relatives only come to the funeral just to show off.Today is a bad day for me because of this poor fellows last ritual of his departure is from my house where all hypocrites will come for the malabatha with drinks and this is our culture and it is inevitable the people will opt out for the erect and decency in our culture in the colonials though the idiots like Trump is trying to dilute it.
    I want the colonial types to come back and rescue us from pour own enemy with in.Have you ever driven on our roads recently, which is disgusting and tell a lot of us, way the politicians behave in the parliament ?As the internet penetrate the people’s minds then they will compare their unfortunate lives with that of their friends who live in the developed countries. Can’t go on as I am very busy….

  4. Christie Says:

    Our country is an Indian colony like most other Indian Colonies like Mauritius and Guyana.

    British were the absentee land lord. What is happening in UK is theirs to worry.

    Our problem is India and Indian Parasites..

  5. Nihal Perera Says:


    The problem with Sinhalese “Kalu Suddas” like you, is that they live in the past reminiscing the “good old days” of colonialism, which was the cause of many conflicts around the world – even today. Perhaps you should know that many cultures around the world existed for thousands of years with prosperity and harmony, well before the European colonists invaded and ruined those cultures and civilizations. And when they left, they had already planted the racial, ethnic, and religious divisions in their colonies for generations to come.

    By the way, if you don’t know your colonial history I suggest you learn how they (Europeans) invaded and forced the locals to accept their culture, religions (Christianity) – while massacring masses who refused to accept it. Just Google or go to Wikipedia to learn the history of colonialism.

    It’s a shame that Sinhalese are some of the most ignorant people in the world when it comes to history of their own country/culture, etc. You ask a Tamil person, they will say they are very proud of their culture. Sinhalese are just the opposite. Unfortunately, Sinhalese have a inferiority complex of their own culture. May be that’s the reason why some Sinhalese still worship their colonial masters..?

    Also, just because I happened to have a localized colonial surname doesn’t make me an ass-kisser of white colonial masters, like some kalu suddas do…!

  6. L Perera Says:

    Aren’t we great at the Blame Game, machang?

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Even COLONIALS are trying to reclaim their country!! Why shouldn’t we!!

  8. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Can be very very proud of colonial achievements if you’re not Sinhalese.
    Dutch imported tamils to work in tobacco plantations, british imported tamils to work in tea estates. Now the
    imports want their exclusively them only drealam. Sorry no Sinhalese but we want to live in anywhere in the country. No problem. Some like pigneshwaran etc. even have the audacity to call Sinhalese foreigners. It’s
    called shan indiyawa Sinhala modayas! Not just that, the two lot got together and killed 150,000+ (mainly Sinhalese) after a few hundred years to try to achieve their drealam. Parangi brought their religion of
    convenience. It divided the Sinhalese and created a group whose loyalty isn’t to the Sinhalese race or Sri Lanka.

    Sri Lanka destroyed for good (a melting pot).
    India was one piece, now 3 pieces and a melting pot
    Burma melting pot
    Australia gone forever, native aboriginies are foreigners in their own land
    New Zealand gone forever for the native maoris
    Canada gone for the native Indians (they are not even called native canadians)
    America gone for the native Indians (they are not even called native americans)
    Brazil gone forever
    Mexico gone
    South Africa gone
    Nigeria gone
    West Indies gone for the native Indians there
    Middle east was partitioned and made different different countries.
    Even the tiny pacific islands like Fiji couldn’t escape their wrath.

    List is very very long. Every country where europeans went with their guns blazing suffered immensely. Ever
    heard the famous African saying when the whites came, we had land; now they have the land we
    have the bible! In every country the natives were massacred mercilessly since the spear was no match for the
    gun. Whoever opposed the plundering wasn’t shown any mercy. Unfortunately only Mexico and Australia show
    the atrocities committed by the invaders in museums as far as I know. Sri Lanka too, in fact every country, should build museums to show how our ancestors were brutalised and died horrible deaths.

    We can not reverse what happened. But these guys do the decent thing and should at least help those countries or at least stay away from their affairs to get on with their lives. Do they? Unfortunately not! What they did with the gun, now they do with money or use organisations like UN, NGO kakkan to put pressure to dance to their tunes.
    To rub salt to injury now all those countries are called third world countries by the same guys. Proud? Of course
    we are over the moon for being under the jack boot of these guys who destroyed our countries for good!

  9. Nihal Perera Says:

    Well-said Ancient Sinhalaya..!

    Our Sinhala “Kalu Suddas” are under the delusional view that they were better off under the boots of their White Masters, who destroyed our heritage and culture, religion, etc., while looting our country and its resources for nearly 400 years.

    True, we cannot go back and live in the past. But, at least we must know our history and learn what happened to our country, rather than wishing for a defunct and bankrupted colonial Empire (Britain), to come back and rule us – as some of our Sinhala “Kalu Suddas” think..!

    As once a project manager and a consultant to the Ministry of Indian Affairs (formerly), in Canada, I had many opportunities in the past to work with the Indigenous Communities in various provinces, and learn their history. It was unbelievable what the European invaders – British and French – but mainly British, have done to their ancestors and their tribes, their culture, and their land.

    Not only they have destroyed their culture, heritage and their land, but it was a genocide of native inhabitants in every sense of the word. It was heart-breaking to see what these colonialists have done to the natives (the real Canadians), by robbing their land and trying to convert them to Christianity by violent force. Unfortunately, these communities are still suffering, while trying hard to overcome generations of brutality of European colonization.

    Now, almost a century later these same European hypocrites, who looted and killed millions of innocent people in their colonies, are now trying to preach us about HRs, good governance, democracy, etc.

    Unfortunately, some of our ignorant Sinhala idiots who seem to worship their White Masters, still yearning for the good old days of colonial rule..!

  10. Hiranthe Says:

    Kudos to Ancient Sinhalaya! This is how the world today.. it is completely in a mess.

    The new weapon is Democracy and Human Rights which can be manipulated easily by the Western powers in order to penalise independent world leaders. They need their boot lickers in power everywhere.

  11. Christie Says:

    The problem we Sinhalese or for thst matter Native Fijians, Creoles etc hve is Indian Colonial Parasites.

    We need more Idi Amins.

  12. Nimal Says:

    I am proud to be a kalu sudda and I want their progressive culture that we are now enjoying brought to our country where our present culture is a total failure. Perhaps you guys are not living in the island but living a lonely life abroad and hallucinating about the country’s history(unknown) and culture that is backward.
    I was old enough to see the orderly life during the colonial times and a similar stable life we are enjoying in their countries.
    If you glorify your selves why is that people in the third world like Sl are escaping to the counties of the colonials?
    Perhaps you people are working as cheer leaders for our politicians who are dragging our country to the gutter?
    I am glad that the colonials have taken over countries like aus,nz and developed it for the goodness of them selves and the world at large.Will Sri Lankans ever get a chance to settle in a country of Australia if not for the development made by the colonial types other wise it is a waste of land space in this crowded planet.
    There’s no doubt that they will be forced to recolonize many countries if these countries are left to waste and I am for it.We must blame our selves for the sorry plight of our countries. Speak to the brave refugees that are sacrificing their lives to get here, because their countries are run for benefit of few pitiless rouges that rob their assets and coming here to settle and good natured suddas are rallying against these thieving leaders who bring their loot to these countries.
    So you people are directly or indirectly supporting rouges that our fleecing our poor nations. I am a patriot and I have proved it thousand times so don’t let our politicians divide and rule, not the old colonials.
    Here is a simple example of our stupidity and careless gutter culture,
    I heard the Japanese PM had made a visit to Sl and the authorities closed most of the important roads where people have to come to work and do even business. This will never happen in London where I see cabinet ministers walking to the Parliament without an escort, wasting the tax payer’s money. This tell how backward and utterly stupid we are and last year our CM had sari Perahara at Peradeniya blocking the main road and I missed meeting some foreign business men at the airport and these important people was kept waiting till we came to pick them up, almost 2 hours late. Because of this and absurd restrictions that are imposed, put them off the deal.

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