Waking up of Kumbhakarna.
Posted on January 26th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

Kumbhakarna  the younger brother of Ravana slept for six months and woke up to eat everything within reach including human beings. In order to wake him thousand elephants were made to walk over him. He was finally  killed by Rama.

The modern Kumbakarna has woken up after three years. He cannot do anything after waking up but talk to threaten his opponents.  But his opponents know that he will go back to sleep again having done nothing but talk. He will be killed by a Rama, so beware of India from where a Rama may come.

This is just an image and no one should get offended.

Strangely in Sri Lanka,  from an administration that eliminated terrorism and terror, brought back peace and sanity, developed a poor country where smell of death still lurks, memory of sounds of guns and  human bombs still give shivers, removed potholed roads, and rebuilt dilapidated hospitals, out dated institutions of education, gave back light and water, the people wanted a change.

These stupid people wanting a change  voted into power another administration hailed as a novelty with two political enemies fused to form an administration called good governance- Yahapalanaya. It was a failure from the beginning –the Yahapalanaya

They of the Yahapalanaya have nothing  in their books other than  how  to destroy the country, rob the banks, enrich the rulers, make the parliament a theatre for amusement with the Prime Minister the star performer, with the President the tragedian, and leave the ordinary masses to fend for themselves.

Their modus operandi is simple, oppose the previous administration,   shout from every platforms –TV, press , small or big gatherings, temples and wayside meetings,  about  the incompetence,  criminality, thefts, bribe takings of the  previous government , thus  hoping somehow  to win over the people drowning into poverty without any  hope of even a straw to hold onto, on to their side with class orations  by the leading actor- the Tragedian the recently woken revitalised Kumbhakarna.

Having had slept all the time the Kumbhakarna has not seen what his Prime Minister had been doing , unable to put up with the shouts, accusations, and rebukes  of the disgruntled people the Kumbhakarna appointed a Commission to investigate the Bank robbery of his champion Prime Minister. The Kumbakarna still half asleep does not follow the theatres enacted in the Parliament by his Prime Minister and his UNP devotees hoping to amuse the people

This Kumbhakarana after waking up is  still in his dream he had during the three years of sleep time.  He brags about the Commissions of inquiry he appoints and says he is happy that he has included the thieves of the previous administration in his new Commission for investigation. He claims that there had been bond scams in the former administration.

But what the Kumbhakarma is trying hard to make the people believe is  that  the previous administration is now an entity completely outside him, because he knows that if he accuses the previous administration of Mahinda Rajapakse for corruption and malpractices,  he who had been with that administration  as its  Minister of Health,  and  for over 25 years  the Secretary of that SLFP  of which  Mahinda Rajapakse was the President, he cannot be any clean, as he is also up to his nose involved with the thefts, corruption and malpractices  of the previous government , if there had been any.

Therefore, if he appoints a Commission to investigate the previous administration the Commissioners should call the Kumbhakarma before them to give evidence for the part he played in that administration.

But now he is  also trying to take  credit for the elimination of terrorism saying that during the last phase of military operations against terrorism he was the Acting Minister  of Defence in charge,  and it was he who eliminated terrorism and not the Previous President Mahinda Rajapakse who was away from the country at the time.

In saying that he the Kumbhakarna  accepts the responsibility for war crimes that the America and the West claim that the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had committed during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists during which time  Kumbjakarna says he was responsible for the defeat of terrorism. It is therefore he who should fear the Electric Chair and not the former President of Sri Lanka.

Now the Kumbharana is amazingly awake,  he does not speak but shouts and screams against the Previous Administration and passionately implores the Prime Minister to please help him to catch the rogues of the previous government to take the scent away from the rogues in UNP side of the Yahapalanaya Administration.

The shouting and screaming Kumbhakarna points his finger of accusations , making allegations  against the members of the previous government for comparatively insignificant alleged crimes , while big criminals who planned and executed the greatest Bank Robbery are at large , with Kumbhakarana seemingly  frightened to touch them even with a long pole.

Kumbhakarna is also a reconciliation fan”, now while Wigneswaran has already assumed the role of  an uncrowned king of the NCP insisting a Tamil only North,  Sampandan is calling for the new Constitution before the end of the year.

Sri Lankans  my once fooled people please open your eyes to the lurking dangers.  Kumbakarna who wants the Northern Tamil votes will close his eyes on activities of  Wigneswaran  and give into Sampanthan for a new Constitution.

It is up to the Sinhala Buddhists to wake up,  forget for once your political difference and  unite as one to vote against the Yahapalanaya, by voting for the SLPP Pohotuuwa at the Local Government elections.  Otherwise say good by to Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lanka  that existed for more than 2600 years.

The people should beware of the imitation Kumbhakarna, and keep away from him and not by any mistake vote for the SLFP he leads . He is the more reason  why the people should vote for the  Pohottuva” of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna  which is the only charm against the evils of Kumbhakarana  his SLFP, and his Prime Minister and his  UNP and their JVP assoiates.

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  1. SA Kumar Says:

    Waking up of Kumbhakarna.

    Charles.S.Perera Good you are trying your best but FYI Kumbhakarna’s first 6 month sleeping time now.

    Indian flag flying in Japanaya yesterday celebrating their independent day ( liberated from VP &co)

  2. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


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