Flashbcks from run up to February 10th Election – Part II
Posted on February 16th, 2018


The Sri Lanka Freedom Party which is fielding its own candidates in the North, played a Tamil Eelam song to draw a bigger crowd for a ceremony held in a hotel to release its manifesto. The song referred to the military occupation of lands belonging to the Tamils and the oppression. The song begins with the words, Niththiraya Thamila, Nimirnthu Paarada” or (Tamils, are you sleeping? Awake). The song sung by the late S.G. Shanthan was played before the meeting. The song referred to how lands belonging to Appu and Aachchi (a reference to Tamil ancestors) had been taken over by ‘Appuhamy’, a reference to a Sinhala person. The event was organised by SLFP’s Jaffna Organiser and parliamentarian Angajan Ramanathan. A separate manifesto focusing on rural development for the Northern Province was also released at the event – Sunday Times 13.01.2018 and Island 13.01.2018

  • I will hand over the leadership of the SLFP not to a member of my family but to an educated and intelligent youth who engaged in clean, decent and corruption-free politics. Nepotism, corruption, thuggery and misrule had harmed the country and the party and therefore I am determined to build a new political culture and nurture a new breed of politicians untainted by corruption and wrongdoing. A new generation of decent politicians would be born on February 11 and that I am and the party are fully committed to achieving this objective. I hope to see a set of young politicians who read books, newspapers and engage in intelligent debates and when this new breed of young and clean politicians take over the administration at the grassroots level, the results will influence provincial and national level politics. – President Maithripala Sirisena addressing the SLFP/UPFA candidates contesting the February 10th electuon at a function held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium. .
  • State revenue given to private firms on political links during past 3 years. The government has incurred a major loss of revenue during the past three years because it had been channelled to private companies on political connections. Several more frauds had taken place in the re-export business, even sullying the image of Ceylon Tea and Pepper. There was a huge price difference between the actual cost and the retail prices of various items sold in the local market and that he had raised this matter on more than 100 occasions in the Cabinet though little or nothing happened. Though this government was elected to eliminate corruption, the ‘General Treasury’ was plundered barely two months after it assumed office and asked how he could remain passive in the face of stoic silence by some in the face of such massive frauds. President Sirisena addressing at a meeting with the heads of print and electronic media institutions.
  • I reject reports being made by some people that the statement made by me about the Bond Scams commission report was erroneous. It was good that the Speaker did not permit Mr. Ravi Karunanayake to make a statement about the Bond Scams commission report in Parliament and if it had been allowed it would be like committing suicide by Mr. Karunaanaayake,   – President Sirisena addressing media personnel.
  • There is no shortage of pages in the Bond Scams commission report. Publishing of certain sectons were withheld. Until the investigatins to the recommendations are completed certain sections need to be withheld from publishing. If those sections were revealed those accused will get benefited. – President Sirisena addressing Pettah Traders.
  • Dear Prime Mnister – Give me strength. Don’t make me weak.  The first thing that the Prime Minister should do is to take action to jail everyone involved with Bond Scams without any hesitation. When I left the SLFP they blamed me and today the UNPers re also blming me sayin that I betraying them. I am not aginst nyone but only with those who rogues = President Sirisena addressing a meeting in Kandy.
  • I was elected to presidency by everyone devoid of party, colour, nationality, religiosity, and ethnicity with the fervent hope establishing a democratic society and a pure political culture and this challenge will be fulfilled by working with the same people. I will stand for the rights of everyone devoid of nationality, religiosity, and ethnicity. In order to achieve this objective it is essential to make SLFP victorious in the LG electons. – President Sirisena ddressing a rally held at Batticaloa.
  • Many people ask me when I relinquish the Presidency. I would like to tell them thst I would relinquish the presidency on the day after I drag all corrupt politicians of this country to jail and from ther split he earth and throw them to the Hell.  I came out from the previous government against corruption, fraud, nepotism and autocracy.  After that what I find here are worse.  Antho Jata, Bahee Jataa (Knots inside and knots outside – President Sirisena addressing a ray at Kosgama.
  • I was the Defense Minister in the last two weeks of the war. I functioned as the Minister whenever the President wen overseas.  I am a person who faced five terrorist attacks. All the tigers who came to attack either got killed or got jailed.  – President Sirisen addressing a UPFA raly at Dambulla.
  • This government is aa garbage mountain bigger than the Meethotamulla garbage mountain. I am ready to clean this mountain and I would clean up the party as well as the government.  I will appoint aa Commission to probe corruption that is alleged to have taken at Mihinlanka.  – President Sirisena addressing a meeting at Tissamahaarama.
  • The SLFP victory is certain. There is no challeng to SLFP from SLPP. Sections from tgat party are noe joinng the SLFP.  Out of the fie leaders of the SLFP other than Mahinda all the others served the country – Ex President Chamdrika when handing over nominations to some Councils in the Gampaha district.
  • Demand for Eelam by the Tamil people is justifiable. What they ask is to serve for them or give separate country for them to self rule. The development in the Sihala people living areas had not taken place in the Tamil areas.  – Ex President Chandrika addressing a function held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute.
  • Bond Scams is an onon peel. Although the Pohottu catchers shout about a bond scam what the Rajapaksas did from 2006 to 2015 were huge scale robberies.  In the oresent government the President, the Prime Minister and most of the Ministers are not rogues.  – Ex President Chandrika addressing a SLFP rally.
  • Ranil is not a Bond Scam rogue and he need not resign. The Bond Scam commission has not found any involvement of Ranil in the Bond Scam and he is not a rogue. He need not resign as some people demand – – Ex President Chandrika addressing a meeting in Attanagalle.
  • The Sri Lanka Freedom Party eill decide whether to extend or not the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed with the United National Party on the Unity Government after the Local Government (LG) elections.We will convene the SLFP Central Committee (CC) no sooner the LG poll is over to make a decision on extending the MoU as we have done previously. We will have talks with the UNP once the poll is over. The current MoU for the Unity Government ended on December 31, 2017. – The General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Minister Duminda Dissanayake.
  • We wll not leave the government. No use of having coalition talks with the Jont Opposition.  All arrangements have been made to handover SLFP nominations.  Any group desirous to contast with us can join us.  The SLFP has no need to join with any other party.  – The General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Minister Duminda Dissanayake.
  • The SLFP is contesting under various symbols including ‘hand’ and ‘betel leaf’ symbols. Only 5% of the SLFP votes will go to Mahinda and 95% will remain intact with us.  We will get a fabulous victory beating all the others in the fray. – The General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party Minister Duminda Dissanayake.
  • There is a tremendous support for the SLFP throughout the country. We will become first by contest alone. We do not need the joint opposition.  All arrangements have been made to handover SLFP/UPFA nominations to contest alone.  The SLFP/UPFA has a great enthusiasm all over the country and the JO was invited to join with us only to make our victory a historical victory.  A great confidence has got built up about our definite victory. – The General Secretary of the UPFA Minister Mahinda Amaraweera
  • Talks with the joint opposition ended unsuccessfully and we will contest alone. The talks were unsuccessful due to the folly of the JO, as the JO demanded for the whole pound of flesh.  Those who demanded for us leave the government and come for talks have had secret talks with the UNP as well. It clearly shows that there is a secret deal between the JO and the UNP – The General Secretary of the UPFA Minister Mahinda Amaraweera
  • A conspiracy to assassinate President Sirisena has been launched. There is a suspicion that this conspiravy has been hatched from the house of a UNP Minister in Borella by Basil Rajpaksa and the JO Parliamentarian Prasanna Ranatunga.  Since he does not have sufficient information he did not inform about it to the Police. The President is facing this situation because he continuously act aginst the rogues. – The General Secretary of the United People’s Freedom Alliaance Minister Mahinda Amaraweera addressing a meeting in Tangalle.  .
  • The possibility is there that the SLFP would join with the SLPP to establish the administration of any local government body in the event the SLFP coming first but short of an absolute majority on the result of the LG polls. The SLFP will not have any problem to obtain a working majority in any local government body if we join either with the Communist Party (CPSL) Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) or National Congress. So it is highly possible that we form administration in a majority of LG bodies on the result of the February 10 election. It will be a great mistake if someone thinks that a political party could win the LG polls by dividing the SLFP and added when all anti capitalist forces are united, it will be a great force. – Minister Susil Premjayanth.
  • Whoever who win in this Election, there will be no reduction in the prices of rice and coconut as they are subjects handled by the Central Government. Similarly whoever who win in ths Election there will be no change in the government and the present government will remain intact.  However, this election is important to get their size realized without having over estimation about them.  – Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva addressing a meeting in Badulla.
  • Pohottuwa cannot win even a single council throughout the country. SLFP is in a very good position.  Even they will not be able to win a singl council in the Hambantota district as well.  The joint opposition imposed conditions to SLFP as a strategy to defear it.  – Minister S.B.Dissanayake addressing media.
  • A plot is being hatched to keep the UNP in power till 2025 and the Joint Opposition (JO) leaders are party to it.When the SLFP is divided the UNP will be the main beneficiary. A group of our members broke away to form the JO and conspired with the UNP. Basil Rajapaksa talked to the UNP and formed a new party to contest under the lotus bud symbol. Their aim is to enable the UNP to run the country till 2025 thinking that by that time Namal Rajapaksa will be able to become the leader and win the elections in 2025. – Minister S.B.Dissanayake addressing a UPFA meeting at Uduwela Pallegama.
  • This group of dissidents try to change the political environment for the benefit of a single family and its cronies. We have tried our level best to bring those dissidents back.President Maithripala Sirisena, too, has done his utmost to unite the SLFP but those eyeing their 2025 goal will not join us. Ministers Nimal Siripala de Silva, Susil Premajayantha, Anura Priyadarshana Yapa and John Seneviratne spoke to them. But, they did not want to unite. Instead, they need to see the UNP’s victory and weakening of the SLFP.I call upon all SLFP members to realize the gravity of the situation and throw their weight behind the UPFA. No single party would be able secure a clear victory. – Minister S. B. Dissanayake addressing a meeting at Hewaheta.
  • Come what may, the President will be in power for three more years. We rule this country for three more years. No one will be able to bag enough seats to control most councils. We will be able to control them with those representing the Flower Bud party or the UNP. We will hold the balance of power in all local government bodies.The elections will be a three-horse race. But, the SLFP-led UPFA would secure ruling power because we have with us 90 percent of parties that had been with us always. CWC leader Arumugam Thondaman is with us. MEP’s Sryani Wijewickrama is with us. Athaulla’s party is with us. Wimal Weerawansa’s national organiser, deputy leader and his general secretary are with us. Wimal Weerawansa, too, is not happy in the Joint Opposition The one and only left party which won the past elections the Communist Party is with us. Only the SLMC and Dimgamban’s party are with the UNP. So, our victory is assured. – Minister S. B. Dissanayake addressing a meeting in Kandy.
  • There is no barrier for Maithri to become President for the second time. Ploughing both seasons is certain. Past presidents hve not left the Executive presidency in a single term.  Therefore President Sirisena also can become President for the second time. – Minister Vijith Wijayamuni Soysa addressing a meeting in Nuwara Eliya.
  • Ranil will be ousted. A new Prime Minister will be appointed ater the February 10th  Since allocation of funds for local government institutions will be made by the provincial councils and the Chief Ministers of provical councils are SLFP it is prudent to vote for SLFP/UPFA and lay the foundation of developing the villages – The SLFP Youth Front leader Shantha Bandara.

Now let us see about JVP and the TNA

  • We will win from Point of Dondra to Point Pedro. We have the best advantage of this eletion and we will make a great leap forward.  We will win a large number of wards and secure power in many Councils. As the people have realised the folly of both the UNP and the SLFP we are in a very advantageous position. – JVP MP Bimal Ratnayake.   .
  • The government appointed in Janury, 2015 has failed in all fronts. Prime Minister Ranil cannot be trusted any more.  Don’t vote for them once again.  Some people thought that Ranil Wickremasinghe will develop the country, improve the ecnomy, will fill the pockets of the people, and will provide one million jobs.  But what has happended? There had been no development, the economy has collapsed, people have become poor and no employment has been given.  The government restricted cultivation and it has resulted in the need for importing everything.  – JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake addressing a JVP rally.
  • UNP leader and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has asked people to vote for them at the forthcoming poll to develop the country at the grassroots level.The UNP leader’s policy is to sell public ventures. If people hand over villages to them this time, the UNP will definitely privatise the co-operative societies too, – JVP leader Anura Kamara Dissanayake Addressing the national convention of the JVP.
  • Two cars valued at 300 Million each have been brought for the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe. President Sirisena now travels by two helicopters. Mahinda, Ranil and Sirisena do not belong to three parties.  They are together as a single group.  – JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake addressing a JVP rally
  • The JVP yesterday alleged that although the UNP and both factions of the SLFP contested the local government polls under different symbols they fielded corrupt candidates, sold state resources and robbed public wealth. Therefore, the only option for the voter was to vote for the JVP. – Addressing the national convention of the party local government election candidates at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium yesterday, JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said the nomination lists of UNP, SLFP and SLPP comprised henchmen of their national level politicians in the respective districts.
  • Showing recent newspaper clippings which carried stories on bad conduct of local government authority members, the JVP leader said those members nominated by Ministers, MPs or the organisers of the party of the respective areas would carry out their personal agenda after the election.
  • All main parties have been accused of corruption. The UNP which came to power promising to eradicate fraud and corruption committed the biggest ever fraud in the history of the country by robbing the central bank. Both factions of the SLFP are known for corruption. Though they are divided today they were in the same government and swindled the country. We do not think people can be fooled again by the same crooks again. The government is spreading a lie that there is no point in giving other parties power in the villages because such councils will not have the government backing. That is a lie, we showed how to run a local body without government backing in Tissamaharama. JVP MP Vijitha Herath.


  • We are confident of winning around 46 of the 58 councils at the February 10, local government elections, and we would not face much of an opposition in the North and East. -TNA National list MP M. A.Sumanthiran
  • Playing of LTTE war related songs had been a common site in all TNA political meetings held in the North. TNA leader R.Sambandan himself had sung one of these songs at a meeting held in Nallur.  (End)



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