Media Racism on Sri Lanka
Posted on March 11th, 2018

Rani Devi

Dear Lanka Web,

I read on your website about media racism on Sri Lanka. What you wrote is true as the whole world is suffering from radical Islam and the leftist media lie and make Islamist look like the victim, like in Myanmar the leftist media, United nations,  Human rights and NGO’s all lie that Rohingya are victims when Rohingya have been killing Buddhists as long as they have been in Myanmar and it was jihadists who attacked the innocent villages last year when Rohngya’s went to Bangladesh.

It is only pro Islam, leftist media that are the problem, others know the media lies . India and Hindus support Myanmar and Sri Lanka 100% not Rohingya or jihadists. Most of the  Indian media is leftist as they are paid by congress and other anti India people who are anti Hindu and pro Islam. India has had 70 years leftist, anti Hindu rule after British raj and since 2014 when Mr. Modi was elected the left are doing everything to remove him and they are using the media.

You wrote that India hates Sinhala Buddhists because Tamils are key to advancing their agendas. India and Hindus do not hate Sri Lanka Buddhists.

I read that the Catholic church was an ally to the tigers, the church has a lot of control of Tamil people in India and many have converted . The problem goes back to the Portuguese  invasion and the changing of history and of the interpretation of Vedic scriptures that was used  to divide and rule by the  British and then Congress continued with this.

The Tamil’s and Hindus were told they were invaders of India that is why Mr.Modi is  going to  re write history because of the invaders changing history and the interpretation of the Vedas, true history should be told and it will help to stop the divide in India caused by invaders.

India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar should help each other with the Rohingya, jihad problem and together bring peace to their Countries and not think each other an enemy.

Thank you for your time.


(April 04, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Desperate situations call for desperate measures and desperate measures can leak out material factors that may have begot or …

2 Responses to “Media Racism on Sri Lanka”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Traitor catholic-run anti Sinhalese (then of course), anti Buddhist (then of course) anti Sri Lanka UNPatriotic party
    aka SBSB party (S-lon Bata Sinhalese Butts, real terras half the country on a plate) promoted catholic tigers of
    tamil drealam headed by its catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan. Traitor UNPatriotic party’s hench
    men run all the media and they made sure to gave the terras an air of invincibility in order to break up the country along the
    religious (catholic of course) lines. That’s why all staunchly catholic countries supported terras 100%. Even
    archbishop two three of south africa, india’s convent educated j lalitha, Sri Lanka’s kasippu joseph, em manure,
    etc. etc. are/were ardent supporters. What’s more terras’ ‘foreign minister’ tamil sellan, zoo say, etc. etc. all catholics. Luckily for Sri Lanka
    MR came and so called ‘invincible’ terras were running for their lives. At least UNPatrotic party (SBSB party) got
    rid of 100,000+, mainly Sinhalese were culled! Now west cat’s paw UNHRC wants to punish MR for scuppering the grand plan.
    Contrast the how UNPatriotics dealth with Buddhist jvp terras? They were burnt in tyre pyres, headless corps in
    rivers etc. etc. and its henchmen who run the media made sure to paint a different picture. 60,000+ Sinhalese
    were culled! UNPatriotic party had its catholic deshapaluwan and catholic top police brass to do the job and the
    henchmen in the media to give complete cover. To date a lot of Sinhalese haven’t realised the truth. Sinhalaya
    called modayas for a reason.

    Only people using the internet know how Sri Lanka’s catholic church aided and abetted catholic tigers of tamil
    drealam. Please click on the following links. Sri Lankan media will never publish these in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka. Myanmar was lucky, they had a patriotic leader to save them from
    the mussie onslaught. Followers of the Fastest Breeding Religion used its old dirty disgusting trick to turn old
    Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, maldives, malaysia and indonesia to mussie countries
    within a few hundred years of their arrival there with their Baby Machine Wives. Then multiplied, multiplied and
    and overwhelmed the native Buddhist population. It worked in the olden days because people didn’t realise
    until the menace came to your doorstep. But today’s tv, internet, phone-age the dirty disgusting trick going to
    end up in bloodshed since people fight back to save their livelihoods.

    One reason for Fastest Breeding Religion to breed, breed is to wrestle control. Olden days it gave numbers to
    murder. Today? It gives votes. Votes give you power to slowly wrestle control. That’s what the mussies doing
    everywhere. Even you field a mussie brick in the elections, all the mussies vote for it. Policy? What policy? We
    vote for the name. That’s how it is. The other reason is nobody with right mind believe the Fastest Breeding
    Religion aka the Religion of Utter Peace plus nobody else like the alien culture associated with it (goni billa dress,
    skull cap, men, women (day time only, why?) separation, halal meat (no halal fish?) etc. etc. Absurd?
    So what do you do? You clone yourself and? You have so many believers.

    Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution destroyed the creator god myth. Then his book, The Tree of Life explained
    how the 2-legged creatures came to being. Today scientists have proven, beyond anybody’s doubt, it all started 3,000
    million years ago in the ocean with just ONE cell, and it multiplied and multiplied and became different different
    species, some evolved to be humans. You could say it is 0,,,,,,,,,,,,,1, 1 being the two legged guys and ,,,,,,,, are
    millions of species between 0 and 1. Just like the Lord Buddha explained nearly 3,000 years ago. Make perfect sense? Yes/no?
    If you are honest answer is yes. So there is no creator god! One might wonder if the Theory of Evolution is
    true what happens after 1? Lord Buddha explained you attain nirvana and it is the end of your samsaric journey!

    Earth’s size is a ‘grain of sand’ in the vast vast universe where the distances are measured in light years and?
    No scientist know the edge of the universe to date ! Unimaginably vast! Then how did the god chose ‘the grain of sand’
    missing all the other big planets? Or there are no life supporting environment anywhere else. Maybe there are.
    Nobody knows since they maybe billions of light years away! Don’t forget light travels at 186,000 miles per second.
    Buddhism is the only religion pass the science test with flying colours. Buddhism and science are one and the same.
    Buddhism isn’t a religion of convenience. This is the simple reason it disappeared from india very quickly since
    it didn’t fit the society there with caste system, animal sacrifice etc. which Buddhism forbids. These religions
    of conveniences don’t regard killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct and drug abuse (Buddhism’s five
    precepts) as sins while all the honest people including all the law courts under the Sun do. Then those are
    religions of conveniences or what? Sad thing is today money-driven world all these religions of conveniences
    followers want to destroy the only true religion in the world founded by the greatest human being ever born in
    the ‘grain of sand’ who showed how to live a peaceful life and escape being reborn, if you want to!

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

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