No-faith motion with 14 charges against PM submitted to Speaker Four SLFP MPs among 55 signatories
Posted on March 21st, 2018

By Saman Indrajith Courtesy The Island

A no-confidence motion containing 14 allegations against Prime Minister Ranil Wickrem-esinghe was handed over to Speaker Karu Jayasuriya by a group of Joint Opposition (JO) MPs led by former President Mahinda Rajapaksa around 2.35 pm yesterday.

The motion has been signed by 55 MPs including State Minister of Lands T. B. Ekanayake, Public Manag-ement and Administration Deputy Minister Susantha Punchinilame, Ports and Shipping Deputy Minister Nishantha Muthuhettigama and UPFA MP Cader Masthan.

Former President Rajapaksa however has not signed the motion.  UPFA MPs Roshan Ranasinghe and Siripala Gamlath, too , have not signed it. The signatories are MPs Dinesh Gunawardena, Chamal Rajapaksa, Vasudeva Nanayakkara, Wimal Weerawandsa, Udaya Gammanpila, Dullas Alahapperuma, Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena, Salinda Dissanayake, Ranjith de Zoysa, Mahindananda Aluthgamage, Shehan Semasinghe, Janaka Wakkumbura, Kanaka Herath, Tharaka Balasuriya, Indika Anuruddha, Wimalaweera Dissanayake, Bandula Gunawardena, Niroshan Premaratne, D.V. Chanaka, Namal Rajapaksa, Prasanna Ranatunga, Rohitha Abeygunawardena, Sisira Jayakody, Piyal Nishantha de Silva, Premalal Jayasekera, Vidura Wickremanayake, CB Ratnayake, Ramesh Pathirana, Jayantha Samaraweera, Gamini Lokuge, Pavithra Wannniarachchi, Johnston Fernando, SC Muthukumarana, Lohan Ratwatte, Thenuka Widanagama, Dlium Amunugama, Keheliya Rambukwella, Kanchana Wijesekera, Dulip Wijesekera, Vijtiha Berugoda, Sanath Nishantha, Arundika Fernando, Kumara Welgama, Piyankara Jayaratne, Janaka Bandara Thennakoon, SM Chandrasena, Padma Udayashantha, Mohan P de Silva, Chandrasiri Gajadheera, Nimal Lanza and Prasanna Ranaweera.

Parliament sources said that a group of MPs including Nimal Lanza, Prasanna Ranatunga, Ramesh Pathirana and Kumara Welgama initially opposed the motion but signed it.

In the motion against the Prime Minister there are 14 charges including placing the Finance Ministry under the purview of the Prime Minister with the intention of committing the bond scam, appointing Singaporean Arjuna Mahendran to the post of Governor of the Central Bank, directly involving in the Treasury bond scams, appointing the Pitipana committee comprising his friends to exonerate those responsible for the scam, misleading Parliament by giving false statements on the bond commission on March 17, 2015, violating financial regulations, failure to arrest the rising cost of living and the failure to bring the recent communal riots as the minister of law and order.

Parliament sources said that it was the 47th no-confidence motion and the third no-confidence motion against a prime minister in the Lankan parliament history. The first no-confidence motion was handed over on Sept 09, 1949 against two ministers, according to parliament sources.

Sources said that usually there would be no secret vote on a no-confidence motion, but the MPs could submit a substantive motion to the Speaker seeking his permission for a secret vote. The Speaker has the discretion to comply with or reject such a request.

මහින්ද සුලග ඉන්දීය-ඇමරිකා පීල්ලට දාන්න දෙන්න බෑ.. අපව රම්පෙ කරපිංචා කරන්න දෙන්නේ නෑ..- ගම්මන්පිල සිවු අතේ නෙලයි..

9 Responses to “No-faith motion with 14 charges against PM submitted to Speaker Four SLFP MPs among 55 signatories”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    I am DISAPPOINTED about the NARROW CONTENT of the No-Confidence Motion.

    The CONTENT of the NCM FOCUSES PRIMARILY on ECONOMIC MISMANAGEMENT and the Bond Scam. The PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI is responsible for MANY MORE CRIMES against the Nation.

    Why are other important issues like the proposed Federal Constitution, the Witch Hunt against the War-Heroes, the Crucifixtion of Sri Lanka in Geneva, the Selling of CRITICAL National Assets to Foreigners, the Subjugation of our country to India through agreements such as the ETCA, the blind disregard of Muslim colonization of government lands, the unrestricted INFLUX of foreign illegals and missionaries into Sri Lanka, and the exercise of near-sovereign power by the TNA in the Northern and Eastern Provinces, NOT MENTIONED in the No-Confidence Motion?

    These ISSUES were CENTRAL to the DISSATISFACTION the VOTERS demonstrated in the Local Govt Election of Feb 10, 2018!

    Who the HELL crafted this No-Confidence Motion? Do they think they are going to get help from minority MP”s by avoiding them?

    DREAM ON …. Minorities, with perhaps the sole exception of Christian Catholics, will OPPOSE IT unanimously!

    We have to RELY on CONSOLIDATING the votes of Sinhala MP’s ….. Both Buddhist and Christian!

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sincerely hope the traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist Bay Gal Karaya Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya
    Walking Crime Bomb with the timer set for 10-20 years (could be 0 years if this works out) Batalande Wandakaya Pol Pot [email protected] wickrama
    Sinhala killer will be thrown out from the thieves den for good. This papatharaya has done immeasurable damage
    to the Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka. Papatharaya’s ‘colourful CV’ is littered with murder (Sinhalese
    only), treachery, robbery, lies etc. etc. It will need a separate hell for the papatharaya to burn for 1000s
    of years. That much crime. The suffering has started for the Batalande Wandakaya. It shows in [email protected]’s face.
    What a wasted 40+ years. Wandakaya has been a cancer in Mother Lanka in every sense.

    Batalande Wadakaya, pause for a moment and think about:
    *Buddhist jvpers you and your C brigade police and C brigade deshapaluwan tortured and killed

    *60,000+ Sinhalese papatharaya’s anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka traitor UNPatrioticrats killed during
    Bheeshana samaya

    *Rs 5585 billion day light robbery at the CB with its catholic buddy maha horandran

    *100,000+ mainly Sinhalese used as cannon fodder for its catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan’s
    protracted war without fighting the terras (how many families lost fathers, brothers, sisters etc. etc

    *sending Millennium City intelligent officers to the catholic tigers of tamil drealam to expedite the creation of a
    catholic country in Sri Lanka

    *giving half the country to its C buddy on a plate with the CFA in 2005 to start a catholic country in Sri Lanka

    *giving the chance to pensioners beg on the street after retirement by abolishing state pension soon as the
    Wandakaya got the PM (pathala man) job through the back door

    *stopping teaching history in schools to please its ardent supporters tamils, mussies

    *stopping teaching Buddhism in schools to please of course its ardent supporters

    *killing scores of people with Wandakaya’s one time partner gonawila sunil terrorising the entire country (Sinhalese
    only of course)

    *The ultimate treachery by the papatharaya to make Sri Lanka a TLC country (tamils, lebbes and catholics) by
    the new proposed constitution (Sinhalese? they have the sea to jump of course, any time)

    *just days ago blamed the Sinhalese for the riots saying Sinhalese got a bad name around the world. While mussies
    and tamils walk all over the Sinhalese destroying them, Buddhism and Sri Lanka Wandakaya wants them to lie
    down and die

    The treachery, robbery, lying, murder list goes on and on. Hope the amathi horu and manthri horu will get rid of
    the papatharaya to save the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism. Nowadays you can’t belieive anything these
    manthri horu and amathi horu say. So until the Wandakaya is dumped in the history bin (hope it will soon be dumped in Welikada) we cannot be certain!

  3. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Please click in the following links to see [email protected]’s and its traitor UNPatrioticrats anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese,
    anti Sri Lankan activities. You won’t see these in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka where all the media are
    controlled by the henchmen of the UNPatrioticrats. I asked the Wandakaya once for the reason for these never ending
    treacheries to Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism. Its answer was, ‘Ishay, it is in our name and we can’t
    help it and luckily Sinhala modayas never noticed’. UNPatrioticrats meaning unpatriotic rats!

  4. SA Kumar Says:


    why Mahinda maththaiya not signed No-faith motion ???

  5. Charles Says:

    It does not matter whether the no confidence motion is passed in parliament or not the fact itself of moving a no confidence motion against the Prime Minister is the presence of discontentment in the country against the Prime Minister and no confidence in the Government. The people have said that they have no confidence in PM and his Government to do any good for the country and the people. The Prime Minister and his Government should resign respecting the wishes of the people represented by the no confidence motion against the PM presented in Parliament. But the fact is that neither the President nor his Prime Minister have any sense of shame .

    If Ranil is a respectable man and not a puppet moved by USA, INDIA and the WEST, he should resign forth with without holding onto office until the fourth April,2018

  6. Charles Says:

    I agree with Ananda. This Prime Minister along with his ulter edo Maithreepala Sirsena are responsible for so many wrong doings to Sri Lanka from the day they came into power on the 8th January,2015

  7. L Perera Says:

    Pardon my deviation from the topic. In today’s ” Info Lanka” there wa a picture which at first glance looked like Santa claus”. Soon realised it was Minister Arjuna, who masterminded the construction of the tallest Christmas tree on Galleface in 1916.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    S A Kumar,

    Mahinda has not signed the NCM as yet; obviously he did not get your written approval!

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    obviously he did not get your written approval!- Sorry , Our Thesiya Thalaivar Velu already given appropriate approval from Vanni H/Q.

    seriously why MR signed yet ? is he going to sign? or is it another drama between UNP & SLFP since 1948 ???

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