TNA – Is this the true opposition?
Posted on April 2nd, 2018

Lionel Rajapakse

Usually the official opposition´ is the largest party sitting in the opposition side of the parliament. However, against the will of the people, TNA, only with 16 members of the parliament was appointed as the opposition after the August 2015 general election. In one sense, it was a reason for everyone to feel happy as it was great recognition for a party (or parties) representing the Tamil people who suffered the most during the thirty-year-old war against the terrorism. On the other hand, it was a golden opportunity for Tamil representatives to win the hearts of the majority and set the stage for true reconciliation. But looking at their actions, now it is the time to ask the question, what they are up to”.

The opposition’s main role is to question the government and hold them accountable to the public. It doesn’t mean the opposition has to question or oppose every move of the government. But when it comes to a national issue, it is the duty of the opposition to dig deep and expose the offenders and their supporters on behalf of the people. When the debate on the Central Bank bond scam, the biggest monetary fraud in Sri Lankan history was taken up in the parliament, the current so called official opposition” TNA, wanted to postpone it demanding the Sinhala version of the presidential commission report. What a joke!

According to the recent news reports, TNA has indicated they are going to vote against the No Confidence Motion against PM Ranil Wickramasinghe. The Central Bank bond scam was already proven in front of a Presidential Commission. The current No Confidence Motion is based on the Central Bank bond scam and actions related to it by PM Ranil Wickramasinghe.  Allegations against the PM include, paving the way for the bond scam by removing the Central Bank from the finance ministry and placing it under the PM, appointing Arjuna Mahendran who is a non- citizen of Sri Lanka for the position of Governor of the Central Bank, protecting the first accuse Arjuna Mahendran, misleading parliament, exerting pressure on COPE members etc, etc. How ridiculous, that the official opposition” announce they are going to vote against these allegations, even before the motion is debated in the parliament. At one stage of the current crisis, it was reported even the President wanted the PM to step down.  But why this opposition is so supportive of this government? What is their ulterior motive behind protecting PM Ranil Wickramasinghe? Why are they trying to keep the weakest link as the leader of this country? What is their ultimate goal? These are the questions Sri Lankans should find answers to.

By looking at their actions so far, it is reasonable to assume, if Arjuna Mahendran was still the Governor of the Central Bank and there was an impeachment motion to oust him from that position after the bond scam, TNA will blindly raise their hands to protect him!

If TNA speak and vote against the current No Confidence Motion on April 4th, it will be recorded as the worst ever opposition in the parliament history.

Lionel Rajapakse

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA is not the ONLY OPPOSITION that is NOT voting for the NCM! There is Marudur Ramachandran too. He too will JOIN TNA in SAVING RUN-NIL who is on a mission to DESTROY SL every day!

    Mahinda on the other hand is a STRONG PATRIOT and therefore will vote FOR the NCM to chase away RUN-NIL before WIKUNANA-SINGHE sells off the rest of SL.

    We have some TNA supporters even in this patriotic forum who want to SAVE RUN-NIL because it is POLITICALLY EXPEDIENT to do so to HELL with the country. “kanna ona wenakotta Run-nil ge kaparakoyya thalakoyya wenawa”. Ayyo! With such “patriots” SL needs NO traitors. No wonder RUN-NIL survives so long destroying SL in EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE.

    (For my non-Tamilian friends, Marudur Ramachandran aka MGR was a SL born Tamil actor and TN chief minister.)

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